Kelly Brook Reportedly Wants Nothing To Do With David McIntosh


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Kelly Brook has reportedly made up her mind about David McIntosh.

For those who missed it, Kelly and the famed Celebrity Big Brother star broke off their engagement last week, following a series of cheating allegations.

On Sept. 26, she also took to Twitter with an announcement about their botched engagement. However, the tweet has since been deleted.

Of course, he's slammed the rumors and insists Kelly has his heart, but she reportedly isn't trying to hear anything he has to say.

Although he's determined to patch things up, sources close to the model-actress are insisting she's totally done with him, reports Mirror UK.

"Kelly is adamant that David should not fly to the US. She says she is not interested in seeing him and has nothing more to say about their relationship," the source revealed.

"He feels that a face to face meet could change everything and would give him the chance to prove to her that they can work it out."

Unfortunately, she doesn't want to see him and refuses to speak with him. The source also revealed she's ordered her team to keep him away.

"Kelly's people have made it clear to David that he is not wanted there by Kelly and it could be detrimental to her career."

But, that's not all. She's reportedly ready to take drastic measures to ensure he does not try to contact her. According to Yahoo! Celebrity, she's even considering moving to a secret location!

“If he does head over, they see moving her to a new location rather than her home in Santa Monica. There has also been talk of security too. Kelly's big break in the US is now, and no-one in her camp wants to see anything jeopardize that," an insider explained.

"Her head should be on her work and focusing on giving her all for this sitcom. This split has proved a distraction. David is adamant that he doesn't want to affect Kelly's work. but feels that their love is worth spending time and energy on."

Kelly Brook and David McIntosh began dating back in Feb. After one month of dating they announced their engagement.