Katherine Heigl Says It’s Okay To Stand Up For Yourself


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Katherine Heigl has been accused of being mean, rude and hard to work with over the years. She grew tired of the constant criticism that being a celebrity brought her, and retired to a Utah ranch where she could spend time with her family and stay out of the spotlight.

She has recently started doing interviews again and making appearances, as she promotes her new show, State Of Affairs. The show will premier next week and Heigl has said that she is proud to be a part of it.

Heigl recently talked with E! News and was asked if she plans to be more careful about how she acts and what she says now that she has returned to acting.

She responded by saying,

“Back when all that happened, I was a little naïve. I didn't know. At the time, social media and all of that wasn't what it is now. I didn't realize the impact that this comment or that comment would have or that it would catch like wildfire. But it did. It spread and it turned into something a lot uglier than I ever intended. Obviously I'm more aware of that now. If I'm going to voice my opinion and I'm going to speak my mind, I better be very clear about what my intentions are when I say it. It should never be flippant or carelessly tossed out there. I'm still going to have opinions and some of them people are going to agree with, and some they won't. But that's life and that's every single person on this planet."

“I spent time trying to be more of a publicity packaged thing, and I just couldn't. I couldn't sleep at night. It kept me up. It felt so dishonest to me and it felt like such a cop out, like me saying that I am inherently wrong about how I feel about things or I am inherently wrong if I have something to say. I don't like that for my daughters. I don't like that for my girlfriends. I don't like that for any woman in this world to be made to feel like that. You voice, your opinion and you are made to feel like if someone disagrees with you, that now you're a bad person?” she added.

Heigl has admitted to making mistakes but claims that she never said or did anything to purposely hurt anyone’s feelings.

She said that she hopes her fans, especially the young and impressionable ones, know that it is important to speak your mind and stand up for yourself.

She also added that she hopes her own children learn to speak their minds and stand up for themselves and more importantly, be true to themselves and proud of who they are.

Do you think Heigl is really hard to work with or are her critics just mad because she speaks her mind?