Kate Upton Has A Very Proud Mama

By: Amanda Crum - October 3, 2013

Kate Upton is one of those women who inspires very passionate feelings in everyone; either you really like her, or you really don’t. She’s garnered criticism for her body–despite being a Sports Illustrated cover model–and for her choices in jobs, such as the highly-sexualized commercial for Carl’s Jr. that put her on the map, but she’ll always have at least one fan who is proud of her no matter what she does.

“She really is just so enthusiastic about everything. And when she’s excited about something, she gives it her best,” said her mother, Shelley Upton, in an Allure interview. “I just am so proud about how she has handled all the pressure that goes along with all the successes that are amazing as well. She seems to take it in stride and doesn’t seem to be inhibited at all.”

Upton says their family is proud of Kate’s success and the fact that she maintains a healthy lifestyle without getting caught up in the size-0 stress of the modeling world.

“That’s always been something that she stood for,” Upton said. “She really has been such a vibrant person—she leads a well-balanced life, and she wants to eat healthy. We’ve always eaten healthy as a family growing up. And she’s definitely always known what she wanted.”

Upton may have a long road ahead of her as long as she continues to have success, however; no matter how many accolades she receives for standing up for her curvy figure, there will always be those who call her out for one imperfection or another.

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  • Really?

    In early August, Kate Upton complained that she is being used as a “toy” and a sex object. Then she pockets $4 million dollars and makes a commercial like this. Are all women in the world this dense and hypocritical?

    She is pretty yes, but come on. Women have become ridiculous in this nation and are so very hypocritical.

    • Amazing

      Yes. She is a hypocrite. She is pretty so it won’t mater though. America is very superficial. But you are right — what her comments suggest and what her actions portray are two separate things. In a few years, after she is old news, we will hear stories about how she was a “victim”.