Kate Upton Films New Steamy Carl’s JR Commercial/Twitter Blows Up

    February 27, 2012
    Richard Stalker
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There have been several beautiful women doing steamy commercials for Carl’s JR. From Paris Hilton’s carwash video, to Audrina Patridge in a bikini, to Kim Kardashian taking a bath. Now Kate Upton has made one of the hottest commercials I’ve ever seen. It makes the GoDaddy commercials seem tame.

Here is the original:

Here is the directors cut. CAUTION! STEAMY!:

Here is a behind the scenes look:

VIDEO: The new Kate Upton Hardee’s commercial is amazing (with bonus behind-the-scenes footage) http://t.co/iQIj4eVJ via @DCScrap 6 hours ago via Buffer ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

I’m still depressed from watching that Carls Jr. commercial with Kate Upton last night.. life’s not fair. 2 hours ago via TweetDeck ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

i want a southwest patty melt from carls jr, just because of how kate upton looked eating it in the commercial lol #ShameOnMe 3 hours ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

My new favorite commercial… Carl’s Jr. does it again. I’m hungy… http://t.co/3RFKvWlC 1 hour ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

http://t.co/adssyPfn Carl’s Jr. / Hardee’s – Kate Upton Drive-in / The Southwest Patty Melt – not sure if she’s eating it or sexing it 8 minutes ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

  • D

    I just seen your new commercial. It makes me sick! You just lost a customer.


      This commerical is sexest and very very disgusting!!!!!!

    • LindaMay

      Please sign this Petition to STOP Carl’s Jr. Sexist Commercial on Prime-time television where young children and impressionable teenagers/young adults (Their Number One Target) are being exposed to such immoral, sexual explicit content. And please share with all your friends and family. Together we can, and will make a difference. Thank You For Your Help!


      • Amy

        I AGREE TOTALLY, there newest comercial at the drive in movie theater should have never been allowed on air, is there a line, I dont see one, no im not fat, or have kids, but it still gets at me, the immage it sets for girls, we SHOULDNT have to sit back and watch these slutts it causes relationship problems, right now my bf mad for me having something to say as a woman, boo hoo we coexist getting the short end of the stick.. and it keeps getting shorter, were not respected at all, these commercials dont help there inapropriate for tv, and not okayyyy every ten minuates having to see slutty blondewith sweaty tits eat a hamberger like she is on drugs it upsets me that thats okay im never eating there or my friends, period, ur commercials cause bf gf arguments for us girls who have something to contribute besides provocative slutty immages, beautifull women who are more than that, were sick of the disrespect being treated like were not. Its pressure, its not fair, and we wont break, so cause ur quarrels, ban the commercials, uve done enough damage, and demoralizing, and we wont be forgetting, u should be sincerally appologizing to half the population. Happy to sign petitions, watever..

  • http://Google John Steidley

    Everyone knows sex sells so what’s a Family restraunt such as Carl’s Jr. doing in the sex sells business.This is a real no brainer. Shame on Carl’s Jr for even going down this road again!

    • Doradee Bashar

      They only target young stupid males,its embarressing! I will not go there or take my family,selling sex for a hamburger??? Obviously the CEO is a male going thru mid life crisis!

    • jo wilkes


      THANKS, JO

  • FrankieT

    The Audrina Patridge Carl’s Jr. ads were the best! At the time Audrina was the queen of the beach – unique toned and slender with awesome cleavage and curves! No one wore a bikini better than she did. Used to look forward to those ads coming on tv. Sad she doesn’t look like that anymore. But at the time she was the best! Kate’s will have to do for now.


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  • J.Gambrell

    I take my young grandaughters to Carl`s Jr every Friday nite to eat and let them have fun in the play area, but with this disgusting display of porn.I won`t be returning.Such a sad image for you company.

    • jo wilkes


      THANKS, JO

  • http://yahoo mary

    just a horrible commercial. I will never take my grandkids to Carl’s again. I thought you were a family place. You are going to loose a lot of customers over this. What the hell were you thinking.

  • Derick Smith

    This is a disgusting display of corporations using sex to sell. Not only is it grossly inappropriate but it also makes it near impossible for my children to enjoy a show without me having to worry about what type of information or graphic material they are being exposed to during commercial breaks. Even I shouldn’t and don’t want to be exposed to a young girl stripping while eating a burger. That type of “show” should be saved for adult theaters. With that said, it should come as no surprise that I will not be giving this establishment my business.

