Katie Holmes Moves to L.A., Talks "Dawson's Creek" Reunion

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After living in New York with daughter Suri since 2012 when she and Tom Cruise called it quits, Katie Holmes has decided to jump coasts.

The 35-year-old recently bought a home in the Los Angeles area in order to revamp her acting career.

"New York has been very good to both of us. I like feeling a part of something big," Holmes said.

"I love the community in New York. I love New Yorkers. I ran into someone on the street the other day that I went to high school with – I love the moments of spontaneity every day."

After appearing in popular films like Batman Begins and The Giver, Holmes is set to return to the big screen in 2015 in The Woman in Gold, an American-British drama also starring Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds, Jonathan Pryce, and Charles Dance.

Holmes has also been approached about a Dawson's Creek reunion to which she is " hugely flattered."

“I think that show touched a certain generation," she told Gossip Cop. "It was innocent at a time when innocence was very valued and present. But it had that teen angst that really revealed what everybody was going through.”

Holmes appeared on the popular WB show from 1998-2003 playing Joey Potter.

Even though no official plans have been made, Holmes thinks that she understands why everyone seems to want a reunion.

“Maybe we all want to feel those feelings again."

As of last week, Dawson's Creek is no longer available for streaming on Netflix.

In other Katie Holmes news, it was recently reported that she was starting a relationship with singer Robin Thicke after his public (and slightly embarrassing) attempts to win back his wife, Paula Patton, fell flat.

“They’ve arranged a date in New York after his tour ends,” an insider said. “Everyone’s encouraging this as they have so much in common and if anyone can get him over Paula, it’s Katie.”

Niether Holmes or Thicke have commented on the nature of their relationship.

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