Kelly Osbourne: Weight Loss Is Not About Deprivation

    December 17, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Kelly Osbourne, famous daughter of rocker Ozzy, shared her teen years with the public by appearing on a reality show with her family, and as any teen knows, those years can be the most awkward and embarrassing even out of the public eye. Going through major physical changes at the same time only adds to the stress, and Osbourne has said she was not exempt from cruelty about her weight and appearance.

But after a stint on “Dancing With The Stars”, the 27-year old found a new exercise regime and lost 50 pounds, which she’s kept off through a combination of workouts and healthy eating. She says now she’s learned to love herself, but wants to stress that one can’t go into weight loss with a negative outlook.

“People think I lost weight and then got happy, but that’s not how it works. You have to get happy first,” she said. “I made a life change, and the weight loss was an amazing perk.”

The co-host of “Fashion Police” says she watches what she eats for the most part, but refuses to become a hungry person, because that only leads to trouble.

“I do cheat. I have one cheat day a week where I eat whatever the f**k I want….never deprive yourself of anything, because then you get angry about it,” she said. “People who are hungry are miserable.”

Image: Saeed Adyani

  • michele isanski

    I agree depriving yourself food is a sure sign of failure. I read an article about this woman who lost like 80 lbs and one thing she does is if she is craving a piece of cheesecake (for example)she tell herself ok if I am still craving cheesecake by the weekend then i will have a slice of cheesecake. 9 times out of 10 that craving is not there by then. I do it all the time and I actually lost 10 lbs just from do that and drinking water most of the day. After not drinking soda for a certain amount of time (enough to get it out of the system) I can’t stand the taste of soda. but I have always preferred water over and kind of soft drink.

  • linda

    I think Kelly is so cute, big or small, although small is much healthier, Go Kelly! (even her name is cute).

  • http://Yahoo DeeDee

    I am glad to see that Kelly has lost the weight . but I also remember her nasty remark about outher that have gain weight. stating she was never that large. Well kelly you were. Be nice.

  • Cinny
  • Susan A

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  • steven divver

    good for her.I was a yoyo dieter and now I do not care about what I look like.Being happy is most important.It is not better to look good than to feel good.

  • http://NationalShowTickets.com NationalShowTickets.com

    Dealing with weight gain and loss is tough for so many people and so I am glad to see Kelly Osbourne doing so well. She has always been an attractive girl so with all that money from herself as well as her family she can now be a role-model for her fans and others that can see that “yes it can be done!” Good for you Kelly

  • Tami

    Great job! Wishing you the best with keeping it off!