Kate Middleton: Cover Of Mag Outrages Britain

    July 9, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Kate Middleton has been revered for her style, her grace, her charm, ever since she first came into the royal picture several years ago. She is generally beloved by her English subjects, so when someone pokes fun at her or takes aim at the royal family, it doesn’t go over well across the pond.

That’s just what’s happening now, as a U.S.-based magazine New Republic has made Middleton their target, even going so far as to photoshop a crude picture of her on their cover which features the duchess sporting cracked yellow teeth. The headline reads, “Something’s Rotten: The Last Days Of Britain”. The issue is all about England’s decline and even takes a shot at the country’s football teams.


The image, as well as the headline, has drawn immediate backlash from those it concerns, as people in the U.K. come to the defense of the duchess and her teeth. One commenter said:

“Not cool. I am not an imperialist (not even close!), but she seems to be a genuine person. She is young, beautiful, and privileged. Apparently grave sins to many people. Yet I wonder if these are the same critics who keep up on the Kardashians, or whatever flavour of the month Hollywood squirts out. She is a person who did not deserve this low blow. Shame on them. I wouldn’t even think to read anything from them ever again.”

Many comments on the issue are similar, taking umbrage at the fact that the magazine appears to be laying all the blame for the country’s problems on Middleton’s shoulders. However, some think that perhaps the imagery, however poorly chosen, is only meant to represent a decaying system in decline.

Whatever the reason, the editors of the magazine have gotten themselves into a world of hurt with the cover. They have so far declined to comment.

  • Rose

    Being an indigenous person having experienced oppression and poverty, I should be indignant with the world of privilege. However, I can’t live in anger. Certainly, the Royal family will have to figure out its future in their country. In order to influence change, you have to influence the thinking of the catalysts. I was fascinated with Princess Diane and feel that the Duchess will likewise reach out to the suffering. You have only hurt yourself. I don’t and won’t read your magazine.

  • Stephen Bass

    Am an American, even better, a Texan, I do not have to qualify myself as to whether I am an imperialist or not as was done in this article. What does that have to do with anything in the first place.

    I am an admirer of Kate Middleton, though. I believe her to be one of the most beautiful women on Earth. She also has more class and a self-confident poise that should serve as a role model to all young women, everywhere.

    How unfortunate is it that in today’s culture of slim and jealousy, a lady like Kate Middleton is slandered and misrepresented by those who could not hope to rise to the level of shining her boots.

    Additionally, I am disgusted, but not surprised it comes from a magazine, “New Republic,” written by childish abject losers here in my country.

    • franche siwon

      Kate Midleton is a beautiful lady and i admired her…
      what the hell are these people doing with her pix….!!

  • http://nowebsite Gloriana Delcambre-Levasseur


  • BakerO

    The New Republic is a left wing Democratic magazine for those of you in England. It supports Barry Obama and Liberals in the US. So what would one expect from such a POS.

  • pinay1229

    Although I am fascinated with the British Royal Family, I can’t fathom the magazine “New Republic” to go this low as to make a point, if any. What do they get out of this?

    • Nick

      All of these people talking about their magazine?

  • 12know

    Nothing surprises me anymore. If Mother Teresa were alive today, she would be ridiculed by the press. The American media feel that they are free to decimate anyone they feel like. Yes, they, like the rest of Americans, are entitled to free speech. But what a lot of people forget is that our forefathers gave us the right of free speech tempered with common decency; something that is lacking in our society today. It’s not surprising that the U.S. has lost it’s respect with many nations of the world.

    • george

      Come on everybody. This cove was a satire. It was used to make a statement, not necessarily to demean anyone, especially Kate Middelton. As we all know satire is often not really funny in the usual sense, and it doesn’t always elicit the response it was going for. Not everybody understands or enjoys satire, but it is a viable form of humor. Was it i n bad taste? Yes. But often humor is in bad taste, especially satire. (Think “Saturday Night Live”). We all know she doesn’t really look like this picture, and if she did have problems with her teeth, enough money to get them fixed, if she chose. And if she didn’t, whose business is it anyway?


