Kellie Pickler Does Duet With Fans In Afghanistan

    December 26, 2013
    Ashley Olds
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Donning camouflage leggings and sparkling boots, country music singer Kellie Pickler took to the stage in Afghanistan on Christmas day to sing to U.S. troops.

The 27 year old “American Idol” finalist and winner of “Dancing With the Stars” is among America’s favorite current country singers. As troops spend their thirteenth Christmas in Afghanistan, Pickler visited them for the holidays to show her appreciation. While there, she shook hands, handed out gifts, took pictures, and even got a few of the fans involved in the singing while she performed for them:

But blonde bombshells and virgin eggnog in the midst of war aren’t all that struck U.S. soldiers as surreal during their stay. The bases of which the troops are in charge are slowly disintegrating; the U.S. is planning to withdraw them imminently and the chances of spending another Christmas there are reduced – especially if an agreement is signed with the Afghan government. Meanwhile, those who arrived ready for war, found themselves in a far different scenario than anticipated.

While waiting in line for Kellie Pickler on Christmas Eve, Spec. Jeremy Kortuem shared with the Washington Post, “We came here for the war, but we arrived just in time for it to be over.”

Spec. James Pegram also was surprised to arrive in the middle of more commercialization and less combat. “I was expecting more bang-bang and less TGI Fridays,” he admitted, referencing the surrounding fast food establishments, athletic arenas, and miscellaneous shops.

However, for the families of Americans who have lost their lives in the past ten days alone – like the six who perished in the Zabul providence helicopter crash, and for those involved in the U.S. embassy that was hit by rockets on Christmas morning – this deployment likely seems a bit less anticlimactic.

In the midst of such extremes, a country singer did what she could. She arrived to offer American troops a temporary escape from the painful reality of war, and they certainly were grateful. Perhaps not everyone present knew Kellie Picker’s name prior to her scheduled arrival, but they definitely do now.

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    It is so funny. At this time of the year, we have so much propaganda about our military. Every night on the news there is a story about someone doing something for the troops. There is also some story about how good the cops are. Blah. Blah. Blah.

    The reality is that the only way you can help the troops is that you bring them home like you said they would. Period. Bring them home and don’t send them to die for bullshit. After all, it is the poor who die and not the rich. You really think a rich celebrity or politician is going to send their kids to die? Please. How many do we see even serve — let alone serve in a hot zone — let alone die. Name me the last time you ever heard of a politicians son or daughter dying in a war?

    Enough with the propaganda. With the advent of the internet, it doesn’t work as well. People actually get news from outside the mainstream. We know the wars are bullshit.

    Bring the troops home and stop fighting bullshit wars. That is how you save American troops.

    • @Reply

      It really is obvious isn’t it. The news I mean ….bad story, bad story, bad story, bad story, fear, fear, fear, a story about a good cop, a story about the military being wonderful, then end with a feel good story. Go to every station. It is the same on every one. I agree. Bring the troops home. You want to help them? Never put them in danger in the first place. Really think about this. Walk outside your door. Has anything really changed for the better since 9/11? In what — 13 years — has anything really changed? No.