Kelly Clarkson Christmas Special A Hit

    December 12, 2013
    Kimberly Ripley
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Kelly Clarkson’s Christmas special that aired on NBC Wednesday night has been deemed a big hit by fans, as well as by those who took part in its production. Kelly Clarkson’s Cautionary Music Christmas Tale featured lots of guest stars, as well as a storyline about trying to line up said stars for her Christmas special.

The premise of the tale was Kelly trying to lock George Clooney into the role of Santa Claus for her Christmas special. And in doing so, she didn’t care whose toes she stepped on or whose feelings she hurt. It was a story with a moral–a bit trite–but likely well-received by those who view Christmas specials.

Kelly was amazing behind the mic, but as with Carrie Underwood in The Sound of Music, her acting skills required some coaching. But that certainly wasn’t why fans tuned in. It was Kelly’s rendition of classic Christmas tunes and her performance of her original songs that no doubt held viewers captive.

Clarkson said it was hard watching herself on TV.

Reba McEntire, who appeared on the show–and is also Kelly’s husband, Brandon Blackstock’s, stepmom, congratulated the singer via Twitter.

Blake Shelton, who appeared on Kelly’s Christmas special (at one point dressed as an elf!) lauded her amazing vocal ability.

If you missed Kelly Clarkson’s Cautionary Music Christmas Tale, you missed a treat. Maybe NBC should consider re-airing this Christmas special instead of another entire evening of The Sound of Music?

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  • Marci Kilgore

    Kelly Clarkson’s special was absolutely wonderful! The skits were so funny and her singing was just beautiful. What a voice she was blessed with! I think they should show it again before Christmas, I would definitely watch it again! Great show Kelly!!

  • Sharon

    Why not air both Sound of Music and Kelly Clarkson again and leave off those stupid sitcoms on Wed. and Thur. nights!

    • Brenda

      good idea, also leave out the commercials

  • Karen

    I completely enjoyed Kelly’s show! Her singing was amazing, and the whole concept with the story being read, and the various tv personalities involved made for a good night of Christmas music!

  • Brenda

    I have always loved Kelly since her win on AI, but her voice has grown and improved so much as the years have gone by. Stayed up and watched her show. Marvelous….Just got her new CD, have to listen to it today. Kelly, your a winner…..

  • Corie

    What is Christmas if not trite… I mean, have you listened to radio Christmas songs?! But it can still be very beautiful and entertaining. I thought Kelly and company did a wonderful job on the special. I enjoyed all of the songs (Wrapped in Red and Silent Night were amazing!) and the whole show. I thought Kelly did fine in the acting department – she actually has great comedic timing! Obviously the highlight of the show was Clarkson’s voice – really mesmerizing, and she can do wondrous things with that instrument.

  • terrie bullock

    Loved it.

  • fran attaway

    well i hate to be a party pooper, but am not a fan of kc’s. sorry.she looks as if she is in pain and tries to sing too “loud and high”.she kinda embarasses “us TEXANS” she needs to holed it down a bit.

    • fran attaway

      yes, i mispelled “hold”. sorry

      • PC

        WOW!! Glad not everyone shares your conservative opinion. Sing it loud girl.. PERFECTION!!!

      • Calvin K.

        Lol, no offense, but misspelling “hold” was just one of MANY errors in your comment HAHA!! Quite frankly it was hard to read the first time around! ^_^

    • http://yahoo vm

      I know some wonderful “Texans” who are humble. Kelly Clarkson would be another humble “Texan” with a God given talent. What you got fran?

    • Debbie Larsen

      You don’t have to like her voice…everyone has their own taste in music. Just refrain from speaking for all of Texas please. Have a Merry Christmas!

  • karen

    she was fabulous !!!
    going to buy her cd right now !!
    no pretention …. a joy to watch !!!

  • Missy

    Her voice is one of a kind, not sure who this hick texan is that says she tries to hard. All artists make those facial expressions when they have to go for the big note. Just watch Mariah Carey. Kelly will go down as one of the best singers of our time. I thought the special was hilarious, her singing is perfection.

  • Barbara

    Loved it! Real cute show. Just wish songs were sung more and not yelled. Just because it’s a song, Christmas songs sound so much better when sung nicely. Silent Night with Reba and Trisha would have been so much better. Enjoyed the premise of the show tho. Look for to another one next year.

  • MMorningstar

    It’s refreshing to see a young celebrity who’s so genuine, humble and sweet. Her voice is positively amazing…I don’t even like Christmas songs, but didn’t want to miss a moment of her singing. The show was original and entertaining. Just wish Blake Shelton would have sung with her. Otherwise,it was perfection.

    • http://facebook barb johnson

      It would have been a better show if she had let her “guests” sing a little more. I mean, Trisha Yearwood and reba and only 1 song and together!! and Blake Shelton-not even 1 song or have a finale with everyone singing. She is a good singer, but to have wasted talent like Trisha, Reba and Blake-stupid!!

  • Flowergirl

    Kelly comes across as wholesome, vocally generous, gracious and likeable. Her smile is spontaneous and infectuous! Loved this first Special and hope she will have more. Very happy for her success…well deserved. Her ‘acting’ went from tentative in the first half to a really comfortable place(funny and natural)in the last half! Congrats, Kelly, you rock!
    BTW: No one has mentioned how well the little girl who read ‘the story’ from ‘the book’ did. Great casting – she did a great job.
    The musicians (and the sparkling arrangements of their accompanying sound) need a nod, too!!!

  • Terri


    The dresses, her beautiful skin, all the musicians, the green wreath around the stage, EVEN green and red instruments!!, the beautiful singing with Reba and Trisha, the story, Blake, THANK YOU!!!

    PERFECTION! I hope they show it again and in the years following. WHAT a sumptuous production. LOVED IT!


    And was that Jane Austen’s ring she was wearing?

  • Beverly

    Who were the children singing in the finale?

  • Libby

    I loved Kelly’s special. She has wonderful voice & love her Christmas songs! I think it should be an annual tradition.