Katharine McPhee Affair Scandal

By: Ellisha Rader Mannering - October 24, 2013

When will celebrities learn that almost everything they do will get captured on camera. Apparently Katharine McPhee and director Michael Morris didn’t get that memo or the one that says you should be faithful to your spouse. Both McPhee and Morris are married and were photographed kissing passionately in a parking lot.

Although McPhee and her husband, Nick Cokas are rumored to be separated, Michael Morris and his wife, Mary McCormack appeared to be happily married before the photo surfaced. Mary McCormack allegedly threw her husband out of the house after seeing the photo and hearing news of the affair.

Close sources to McPhee say that she is embarrassed of the photo and of the affair.

“She is SO embarrassed she was caught,” a source says of the undeniable photos. “She should have known better!”

Mary McCormack and Michael Morris share have 3 children together and live in both L.A. and New Mexico. Sources close to the couple say that McCormack was extremely nice and did not deserve such a scandal.

Rumor has it that Morris new the photos were about the be posted online and tried to buy them to avoid the embarrassment.

McPhee and Morris met on the set of SMASH, which was canceled after only two seasons. It is unknown how long the two have been involved romantically and neither they or their reps have commented on the relationship.

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  • Reality

    “She is SO embarrassed she was caught,” a source says of the undeniable photos. “She should have known better!”

    This is very telling. She isn’t embarrassed that she cheats, but the fact that she got caught cheating. Yet, this is America today. What can you do. It is enough to just want to make you give up.

  • Fed up with Frauds

    Not one word of regret from either regarding the hurt they caused to a lovely lady with children and their immediate families. They are both two conceited idiots who thought they would not be caught. Morris must have rocks in his head for throwing away what he had and for what? Not a fan of either now…