Katy Perry Makes It "Roar" in Manhattan

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Katy Perry is continuing her efforts in her partnership with Staples to fund classroom projects for teachers around the nation. "Make Roar Happen" has helped many teachers get desperately needed money to fill in the gaps where independent school district funds run thin.

The latest recipients of Katy Perry's and Staples' good deeds are in Manhattan where 144 local classroom projects have been funded. The money is provided through Staples' $1 million donation to Donorschoose.org. The funds will help 103 teachers take care of classroom needs and will impact over 11,000 students in the Manhattan area.

Katy Perry has been a proud and outspoken partner of Staples and is thrilled to help teachers.

She said of the partnership, “I’m glad to partner with Staples on my Prismatic World Tour to raise awareness and funds for DonorsChoose.org, and to remind my fans that a small gesture can have a huge impact on the very basic materials classrooms need for teachers to help students reach their full potential.”

So far, the "Make Roar Happen" initiative has provided $1 million to DonorsChoose.org, which has helped fund more than 450,000 classroom projects for teachers and impacted more than 11 million students across the nation.

Katy Perry isn't the only one thrilled with the impact that the partnership has created. Alison Corcoran, senior vice president of North American stores and online marketing with Staples, said, “We are so thrilled to have Katy Perry supporting ‘Make Roar Happen’ and look forward to working together with DonorsChoose.org to ensure teachers have the supplies they need. Our recent survey found almost three-quarters of parents with teens agree that teachers in their communities inspire their students so it’s imperative we support these everyday heroes.”

That teachers are severely underfunded is no shock to anyone, but did you know that most teachers spend an average of $408.71 of their own money each year to provide supplies and materials for their classrooms that aren't provided by the schools? That is surprising.

You too can help Katy Perry "Make Roar Happen" for local teachers. You can give $1 to DonorsChoose.org at nearby Staples stores or online at www.staples.com/makeroarhappen.

Such a great cause!

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