Katie Holmes Celebrates Suri Cruise’s 8th Birthday

    April 26, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Katie Holmes helped daughter Suri Cruise celebrate her 8th birthday in style. She treated her daughter, along with a few guests, to dinner at Nobu Next Door in New York City on Friday night. Following their meal, the restaurant brought a dessert out to Suri and it was topped with a birthday candle.

That wasn’t the only treat in store for Suri. She was the recipient of many gifts–some from FAO Schwarz–that were delivered to Katie Holmes’s New York City apartment. Bouquets of balloons were delivered throughout the day as well.

In addition, Holmes posted a photo of a dozen frozen cupcakes that spelled out ‘Happy Birthday, Suri’ to her Twitter account. It’s unknown whether Katie baked the cupcakes for her daughter or ordered them in from a local boutique bakery.

Suri Cruise is also the daughter of Mission Impossible and Jerry Maguire star Tom Cruise. It’s uncertain if Tom was around to help celebrate Suri’s big day or if he plans to celebrate with her some other time. Tom Cruise is often away on location for long periods of time, but takes Suri on lavish vacations fairly often.

It’s hard to believe that Suri Cruise is already 8 years old. The little girl who Katie Holmes feared would grow up in the Church of Scientology now attends Catholic School in New York City and is often spotted attending events around town with the former Dawson’s Creek star. While Suri is known for being a little bit spoiled, it was sort of a given that she would turn out that way. It was almost as if both Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise tried to one up each other following their divorce, in an effort to win Suri’s affections.

It was only a few months ago when Suri was spotted yelling at the paparazzi to get away from her and her famous mom.

Katie Holmes has at least stayed grounded and has made a life of consistency for Suri–even if she is constantly privy to many of the finer things in life. It will certainly be interesting to observe Suri Cruise when she is about 13 years old.

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  • Sara James

    So glad she broke free from her role as the beard for Cruise, Now that poor girl from “That 70’s Show” is the new beard. Soon you will see her in films…

    • David

      Wow. Didn’t take long at all to attack Tom. Well Sara what does your beard look like. tsk tsk tsk

      • Serendipity

        Your Scientology horns are showing. Hope they poke you in the ass.

    • MsPookye

      Perhaps you need to check the facts……he ISN’T with Laura Prepon and that came straight from her. They are friends. Nothing more.

  • Serendipity

    Notice how Tom has gradually pulled away from Suri. She is no longer “acceptable” because her Mom defected from that abhorrent cult called Scientology. Sara James is correct….Tom only cares about his cult; anyone who objects become his enemy and are forever exiled from his life. He is certifiably insane.

    • Silverlion

      I literally ran into Tom in NYC. Chest to chest as I rounded a corner without looking. He just gave me a big smile as I continued to excuse myself. Nice guy I will always remember.

  • Caring mom

    I feel so sorry for Suri, being hounded and photographed as much as she is. Almost every scene she is covering her face, hiding her head in her mom’s shoulder. It’s terrible. I think she gets worse paparazzi harassment than any other celeb kid. It’s got to affect her. I just don’t know how or what it will do to her. I feel so sorry for her. As a mother I would be so fiercely protective and do whatever I could to prevent this from happening. There has got to be a way to protect that child.

  • KatFisch

    Isn’t she a little old and big to be being carried?

    • Quin TheElf

      Is she your kid?

      Then it’s none of your business. Go concentrate on raising your own offspring and let other parents make decisions for theirs.

      • mkkms

        She just stated an opinion and she’s entitled to comment since that is what a comment board is for. You should relax and be happy.

        • John Smithwesson!

          And so did Elf.

    • mkkms

      Yep, I agree that an 8 years old is usually too big to be carried.

    • catbme

      not when there are people hounding and surrounding your every step. i’d
      grab up my kid too, to get her away from the abusive tactics of the
      paps. this poor child will never know what it’s like to just be a normal

      • Rizzo

        lol … this kid will never know what it’s like to walk on her own. Is mom gonna carry her when she’s 10, 11, and 12 too ? Maybe 20 … Ridiculous .. She’s no more special than any celebrity kid.

    • ldean50

      She gets carried so much I thought she was unable to walk.

