Katy Perry Gets Spooky At The Grammy Awards


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It looks like Katy Perry is a fan of Stevie Knicks and American Horror Story: Coven, because her performance tonight at the Grammys seemed to be inspired by both. Katy is known for putting on an amazing performance and she never holds back when it comes to costumes and getting into character.

Katy performed her latest hit "Dark Horse" featuring Juicy J, tonight while dressed in a complete witch costume that was more sexy than scary. The fitted outfit was black, purple and blue with red accents and Katy's dark hair allowed her to fit the part perfectly. She used a witch's broom as a pole which she worked as well, if not better than any stripper.

The opening of the performance started off fairly spooky, as Katy appeared in a crystal ball in the middle of a dark forest. Human trees moved around her as smoke and an image of a dark horse appeared on the stage. Contortionists put on a show amidst the darkness and Katy emerged from the ball and started to perform.

Her performance ended with some pyrotechnics that made it appear as if the stage was on fire. While Katy's song lyrics and voice are always impressive, the audience seemed to pay more attention to her dance moves than her singing. At one point she pulled out some twerking that would make Miley Cyrus jealous. Few people even glanced at Juicy J, who was also performing on stage.

Katy Perry is known for making heads turn and her performance was not disappointing to say the least. It will likely become the talk of the Grammys and something artists will have to work hard to live up to at next year's awards.

What did you think of Katy Perry's performance?

Image via Wikimedia Commons.