Kellie Pickler Returns With New Album

    November 11, 2013
    Tobias Roth
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Kellie Pickler has returned with a new album for her fans that is to be released on November 11. The album is titled “The Woman I Am,” and she is even letting people stream the album online, something that has become very popular for musicians to do recently.

Pickler shot to fame through her appearance on American Idol in 2006, and since then she has enjoyed a successful music career as a country artist with several award nominations, including a CMT Music Award for Breakthrough Video Of The Year in 2008 for her single “I Wonder.”

Her new album is much more personal than her others, and includes a song that she wrote for her grandmother. She says that she felt she captured the essence of who she was, and gets in touch with her emotion when writing the song. She told Billboard, “I was just describing her. She never conformed to the ways of the world. She kept all of her money in canning jars, washed her clothes in the sink and hung them up on the line. She was very much old school, and I think that song represents the women of her generation.”

The new album is a debut for Kellie Pickler on her record label, Black River Entertainment, and she feels very happy with her new label. The album opens with her single “Little Bit Gypsy,” and closes with the ballad “Someone Somewhere Tonight.” This marks her fourth album as a recording artist, and she co-wrote three of the 12 songs on the album.

She revealed earlier this year that her album would have autobiographical stories, and she seemed very excited to expose some of her personal history with her fans. Speaking on the decision to get more personal on the album, she said “I’ve made records where I’m trying to make everybody else happy and say what other people want me to say. That was miserable.”

Although the album has not been available to purchase until today, Pickler let her fans enjoy a free streaming of the album online, starting last Friday. Those who are still not ready to buy the album, and would like to stream it first, can do so by going here.

Kellie Pickler is currently on tour and promoting her new album, and earlier this year she won on Dancing With The Stars, with her partner Derek Hough.

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  • Dennis Johnson

    I watched Dancing with the Stars and the judges are unfair when it comes to fan based votes. they look at who is liked the most and the Dancing does not mean much if you are not liked regardless of how good you have done I have seen it many times.I seen a lot of stars who have Danced better than Kellie Pickler. and there should be some changes on the way Judges vote because it is unfair

    • snookie

      I watched dancing with the starts also. And how you can say Kellie can’t dance is beyond me . She was a very good dancer .And one of the best they’ve had on . She is a very graceful dancer .

  • http://Jayoo.com LuLu

    I also watch DWTS and Kellie and Derek were wonderful. People that are saying she can’t dance really NEEDS GLASSES. They deserved to win. Kellie is also super nice and a humble person. She is so Pretty and I hope her album does well.

  • Dave Reep

    I was so surprised and astounded by Kellie Pickler’s dancing that I watched the show weekly. She was graceful, elegant, perfection in all her moves plus totally gorgeous and so nice as a person on the show. I know she was lucky to have Derek Hough as her partner but after watching he was the lucky one to have Kellie Pickler. To me she is one of the most natural dancers I have seen. I hope she makes movies, the camera loves her and she is truly born to dance. I knew during her first audition for IDOL that she had star quality and a likability that most stars have to have for a long career. I honestly miss seeing her dance and I plan to buy the new CD as well.