KaZaZZ Launches Meta Music Search

    October 15, 2004

KaZaZZ music search is not a music download site, but rather a meta search engine that queries sites that contain mp3s.

Consumers simply enter songs or artists in the music search box and a list of related music sites/mp3s are displayed. Music search results include the name of the site/mp3, the file size, the date of the file and a link to the site. Since many mp3s listed online are free samples of poor quality, KaZaZZ has also added links on each listing to official music download sites that allow consumers the ability to download mp3s for a small fee.

This service is an effort to provide our consumers with a vehicle to find music online,” said Karl Hall, chief executive officer – KaZaZZ “Consumers can now search for web sites and music in the same place.

The KaZaZZ Personalized Search Engine features web, news, shopping, mp3 and picture search. These search tools have been integrated together to provide a high quality online search experience. For example, our web search results include a preview of pictures related to the search request within the search results. KaZaZZ Personalized Search Engine also features personalized search suggests for consumers based their specific areas of interest using our patent pending search technology called Intelli-match (Mind Reader).

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