Katherine Heigl Slammed By Former Co-Workers

    September 12, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Katherine Heigl has been building a reputation in recent years as a difficult actress to work with, and a new story by The Hollywood Reporter comes speculation that her bad attitude on set might have affected both her film career and her success with getting a pilot picked up.

While NBC announced earlier this month that it will develop a new series in which Heigl will star as a CIA agent, rumor has it that several other studios passed on the project when they found out Heigl was attached to it, something that happened with another project earlier this year.

“On many levels, she would have been perfect for the role, but all of us said, ‘She’s not worth it.’ ” an unnamed producer said.

“She can cost you time every single day of shooting,” said a source who worked with Heigl on 2010’s “Life As We Know It”. “Wardrobe issues, not getting out of the trailer, questioning the script every single day. Even getting her deal closed at Warners was hard. She hit that point of ‘no.'”

While there’s no doubt about Heigl’s talent, part of the issues on set arise with her mother, who is also her manager and is said to be extremely demanding during shoots.

“There were movie-star demands — big rooms, the mother there, all the stuff,” says a source. ” ‘We need the presidential suite at The Bristol!’ It was just a sense of entitlement. The biggest stars don’t do that kind of thing.”

Still, there are plenty of directors and producers who say they would work with Heigl again in a heartbeat, including Greg Berlanti, director of “Life As We Know It”. Heigl and her mother have both reportedly promised to have changed attitudes in the future, and perhaps that factored in to NBC’s decision to greenlight the pilot for the CIA drama, which Heigl has been shopping around for several months.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

  • Aaron

    Don’t you mean Heigl slammed by anonymous sources and unnamed mystery people i.e. made up for the purpose of the article. Every named person had nice things to say!

    • http://facebook.com Jeannie

      Her mother is rude, does convey a feeling of entitlement and has a reputation in Hollywood for being diffult. Just google it!

  • http://facebook.com Jeannie

    I am not annonymous Aaron. I met Katherine and her mother when they moved to LA in 2008 ish. Katherine moved her mother into a home down the street from her only friend she co starred (sp) with- the medical one (he came out as gay and later was dropped I believe). The mother lived across the street from the old host for entertainment tonight-can’t remember his name either-wore glasses and he was dropped for leaving obscene messages on a young womans voicemail. The neighbor suggested I go and speak to her…Anyway… I was nice enough to introduce myself since I delivered high end meat and seafood to the neighbors on the block and even gave her a sample of salmon. She not only chased me out of her door step when I followed up she yelled at me. I waited a week and after speaking to Katherine I gave her another chance since Katherine in fact told me she ate the salmon and loved it. She again yelled at me told me she didn’t try it and slammed the door in my face and told me she would report me if I came to her door again. I have never met anyone so enraged and rude for a simple “hello”. By the way she had her office in the front with a window looking out so she could run to the door at a minutes notice to yell at anyone who made noise. This is a million dollar neighborhood and even her neighbors had nothing nice to say about her after only moving in for a month. This woman I think missed the “gravy train” when she was young and does feel entitled to some of her daughters fame. Katherine was so nice before her mother started to manage her, it’s a shame she will take after her mother I am sure. This mother is a LOSER in all aspects of the word.

  • Tawny Jones

    Classy Katherine Heigl really rocks! She is shapely & seductive, chic & charming, attractive & artistic, buxom & beautiful.

    • http://Webpronews.com Cliffa Gaddis

      @ Tawny And….evidently a real witch!!!

  • Rog Fagen

    She is supposed to be a chain smoking arrgant piece of crap

  • Johnny

    Why does Kathryn Heigl think she is so much better than other actresses that she doesn’t have to do a full frontal nude scene in a movie?!?!
    Who does she think she is???
    No wonder no one in Hollywood could put up with this self-centered, selfish prude.
    Get with the program Katy and quit causing so many problems!!!