Katrina Kaif Opens Up About Ex-Boyfriend


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Katrina Kaif has starred in several Bollywood films and previously dated Big Boss host Salman Khan.

There breakup was rather dramatic, but Kaif recently opened up about Khan and said that they are now on good terms and said that Khan is still an important part of her life and someone she can count on.

"These reports of me calling him for help etc., aren't true. I don't call him every second day or every time there is a problem. But if I was ever in trouble or if I ever needed help from someone, I believe he is the kind of person, who would help a friend or anyone who has been close to him. And I believe that he would help me," she said.

Kaif also said that although she is no longer dating Khan, she is still close to his family, especially his sister Alvira.

"I am in touch with Alvira (Salman's sister). She has been like a sister to me. We had a very deep connection, and that still remains. That's why, I am in touch with her on a regular basis. She is someone who will always be dear to me," Kaif said.

Kaif may not be dating Khan any longer, but that doesn't mean she isn't dating at all.

She is currently dating Ranbir Kapoor and says that he is a very special person in her life and someone she is thankful and lucky to have met.

She did not say if Kapoor and Khan get along or how they feel about each other.