  • C Clark

    I can’t believe that a fast food restaurant chain, as well known
    as Carl’s Jr. would slump so low as to advertise such an inappropriate
    add. Do you like having patrons not wanting to use your restaurants
    any longer? Stop and think next time before you use such sleeze.

  • Josie

    I just saw the newest Carl’s advertisement and will not ever go to Carls Jr again. It is really shameful that Carls Jr advertisements has made this type of commercial again. Carls Jr shame on you.

    • jo wilkes


      THANKS, JO

  • Linda Laidlaw

    Talk about porn during prime time. How dare you have this filthy commercial on during prime time when kids are watching. It’s because of carls Jr that America is goi g to hell. My family will never eat there again.

  • Sherry

    Your recent commericals are totally disgusting. Scantily dressed woman provocatively eating a burger. It seems everyone can make anything dirty these days.

  • Richard

    Mr.Karcher told me at a Boy Scout (Eagle Court of Honor) mtg. That he was the Key Note speaker. (in Anaheim in 1997) There will come a day after I’m gone that advertizing will kill My company. Well you couldn’t wait. As soon as Carl passed away in 2008. You started this “SEX” thing to sell burgers. You have a fairly good line of food. I haven’t been in any of you stores. Because of your sex to sell advertizing . For a very long time. And several of my friends have made the same choice. Because we have children & grandchildren that don’t need this “soft porn” pushed into there life by a burger house. I hope someday you see the error of you ways…..

  • Marge

    Some like it….NOT

  • Barb

    The new Carl’s Jr. Ad is disgusting. I can’t believe a company that makes delicious food thought they had to change the way they advertise to up their business. My neighbors and I use to go there once a week with our grandchildren – no more. In-n and out here we come.

  • debbie

    I thought I was acting like a prude when I saw that commercial, that is like watching porn, camera on her boobs, opening her legs while eating the sandwich. SHAME ON YOU CARLS JR, fire your marketing guy!! I refuse to go to Carls after seeing that disgusting commercial. Gets some class and stop showing us trashy commercials. Done!!!

  • Doradee Bashar

    Obviously the CEO is going thru a mid life crisis! Its embarressing! Nothing but porn which i dont want on my t.v.! I will never take my family there! They only cater to stupid young men!

  • Derek

    I have just read through the other comments and must side with ALL of them that are showing disgust with your commercials. Like them, I think your products are good on their own, and that you stooped to a new level low with these smutty, porn-like commercials. I will be teaming with the others by NOT visiting your restaurant until these commercials are done away with and you get back to your family-oriented values you had before this new team of obviously sex-deprived juvenials starting running the show. Shame on you!

  • LindaMay

    Please sign this Petition to STOP Carl’s Jr. Sexist Commercial on Prime-time television where young children and impressionable teenagers/young adults (Their Number One Target) are being exposed to such immoral, sexual explicit content. And please share with all your friends and family. Together we can, and will make a difference. Thank You For Your Help!


  • http://Webpronnews.com Val

    That is the worst ever yuk I’ll never take my family to eat there ever again

  • http://Webpronnews.com Breeann

    Thats awful shame on this world sick sick

  • Wendy

    I was very shocked and disturbed when the newest Carls Jr commercial aired. My children as well as my husband were present and I was very displeased; this advertisment was pornografic and should not have been aired. We have enough of a battle keeping our mens minds clean and to think that a fastfood resteraunt would think that something like this would be ok. I will not support this therefore you have lost my families buisness along with many others that I know. I will be spreading the word on this.

  • kate benson

    I will never, never, never, never, eat or take my family Carls Junior again!!! NEVER!!! What the hell C.J.?

  • http://CheapPlusSizeSwimwear.net Ashlyn

    Ughhh…what filth…just disgusting! I am boycotting Carl’s Jr.

  • http://LandscapeLightingIdeas.org Jose

    I have been disgusted with Carl’s Jr. commercials for some time, but this new commercial featuring Kate Upton has sunk to an all-time low for sleeze.

  • don

    You just lost 4 customers. No way my daughters go near a Carls slim pit.

  • Bridget

    I agree with all of you out there as well!!!! This commercial is just evil and disgusting!!!!!! I am married and have a daughter and a son! And to think this is the kind of filth that is rubbed in there faces several times a day while watching the television makes me SICK!!! If people want to watch there porn… They can find it!!! But as for the rest of us, leave us and our innocent children out of it!!! I will also never eat there again!! !!!! Carl’s junior seriously !!? Your pigs!!!

  • Sam

    So gross the first time I seen that commercial on daytime tv my 9 year old son was in the room I was in shock and I had to explan to him it was not ok for women to act like that carl,s jr really should tone it down .i don’t think we will be eating ther ever agin !!!!!

