Kate Middleton Gets Fashion Advice From The Queen

    February 8, 2014
    Rachel Kolman
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Kate Middleton, who recently celebrated her 32nd birthday and returned from a family vacation on the Caribbean island of Mustique, is staying busy by preparing for a trip to Australia, penning a foreword to a new book, and generally being a fashion icon admired around the world.

Not all admire Kate’s latest style, however. According to British Press, the Queen recently requested that Kate lengthen her hemline, saying Kate will “deploy a couture wardrobe of day dresses with lower hemlines than she has previously favored” during her stay in Australia. Does this mean that Kate, who will no doubt obey the Queen’s wishes and keep her dresses to her knees, will be starting a new fashion trend, making knee-length be the newest thing? Well, according to International Business Times, eBay has already seen a 30% decrease in searches for above-the-knee dresses and skirts, a likely indicator of the influence of the Queen’s wishes and of Kate’s fashion icon status.

The iconic, “doll-like” image of Kate, beloved by many, has also seen its share of scrutiny. Mary Beard, a classicist professor at Cambridge, recently spoke out against Kate’s “constructed object of admiration.” “In part, she has constructed it herself,” Beard says. In her marriage to Prince William in 2011, she has “taken on a job,” and is constantly idolized in a beauty-obssessed society. Beard says this construction comes from centuries-old, sexist restrictions on women’s roles in public life – with females only seen as having beautiful, domestic bodies. This perhaps is what inspired the Queen’s desire for a longer hemline: an plea for Kate to fall in line with the traditional, ideal image of a woman.

What do you think of Kate’s style? Do you think she’s a fashion-forward icon, or more of a construction of traditional, sexist roles? Respond and let us know!

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • Barbara Davis

    This is all coming from the petulant, narcissist Prince Charles. He wants Mummy to turn attention to him and his plants and his cow wife. He was so jealous of Princess Diana and the attention she received as a beautiful young princess. He recently stated that so much attention hould not be paid to Prince William and Kate and their baby…jealousy! Leave Kate alone. She is doing a wonderful job and is reviving interest (as Diana did) in the British monarchy and Charles the Jealous cannot stand it. Is that why we have not seen a photo of Prince George? Who cares about Charles and his whore Camilla…

    • Carol Campbell

      I couldn't agree with you more! You have said everything I was thinking. I feel Kate and William have done a lot to bring the royal family back into favor and it has the populace's good will up considerably. This is very much needed at this time with the revelations about the country's finances and the horrible investigation going on in Spain in which the Royal Princess and her husband have been implicated. Charles does not seem fit to be King with his jealousies uncontrolled. Kate and William have reacted with class and studied response. Kate ordering longer dresses for her upcoming trip and William making a joint plea with Charles on the hunting of endangered wildlife. Charles and Queen both can hopefully be mollified by these actions.

  • Linda in NJ

    She is beautiful and needs to get something done with her hair. The long wavy look is ok in your 20's but once your 30 it needs a redo. Look at the pictures of her hair up. She looks beautiful. She needs to go with something a shorter and styled.

    • Carol Campbell

      How can you say that! Her hair is beautiful and she is still so young. She need not become a dowdy old lady just yet. The "up" look is nice for formal affairs, but for everyday wear her hair is just perfect. You must be and old traditionalist.

  • Barbara Moore

    Seems media is beginning to treat her like they did Diana and look what happened to Diana. Please people LEAVE HER ALONE.


    I think she is a very stylish, classy young woman. I wish American women would take after her instead of so many looking like HO's.

    • Frances

      She looks beautiful and has great style and grace. American young women need to start looking more classy, instead of SLUTS ! Young and even older ladies in USA : Dress appropriately and with pride and decorum ! Especially the 13-25 year olds. CLEAVAGE EVEN IN CHURCH or at a FUNERAL?Grow up and act like young ladies, not young "Mileys" ! America needs a re-do for the youth out there !!

  • margaret

    Most women look better with' over the knee look'. Knees are not the most attractive
    part of most women !!

  • Valerie C. Marino

    I would tell her NO….I'd wear them shorter —she is a young girl -that Queen who is old ….can go to hell –her dressing has nothing to do with it – Diana wore short dresses & who the hell is Charles to tell her what to wear – no one likes him anyway…all jealousy

  • MarieHolley

    Kate is refreshingly respectful of her elders, as we all should be.!!

  • marilyn

    I'd say its her decision on where she wants to wear her hemline. I see nothing wrong where it is. How come "some people" think they need to tell you how you are to dress. Kate wear them where you want you have wonderful looking legs and the body to show them off . Good job you are beautiful