        I agree partially with you George, but they should have used their sister or wife for a satire in order to make a point or whatever, and not to use someone like Kate who cannot hurt a fly. I like Kate and her husband Williams. I only pray that they will give their lives to Jesus Christ and become genuinely born again so that at the end of this life, they will all make it to heaven. As for Kate, she should not allow this to bother her at all. I wish her heaven at last.

  • nathaniel Jones

    This photograaph of the Duchess of Windsor is in extremely poor taste, and I am embarrassed an american publication photoshoped ugly, this beautiful women. Ifd the magazine wanted to show Britain decaying, why could they not use an inanimate object? Big Ben, the clock, the London Bridge would have worked nicely…so back of Kate you ass hole.

  • Stewart

    Though I might agree that the cover is in poor taste, I don’t understand all the uproar. Britain has a long history of satire and parody, particularly of American politicians in the last fifty odd years. Think George W. Bush with outsize ears, the same with Barack Obama for that matter, and more. That The New Republic should choose to use a “portrait” of the Duchess of Cambridge with rotten teeth is actually very appropriate…in the United States we tend to have low regard for the state of dental care in the United Kingdom (jokes too numerous to list) and her position, touted by the British press as much as the US press, as the “savior” of the monarchy makes her a ripe target for satire/parody in this manner. Also, I don’t remember anyone screaming loudly when her aunt by marriage, the Princess Royal, or her father-in-law, the Prince of Wales, have been drawn with outsize teeth like horses. Give it a break folks, the important issue is whether the article(s) have something useful to say about the current state of the United Kingdom, not whether the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge has been made to look silly (marrying in to the family sort of makes that a no-brainer).

    • http://yahoo Raye

      The pictures of George W. and Barack (and others that I recall) were “sketches”, not photos. If they wanted to make a point as regarding the decline of the royals in Britain, why not pick on the head of the royal family instead of its newest member. If they didn’t want to get rude with the queen on her diamond jubilee year, then take one Prince Charles, the next in line for the throne. I don’t have any respect for their form of satire and doubt they are getting the outcome they had hoped for.

  • hollywoodnc

    An absolute disgrace to such a beautiful, kind hearted lady and future Queen of England!


    • mike lawless

      i agree a very tasteless article,she did not deserve this i think the editor is a disgrace to his profession

      • John D

        Actually, he is a perfect example of the press today.

        • Steve

          You hit it square on the head, John.

  • http://www.EdieSchmoll.com Edie Schmoll

    Although I agree that the so-called Royalty is out of date, this is
    an insult to a lovely and blameless person. The only solution is for
    everyone to cancel their subscriptions and put these creeps out of
    business. MEAN-SPIRITED!

  • mzha

    I would not waste any time or money of this magazine. Too liberal anyway.

  • Left Coast Chuck

    What is the new republic

  • Ali

    The girl can use a little humility. Maybe it’ll deflate her already swelled head.

    • Lily

      Where did you come from Taliban? And it’s swollen not swelled. now go back to the mountains.

  • Fred

    To start with,a low profile magazine can easily use photographic tools to change a real picture into anything that brings them readers=money=publicity. Me with very low Photoshop experience can easily “sample” and “paste” a color on a picture anywhere,including teeth!. I strongly believe this is what has happened.
    To end with,a lady is a lady not because of her appearance but what the way majority of people see her. She IS A LADY no matter what some punks try to present her.

  • Kristie Lewis

    I was born and raised in the US. The longer I live here, the more embarrassed I am. I’m ready to go back across the pond and put this crappy culture behind me. DISGRACEFUL!

    • Delete Delete

      In complete agreement. I’m actively investigating expat info. Thanks, but I prefer a humane culture, whose priorities are at least conducive to a modicum of simple decency. Sadly ,that’s a concept long since buried in the U.S.

  • Patrick Wickersham

    I would like to have the name ofhe slobbering little simp that is responsible for this. AND knock his or hers teeth out!

