Katharine McPhee is Embarrassed by Indescretion

    October 26, 2013
    Lacy Langley
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Unless you’ve been under a rock this week, you have heard that American Idol runner-up and all around American sweetheart, Katharine McPhee has tarnished her reputation by making out, and strolling hand-in-hand and lovingly looking into each other’s eyes, with a married man.

Earlier this week, she was caught red-handed by nearby cameras kissing her “Smash” director Michael Morris, who happens to be married to actress Mary McCormack.

McCormack did what any self-respecting woman would do, and proceeded to swiftly boot him out of their home that they share with their three children. Tisk Tisk.

Well, now Us Weekly reports that McPhee is “embarrassed” about getting caught in her indiscretion. Notice I didn’t say embarrassed by her indiscretion. Just getting caught.

When will celebrities learn that there is probably nowhere they can be that a camera can’t be? Unless you’re in your basement, with the shades pulled, lights off, and cotton in the keyhole, you could be captured on film.

The crazy thing is, that these pictures look like they are in a parking lot. In broad daylight. Duh?

Katharine, herself, 29, is still technically a married woman. She married producer Nick Cokas, 47, 5 years ago. However, reports say they have been seperated for about 6 months. (image) Katharine McPhee and husband, Nick Cokas

The scandal has caused a ripple effect that has not left anyone totally bruise-free. The real loser in the situation is poor Mary McCormack, who lost her husband and their children, Margaret, 9, Rose, 6, and Lillian, 2, who lost their father.

Then there is Michael Morris. “Smash” was already in the toilet, but he had a gig already lined up, heading a pilot for E! called “Songbyrd”, but after news broke of his extramarital activities, his services were suddenly no longer needed.

McPhee seems to be the one who will suffer the least. She was already amicably seperated from her December-ish other half, and they don’t have any children. Her career may suffer some bruising, but most likely will pick back up.

It’s a sad situation all around.

Image via youtube

  • Joseph T

    I’m disgusted by this — this is more than a minor indiscretion — it’s shameful. I have eagerly followed her career since American Idol, BUT NO LONGER WILL.

  • fdsj

    “Indescretion”? Really?

  • Brandon

    WTF where they thinking? Nice, now they can add “Home Wrecker” to ther resumes!

  • Funny

    Women cheat like crazy in this country. It is always the man who is branded as the cheater, but the reality is that women are just as bad and are actually becoming worse then men. I don’t like cheaters. If you are going to cheat, just don’t get married. If you are going to get married, be realistic about what it takes to keep a partner. Stay in decent shape, make sex fun, don’t spend a heck of a lot of money, and realize that the joy in life is found in little simple things. Also, turn off the TV and stop looking up to Hollywood — Hollywood is constantly trying to sell you on the idea that the grass is greener somewhere else. It is all BS.

    If you are lucky enough to find someone who truly loves you in this world, don’t piss that gift away. Life is so hard and it is harder when you face it alone. A good partner is the one of the greatest gifts God can give you.

  • Mary Coleman

    Embarrassed???? Oh, I’m so sorry for you Kat! How about incredibly ashamed? Especially knowing that those 3 young girls may have seen this photo. How does that make you feel?