Kate Upton Engaged to a Magic Mascot?

    February 9, 2014
    Jerrica Tisdale
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Kate Upton clearly is one of the most desired women in the world right now. Allegedly, she’s taken, but this small fact won’t stop many men from making their move…it won’t even stop some mascots.

Friday Upton accompanied her maybe boyfriend Justin Verlander, pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, to an Oklahoma City Thunder’s game, where they faced off against the Orlando Magic. When Verlander briefly left Upton at their courtside seats, the Magic’s mascot, Stuff the Dragon, decided to make his move. He took a seat next to the swimsuit model, and the fun began.

Stuff proposed to Upton and even gave her a giant ring to prove his sincerity. Verlander returned shortly to discover that his girl might be officially off the market. Later, tweets from Upton, Verlander, Stuff, and the Magic’s official Twitter page revealed more details of this funny story.





Though Upton didn’t answer Stuff yet, we’re sure she will take this the offer very serious. Doesn’t every girl dream about a mascot proposing to them?

On another note, since Verlander and Upton played along with the idea of Stuff stealing Verlander’s “boo thang,” is it safe to officially acknowledge that they’re dating? We think so. Congrats to Upton and Stuff on their possible engagement.

Image Via Twitter

  • Rirjk Dks

    shes really not all that. i mean did u see those chicken legs of her. COME ON. soooooooooooo OVERRATED.

    • Nathan Rodriguez

      That makes you sound oh so self confident…NOT.

  • Nathan Rodriguez

    She pretty. Anyone who says otherwise is just insecure and jealous.

    • Rirjk Dks

      I didn't say she wasn't pretty (just average). I just said shes overrated and has chicken legs. so STFU.

      • Nathan Rodriguez

        go fuck yourself you prick.

        • Rirjk Dks

          ok. I will. 😉