Katy Perry and John Mayer May Not Be Over

    March 2, 2014
    Alexandria Sardam
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Katy Perry and John Mayer may not be over.

A source told E! News that this may not be a permanent split, and that once things calm down with their schedules, a reunion could be next.

“They both really love each other,” the insider claimed. “They’ve always been hot and cold and on and off.”

But does this split sound vaguely familiar?

The two first announced their relationship during the summer of 2012. They split briefly, reconciled, called things off again last March, but then got back together. The couple then broke up within the past week and now there are claims that they could get back together.

Sounds a little like the relationship that cried wolf?

Mayer is scheduled to tour worldwide from April to June while Perry is booked solid until November.

It looks like the “Dark Horse” singer is booked solid from May until November after recently adding another leg to her tour. If the two plan on reuniting after their schedule’s lighten up, it sure seems like Perry has no interest in reconciling with Mayer according to her booked plans.

Both have yet to comment on the breakup/reunion.

What do you guys think? Should the musical lovebirds just go ahead and end it-for good-or should they just just one more time to ignite their once sizzling romance?

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  • honeybunn

    I just don’t believe nothing that the tabloids are printing about this couple. I believe that Katy Perry’ fling with John Mayer is over. She is just an immature,star struck, dreaming young women who needs to face reality about life. She is a wanna be who will do anything to get publicity. Such as, buy a fake ring to gain false publicity. I believe that John Dumped her anyway. She is too silly. john Mayer needs a mature woman. If true why would she look at his text messages on his phone. That is an example of how she would be hen pecking him as his wife. move on john. You have had so much better.