  • Elara

    Celebrities often carry their older children because the press is CHASING THEM DOWN THE STREET trying to get as many pictures as possible. If she is carrying Suri, then chances are, she is doing it in an attempt to protect her child. Unfortunately, this little girl will never really have a normal life, but kudos to Katie for making the attempt to give her the stability she so desperately needs.

  • Shawn

    I honestly know nothing about Scientology, I have worked with Tom a few times and he is always VERY nice. None of us know the whole story of why Katie divorced Tom but that’s between them.

    • paula

      I think it’s great you shared you’re opinion on this. These comment sections usually deteriorate quickly.

  • disqus_inLasVegas

    that little girl is so cute, and katie seems like a very hands-on mom, i never see suri with a nanny. i wish photogs would stay away, though. it’s sad for the children.

  • cc

    Why would the reporter call an 8 year old a brat and a b****? If he is an independent his work shouldn’t be purchased and if he works for a company he should be fired. How would he feel if it was his child or mother or sister being called that?

    • Rizzo

      Oh grow up … they’re words .. only words. Go in the corner and sulk because someone called you a name ? SMH

      • Debbi Hawker Wilt

        Really? Only words? Sorry, NO one should be calling an 8 year old child a brat or a bitch. I agree with cc, anyone who is employed in this manner should be fired or boycotted. This child did not ask to be born to two high-profile parents and the reporter is totally out of line.

  • truth

    She does not attend Catholic school. Who makes this stuff up?

  • Rizzo

    When is this girl going to walk on her own and stop have mommy and daddy carrying her ??? She’s 8 !! Who carries around an 8 year old like a baby ? Unbelievable !

    • factstater

      So jealous of an 8 year old child, pathetic.

  • Guest

    LOL .. they can’t wait to see her when she’s 18 … Mommy will be carrying her – easy to spot.

  • Cynthia O.

    What’s that smirk she always has on her face? Can’t she keep her face straight? She also has the fattest, most awkward legs I’ve ever seen in my life. They do not match the rest of her body.

    • factstater

      I’m sure you’re really cute. Bitter much?

  • babette

    With a small town girl for her mother, I think she has a better chance of not being as spoiled and awful as many of the children who have “star” parents.

  • Lethargic Pol

    Two standout (“nailed it”) performances by top actresses:

    1. Cate Blanchett as Katharine Hepburn in “The Aviator”

    2. Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy in “The Kennedys”

    It don’t get any better than that.

  • paula

    On the one hand, paps are screaming that Suri is a “b”, and then her mother, with her “sweetness”, goes on to report to papers just how happy she is that NYC has “embraced” them and “treat them so well”. It seems that public call-outs re: Suri’s b-day celebrations on Twitter are neither necessary nor relevant for Suri… she doesn’t care about her public persona one bit. Mom is driving this car. I commend TC and Nicole for raising their two children largely outside of the media.

    • newgal

      social media, twitter and the media wasn’t around circa 1994 when Tom and Nicole were raising their families.

      • paula

        While twitter and social media was not around, media was. Plenty of pics of Tom and Nicole from that decade in magazines. Very few of which have their children in them. Magazines are the media of that decade.

        • blah blah

          funny, but pictures of them are all over the internet now huh?

          • paula

            You missed the point of my post “blah blah”. The point is that Suri is pretty vocal about her desire to be left alone from paps, pictures, media, etc. While the mom’s hands may be tied when she in the public domain (eg. she has no control over who takes pics of her or who follows her), she regularly posts about her child on her twitter account – – which keeps attention on the child and, inevitability on her too. TC and Nicole didn’t put their kids forward to get media attention, they got it based on their work.

  • newgal

    Suri is such a pretty girl. She looks just like Tom.

  • lindy west

    She has at least kept Suri away from the circus atmosphere that once was when they were a couple.

  • justsayin

    the writer seems to know a lot about the cruise family… judgmental much?

  • Kari Baldwin Hiott

    Man, if some grown male called my 7 year old daughter a bitch….I MIGHT let him be wheeled away on a stretcher with a new outlook on what a bitch is. Kudos to the guy in the background who was defending her.