Katherine Jenkins Safe For DWTS Season 14 Finale

    May 16, 2012
    Chad Sweely
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Katherine Jenkins, a well-known classical opera singer from Wales, experienced a minor back spasm during the last few seconds of her dance performance on Monday night. During the dance, which was phenomenal, it was unclear what happened during the final section, but was clear was something went horribly wrong. After the dance had ended, Jenkins burst into tears, knowing the slip up at the end would affect her overall score from the judges panel.

After the performance show on Monday night, Jenkins was checked out by a medic, and concluded that Jenkins had experienced a back spasm from the way her body was figured during that section of the dance. With Jenkins receiving this news, she started to emotionally prepare herself for being eliminated the next day, because she did receive the lowest combined score of the night.

During this past Tuesday’s results show, Katherine (and her pro-dancer Mark Ballas) received the news early on into the show that she was safe and that she had secured a spot in next week’s finale. With this news, Jenkins tweeted an announcement today to her fans (provided below) to not get carried away with what happened on Monday and to focus on the upcoming finale.

Lets not get carried away with how serious my ‘back problem’ is… Was a spasm,I didn’t go to hospital & it’s not going to affect nxt week!
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To see Katherine and Mark’s amazing Salsa routine from Monday night (even though she did encounter her back spasm at the end), please view the YouTube video provided below:

The Twitter community has been active in supporting Katherine for next week’s finale, and I have provided some of these tweets below.

I am obsessed w Katherine Jenkins on #DWTS. She seems to be the epitome of the total woman. Sweet, humble, talented, poised & determined!
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Katherine is so sweet, classy & talented! #DWTS
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  • http://www.evos-dance.com Volker Wagner

    On 15 May there were on the day exactly 20 months since I saw Katherine for the first time.

    Since that day in my heart and my soul. My whole life inside of me has changed completely.

    Her voice, her laughter, her features, her aura, her whole behavior is unique to me.

    It is not yet a woman as she made it and will it create any more in me so much to move. Touching the lowest point of my heart.

    For me she is the angel of Wales, the true princess of Wales, the most divine of all women.

    Sorry. No I’m not crazy or is it? It does not matter. I have the highest Respect before her and her family.

    If the trophy of DWTS at 21. May really should win, then that is another high point in their lives.

    I wish you all my heart.

    Greetings from Berlin (Germany).
    Good luck for the finals.

    Volker Wagner “Moonshindream” :-)

  • Rick Patel

    Beautiful, talented, bold, brilliant Katherine Jenkins is the most adorable contestant ever to appear on DWTS.

  • http://Google Gaynor Jones

    What else can anyone say, the above says it all, I’m a proud native of Wales by generations now living in South Africa and have been following eagerly on the internet results. I too know Katherine Jenkins is outstanding wih all her aura and charisma she is still the Welsh girl from Neath.

  • http://- herby1

    Katherine is indeed a great girl and anyone who thinks she is not tough should ask the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan .
    She has the highest average score the most10`s the most top and joint top scores of the night It was plain to see that Tom Bergerons favouriteswas Maria Iam not saying Maria was not a nice girl.
    Ithink the US media is trying to do A hatchet job on K