Kate Upton Is In Talks To Join The Entourage Movie


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Kate Upton is reportedly in talks to join the upcoming Entourage movie. Entourage had a big following during its run on HBO, and throughout that time, featured several real-life stars on the show. Her role is still unknown, but it is likely that Upton will play the female lead, and love interest to the film's star, Vincent Chase.

Upton is a supermodel who has recently turned to acting. She has received a bit more mainstream attention than others through her appearances in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit editions, most notably the cover in 2012.

Since the show ended in 2011, there has been talks of a movie being made, but it kept falling through, until recently. After the cast and director tweeted the news, and it was officially announced, Entourage fans were finally able to relax, and know that it would be filming soon. As with the show, the film will be directed by Doug Ellin.

The film is expected to start filming in January, and Kate Upton is one of the first who was not a part of the original cast to be potentially added to the film. There will likely be many others since the show was essentially built on sprinkling celebrities throughout the show in order to make it exciting. Although her role has not been confirmed yet, it was reported that she was in early discussions to join the cast.

Although a representative of hers has denied these rumors, they acknowledge that there was interest in her joining the film earlier in the year. Upton is known for her modeling work, but recently she has also appeared in a few films. She received her first role in the comedy flop Tower Heist, and had a bit part in the recent Three Stooges film. She is also currently filming The Other Woman, along with Cameron Diaz.

Kate Upton, as was done previously in the show, would likely play herself in the Entourage film. While there is no release date set yet for the film, filming is supposed to be underway early next year, and whether fans can expect to see Upton on the set will be determined shortly.

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