Katrina Sends Times-Picayune To Online Only Format

    August 31, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The city of New Orleans has been blasted by Hurricane Katrina, but the newspaper has still continued to publish.

Much has been written about Katrina and the wholesale devastation left as the storm passed through New Orleans and into the Gulf Coast. Some stories capture the tragedy with emotion, others with an attempt at professional detachment. None ignore the impact on humanity.

For the local paper, the printing presses have been silent. That has not stopped the reporters and editors of the Times-Picayune from going to press. Remote servers in New Jersey host NOLA.com, according to InformationWeek, and reporters have moved to offices in Houma and Baton Rouge.

The web-only publication has been posted for a couple of days, with breaking stories posted by reporters in a blog fashion. One story claims police and firefighters have been actively looting a Wal-Mart, with an eyewitness account of the event.

Before the advent of the World Wide Web, any information would have had to flow to other news outlets, and arrive third-hand via a major broadcast network or another newspaper publisher. Now, even in the wake of a massive storm, those news reporters closest to the scene can still get their stories, in their words, to the public.

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