Katherine Heigl Reputation on the Rocks

By: Meaghan Ellis - September 13, 2013

With the Fall pilot season underway, there has been lots of chatter and reviews about NBC’s new “CIA agent” actress Katherine Heigl. However, the reviews she’s been receiving aren’t hardly plausible for her onscreen performances. Her attitude is the crux of the problem. The old saying, “All publicity is good publicity”, doesn’t quite ring true where Heigl is concerned these days. According to Hollywood Reporter, Katherine Heigl has been labeled as one of the most difficult actresses to work with. Then, to top it off, not only are there mounting claims of her tyrannical disposition, but her ‘momager’, Nancy Heigl, is just as uncompromising.

Due to the irrational demands and aloof behavior the infamous duo has become known for, the “Life As We Know It” star has been branded as ‘difficult to work with’ among several industry insiders.

The defaming claims on Heigl’s unfavorable manners –or lack there of– are endless. But, the issue has been apparent for quite some time, although her attitude may not have been as transparent. In 2008, Heigl indirectly criticized the caliber of the roles she had been allotted, withdrawing her name from all potential Emmy nominations. She said,

“I did not feel that I was given the material this season to warrant an Emmy nomination. I did not want to potentially take away an opportunity from an actress who was given such materials.” The statement equates an evasive, cryptic insult to her professional counterparts, which actually supports the “diva” persona she’s been dubbed with.

From wasting time with frivolous complaints of wardrobe malfunctions and not having anything to eat to demeaning multiple scripts, several film insiders and co-stars have even went so far as to say that casting Heigl just “isn’t worth it.” According to Grey’s Anatomy’s creator Shonda Rimes, the notable cliché’ “Time is Money” also doesn’t apply to Heigl either. In 2010, Rimes reported that the “Knocked Up” actress had developed a reputation of ‘missing in action’ with several absences during taping.

Hopefully her return to primetime television can shift her career in a new direction. However, we can only hope that Heigl doesn’t ruffle any feathers behind the scenes that can cause even more flair-ups that just may ruin her career permanently.

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  • Lin Frank

    Can you say “spoiled”? As in rotten. Never thought she was that good.

  • Aaron

    Such a hatchet job on her character and a nasty edit of the original Hollywood Reporter article. All of the sources were anonymous, everyone who was named contradicted that – the director of life as we know it saying he would work with her again in a heartbeat. The fact is the poor woman has been made out to be some kind of demon just because she has spoken out a couple of times and given her opinion. This would NEVER happen if it was a male star. All of the information was years old as well. Just a mean spirited article.

    • DeMarie

      A hatchet job? Shonda Rhimes(Grey”s Anatomy) clearly stated that she was irresponsible when it came to simply showing up to her job. She felt as if she could show up when she felt like it. Who does that! She has just been hiding behind her stellar roles. This is who she really is. Hollywood ain’t got time for that. Get over it.

  • Shelly

    I always thought she was highly over rated.