  • Lindsay

    I don’t think it’s really that big of a deal

  • mikkidog

    Based on the comments here, we should have FAT and UGLY people in Victoria’s Secret commercials, too! A pretty girl can flaunt her good looks for anything EXCEPT advertising? Regardless of the product? I seem to recall NO opposition to a fat and ugly guy promoting Tabasco sauce with a similar sweaty look! This is NOT reality, it IS a commercial. Even your dumb children can ascertain she is sweating from eating jalapenos, NOT masturbating while eating a sandwich!

  • malesa m.

    I dont care how much anyone hates this commercial. Kate upton is hott and as a woman whose is confident in her sexuality i gotta say that it is sexist to try and get her banned from tv. Soo what if she’s to hot. Teach your kids the differences sit back shut up and enjoy the commercial like the rest of us. Im straight. But if she every gave me the chance id show her a good night.

    • Nobody to mess with

      You’re BOTH MORONS! This is a sleazy commercial catering to asswipes like you that have no respect for women! Would you rather see your grandma up there, or your mother in this commercial? This isn’t about promoting anything good, or useful – it’s about the almighty dollar, and who do we have to prostitute for it! You should NEVER sell you product with sex, if so – then it had no merit, and therefore cannot sell on its’ own power. This is the demoralization of America (the US anyway), and devalues family ideals, and sends the wrong message to the imbeciles that think nothing of this kind of debauchery. This is what pornography, sexual innuendo, and sexually suggestive things stand for that have ruined mainstream society the world over. People want to think that there’s nothing wrong with what they do no matter how wrong, or evil it is. This is what main manufacturers do when using celebrity whores to sell their garbage with because it has no power to sell since it’s useless in the first place. :( <— sad face

      • malesa

        Look like i said before, I’m a woman and all I’m saying is that you cannot blame kate upton for being hot.

  • Rhonda Judd

    Remove the Porn guys!!! Are your burgers so bad you have to make them even worse by using a porn commercial to sell your burgers!! If you ask me you just lost alot of customers..Idiots!!!

  • http://persona-nongrata.com John Stone

    Just had one of these burgers.
    It was SHIT! A plain toast with some sauce, pepperjack cheese and Jalapenos — that’s it. A huge disappointment — no taste really!
    Smash Burger has a SW burger that is terrific, but this is blahhhh!

  • Heide Landouw

    Carl’s Junior’s latest commercial of Kate Upton in a carwash has disturbed me for a few weeks now. I keep thinking how come no one is complaining about this? I always thought Carl’s Junior is a family place.
    Even though I am 68 years old I am not a prude. But everything in it’s place! How do I explain this commercial to my 5 and 8 year old granddaughters? Is this what they have to achieve in life? Look sexy
    and act like a sex object? Come on Carl’s Junior!! Who writes your ads???? Surely you want to get more
    intelligent people in your Ad department???

  • Heide Landouw

    Carl’s Junior new ad of Kate Upton in a car wash has disturbed me for a while now. I kept waiting for the
    media to comment on it. Nothing! I guess at 68 I must be a bit prude? Surely that’s it! I always thought
    that Carl’s Junior was a place for families. I guess not, sorry I was incorrect! For what do I tell my 5 and 8 year old granddaughters when they see an ad of a young woman scantily dressed with her black stockinged
    dress far apart slobbering all over a hamburger??? Surely Carl’s Junior must have some intelligent people
    in their Ad Department that can write an ad that does not make young woman look like she can’t count to three? Sorry guys, this is not what I want to teach my grandkids, no more Carl’s Junior!!

  • Ryan

    I am going to take my son and wife to carl jr’s now. Hope Kate Upton is there!

  • wendy

    Boycotts work and people are boycotting because of the soft core porn advertisements. Brad Haley is targeting young mails who come in to buy just one meal and not targeting moms with kids who would spend more $. Why? Well I heard because Brad wants to see young men in carls jr because he is gay 😛

  • K Clark

    It seems that large corporations that focus on “doing the right thing” like McDonalds (Ronald McDonald house) and Disney Parks & Resorts (who creates magic for adults and chilldren around the world) find great success. At the end of the day as corporate leaders, parents, teachers, role models it comes down to one thing….. “do you do the right thing when no one is looking?” Doing the right thing is usually the hardest.

  • Missionary Donna Stevens

    Carl Jr. Hamburger chain has lost customers. This commercial is sinful!
    I am writing this as a member of WISE TALK – you will hear from other members.

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