Kellen Moore Joins Detroit Lions as Free Agent

    April 30, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Kellen Moore, former Boise State quarterback, was hopeful that he would end up being signed during the recent NFL draft. Unfortunately, he watched as QB after QB were scarfed up by various teams, leaving him with feels of frustration once everything was said and done. Eleven quarterbacks were drafted, and Moore was not one of them.

However, don’t go feeling sorry for the guy just yet. Despite the fact that he wasn’t drafted, several teams came calling after the fact, hoping to snag the record-breaking athlete as a free agent. Once the dust settled, Moore had signed on with the Detroit Lions, a team he was anxious to play for from the get-go. Presently, Moore will be the third string quarterback, behind Matthew Stafford and backup Shaun Hill.

Reports claim that Moore wasn’t drafted because of his size and his arm strength. Furthermore, analysts have stated beforehand that he zero chance of being picked up during the draft.

“Very frustrating process,” Moore said in a recent interview, “but a great outcome in the end. “Going into it, you felt very comfortable and confident that you’d get an opportunity to get drafted. Bottom line is it didn’t happen. But it’s kind of funny you end up where you’d love to go in the first place. … There are two great (quarterbacks) to learn from and I think that presents a great opportunity going in there.”

Lots of people on Twitter seem to think it’s crazy that Moore wasn’t drafted. A selection of their responses have been embedded below.

its kinda upsetting Kellen Moore wasnt even drafted.(image) 4 minutes ago via txt ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Kellen Moore undrafted? That’s a huge suprise I thought he was really good(image) 1 day ago via Twitter for iPhone ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

I want to #AskMcShay why in the world the winningest quarterback in BCS history, Kellen Moore, went undrafted?!(image) 11 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Lions pickin up Kellen Moore is a good luck for real(image) 5 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Don’t mean to preach. But Kellen Moore undrafted–absurd. Just absurd. Did NFL people watch his games?(image) 1 day ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

  • rotfogel

    How did Ryan Tannehill, the next coming of Kyle Boller, get drafted #8 overall and a guy who is about one thousand times better not get drafted at all? Miami Dophins will have to wear that hat for a while until they get a new QB who doesn’t suck.

    • Curtis Coleman

      Maybe because after pro days and being tested by the NFL, they found out what everyone know about Boise, he proved nothing going against Idaho and Nevada week after week. He has a weak arm and had he played in a real conference he would have not started, much less play.

      • Lee

        Hey Marko,

        I guess beating Georgia in Georgia, Virginia Tech in DC, Oregon twice, TCU, and Arizona doesn’t count. Boise is a great program, get over it. For you and all those that say BSU doesn’t play anyone, well invite them.

        • Lee

          Sorry Marko I meant Curtis

  • Marko W. Self

    I have followed this young outstanding man since his days at Prosser, Wash.H.S. He was a record breaking QB there and continued through his career at Boise State college. He is a winner and knows the game as well as anyone that was drafted in the NFL this year.Sometimes having smarts and knowledge will carry over at any level of football. He has abilities and leadership qualities that you need as a field general. He will be successful if given the chance and I’m very glad he has joined the Detroit Lions football team. Some of the greatest QBs in pro ball have been small in stature but can you doubt the likes of a Joe Montana, Drew Brees, Fran Tarkenton and others? Don’t think so.. Congrats Kellen and prove the doubters wrong once again..

  • Jesse

    I agree with Marko W. Self about kellen moore….Look at Tom Brady for instance, he didn’t have great speed in the combine either and look what round he got picked up in… He’s smart and knows how to read coverage and knows where to put the ball ……I think Kellen Moore will be fine especially after sitting behind Stafford and Hill. Moore also has two boise st players on the Lions as well Titus Young and Shoemaker, so hopefully we can see something promising in the preseason!

  • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-crum Chris Crum

    Glad to have him as a third stringer.

