Katt Williams, Suge Knight Incident Was Caught on Video

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Katt Williams and Suge Knight were arrested over allegations of robbery when a photographer said the pair took her camera from her. Williams told TMZ that the whole thing was not what it seemed and that he would fight it.

According to Williams, a celebrity photographer was video taping one of Knight’s children, a five-year-old boy. Williams said no adult was standing with him. When Knight saw this, he demanded that the photog erase the footage. She said she would, then fled.

Williams implied that he and Knight chased her and demanded that she erase the footage. She said they stole her camera.

Williams further said that police arrested him and Knight, though they also said they knew someone else did it. The whole incident seemed very confusing, with Williams talking about it in half-statements, unwilling to say much.

“I didn’t take her camera,” he said. “So, the fact that I didn’t take her camera—But I’m saying don’t say you’re gonna erase something and then take off running and think somebody’s not gonna chase you. So, they do chase you. Then they do get the camera back. You’re supposed to erase it. Now you wanna fight now. So, now it’s insult to injury. And then to top things off, you’re gonna be the victim? I don’t know how you’re gonna pull all three things off.”

Now footage has surfaced that appears to be of Knight in the moments leading up to the now-infamous chase that got them arrested. In that video, Knight can be heard:

“Get that bitch over there,” Knight says to someone, possibly a security team member. “Get her shit. Who she with?”

Approaching the photographer, Knight asks, “Why you come over here and take a picture of my motherfucking son? I tell you what, I got a bitch to come beat your motherfuckin’ ass.”

Saturday Night Live made hay over the incident on their Weekend Update segment, with Jay Pharoah doing an excellent Katt Williams impersonation and Kenan Thompson channeling Knight.

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