Katie Couric Is Reportedly Leaving ABC News For Yahoo Deal


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That bright all American face won't be gracing ABC news for long. Katie Couric is in the throes of moving again... after just joining ABC 2 years ago.

She definitely has been on the move... from the popular, "Today" show, to NBC News Anchor, to her own talk show, and then to ABC News. Could it be her daytime talk show, "Katie" has seen a serious plunge in ratings? Maybe it wasn't ALL her decision?

The facts are being kept hush, hush until the announcement is made, however, Couric, 56 is in negotiations to leave ABC for an online video stream show - with Yahoo, according to an executive with knowledge of the situation, confirming news first reported by the Hollywood Reporter.

This move is considered risky, how many successful Internet talk shows can you name? No Web program has come close to matching the financial success of TV talk-show greats such as Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Phil McGraw or Ellen DeGeneres, YET.

But on the bright side, Yahoo is one of the most popular sites on the Web with more than 197 million visitors in one month, according to ComScore.

Variety calls it a big risk, and Allen Wallenstein, Editor in Chief gives Couric a low blow when he said, "After stints at CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC, maybe Katie Couric is going to Yahoo because there is simply nowhere else to go."

Couric isn't a stranger to online video streaming, and social media - but "regardless of how willing she is to shed her skin and embrace new ways, the world still mostly sees her in the over-familiar constructs of “anchor” and “talkshow host,” said Wallenstein.

She is being touted as brave, a visionary and maybe a little crazy, but many who love her will support her, with hopes she can pull it off.

Image via Wiki Commons