  • #1Picker

    Throw Kellen Moore in there with his two former receivers out there they will be in sync instantly and are sure to have some big plays. His size isnt much of an issue long as the line can hold their and keep him from getting blasted like Stafford did last season. He is deadly accurate and understands a his passing offense which fits in perfectly with the lions being that they had the highest percentage of passing plays for the entire league last year. Stafford is bound to get hurt yet again and when he does Kellen will be able to strut his stuff and show the rest of the league the mistake they made by not picking him up. Props to the lions for taking him at a great bargain im sure and not letting another team swoop him up.

  • mc2

    Re: Kellen Moore not being drafted in 2012 NFL DRAFT

    Are NFL owners/coaches “brain-dead”?


  • Steve

    To the goof that said if he played in a real conference, he wouldn’t have even started… Are you really that dumb?

    You don’t go 52-3 in four years without having some ability. The conference he was in or the school for that matter is irrelevant. Anyone with half a brain knows that when Boise State played bigger and supposedly better schools, they beat them and the games they lost were on their kickers, not their QB. Despite what they say about his arm strength, I saw him play and you know, whenever he needed to get the ball deep, it got deep, so the NFL’s evaluation process is a joke. Miami would have been smart to try and sign Moore, but I guess he is a Lion. I hope they give him a chance to play, not hold a clip board, because he can play the game and if Doug Flutie could start in the NFL, Kellen Moore is capable of being a Super Bowl winning QB.

    • Doggman

      I have only watched two Super Bowls. The first to check out the supposedly great ads. The second, to see some former BSU players in a pro game. I am looking forward to a real Super Bowl with Kellen Moore leading the charge…

  • Fred Railling

    As a lifetime lions fan, I am finally confident in the lions coaching and management as well as the talent. I am confident in the lions draft selections fitting their needs and even more so now that they picked up Kellen. Glad to see ya onboard Kellen and good luck.

  • Larry Thackery

    I was really surprised with the draft this year. There was alot of talented players who did not get drafted. And, I saw some players who got drafted who would have a tough time making a HS team. I think the draft has turned into a media circus started by Mel Kiper and other ESPN analyst. And, they definitely had some negatives to say about Kellen Moore some true some not. But, look at who got drafted for show, and then how many kids were picked up as FA’s after the draft. I don’t like what the NFL is turning into, a circus!

  • Buster

    Kellen Moore
    Positives: 1. winner 2. leader 3. can read defenses 4. finds the open receiver

    Negatives: 1. average arm strength 2. below average size 3. did not play in a major conference

    Could be the next Joe Montana

  • nate

    He won’t be a 3rd stringer very long. He’s a winner, I became a Lions fan because of him. Kellen will make it, he will be successful wherever he ends up. i really wanted seattle to grab him. insted they grabbed a 5’10”, qb russel wilson, some guy i never really herd of. I was mad seattle didn’t take Moore carreer at Boise state 50-3. dude he’s awsome. way better then wilson, what the hell pete

  • smc

    Thank you for supporting Kellen Detroit – for being kind people! I’ll be supporting you this year now for sure!

  • Lyle

    Kellen Moore turned me into a college football fan. I can only hope that Boise State can find another QB that even comes close.
    I watched A.J. Feely as a HS player and in college. I am a Feely fan and alway pay attention to how he is doing. With that being said, I’ve seen Kellen Moore through those years as well and he is hands down a better performer than Feely. I believe all teams other than the Lions and many many “experts” will be eating crow the moment Kellen gets a chance to play. I am switching from a life-long Vikings fan to a Lions fan if the Lions give him a legitimate shot!

  • M

    Remember, Tom Brady and Arron Rogers….they were drafted, but way late…look at what he turned out to be. I am not a big Boise, I think they get too much hype that is not earned. But, on the other hand, they are a team of winners. Kellen Moore, he is a winner, believe it or not he sould have been the at least third QB drafted, that’s only my opinion. This guy will at least be the 2nd backup in Detroit by mid season, if not by the beginning of the season.