  • ken

    I live in the usa. thought princess di. was great for the uk. think kate is just as great. this is a cheap shot at fame for a shoody rag .it should be taken off all newsstands and dumped in the trash///

  • http://none Dolly

    this new republic magazine loyalist wants attention and publicity but hey, your’re nothing and a magazine to nowhere. surely the rotten teeth photo is an image of your severe rotten coconut head. a gracious lady like Kate deserves respect and affection. you should not be in the planet earth instead ” go to hell”.

    • aqua


      • maxer8011

        “Aqua” You, a likely employee of the rag magazine that published such
        an ‘over the top’fake pic of Katherine on it’s recent cover, puts you in the same company as Timothy McVea the bomber of the Federal Building in Oklahoma: always catering to the ‘victims’ of rich, employed
        citizens of the US! You are such a joke as a human being. What are you applauding for? What disturbs you so much that you sneer a a very fine,
        dedicated Public Servant (She and her husband are rich from family
        money and investments, NOT all from the UK citizens)? You are a credit to you inability to enjoy life, celebrate it’s differences, and feel comfortable with the likenesses! A credit for your inadequacies as a fellow human being who likely never achieved any acknowledgements in your very, very small life. Poor You! Shame on you! Applause????
        For What? Against What?

  • C

    Leave the Lady alone, she is like Princess Di, she has class. I’m not a big fan of the royals but man get a life!

    • aqua

      This is a perfect example of the Press today!! Dirt Dirt Dirt

  • Barky

    She is not Kate Middleton. She is Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. She does not have “subjects” – only HM The Queen has subjects. She is a public figure, and this nonsense just comes with the territory. So now and then, a pathetic rag like TNR will try to make some noise in this tasteless manner, and they seem to have achieved their goal.

  • Connie

    I think it was awful what they did to her picture! She is a beautiful person and Britain has been a strong ally! A decay in the Britain’s way of life is one thing but how tacky is it to use a beautiful women picture shows how low women must be thought of in America!

  • aqua

    What has happened to peoples manners,every one seems to enjoy making fun of other people. Hopefully the day will come and we will see this trend reversed.

  • Nancy

    This is going too far, People!! The Duchess is a beautiful young woman who, I do believe is doing good things for the UK. She’s a wonderful good-will ambassador, and to do this is really hitting below the belt. You should be ashamed!!!

  • Susan

    I can’t believe any media outlet would PhotoShop Kate Middleton in this fashion and not expect a decline in readership. I’ve never been inclined to read it anyway, so I guess my instinct were right there. I’m thinking someone is going to see a pink slip as they say over this one. Very bad move. Only way to fix it? Publicly apologize to start. Not responding? Bad PR move.

  • Jennifer

    Looks like the behind the scenes work of Camilla Parker-Bowles.

  • CT

    Just when you think the press couldn’t get any lower.

  • Eric Theawful

    Come on, folks, it’s symbolic! Kate’s a pretty girl yes, but no different than the girl next door. The teeth are symbolic of the decay of Royalty — it’s been eating away at it’s subjects in Britain, N.A. and other Commonwealth countries for scores of years. Royalty does nothing but eat up resources of the countries they visit. Royalty is N.A.’s answer to Disneyland — a fantasy world! Royals are amongst the richest people on earth, where does that money come from? ….FOOLS!

    • Marty

      More like the decay of america. More mexicans coming in, economy going south, people not trusting each other within. Republicans and Democrats hate each other. Civil War anyone?

  • Penemuel

    Unbelievable.. The bar was set so low, yet some people are able to creep under it like it was nothing.

  • Monika

    Enough of Middleton!!!!She has nothing to offer,not beauty or brain.Was chasing 10 years after William -only accomplishment!!!!Never had a job-why is everyone glamorizing her?In my eyes,Kardashians and Middletons fall to the same category-gold diggers .By the way,she probably has yellow teeth-she is a smoker!!

  • http://MSN Nuala C. Cosgrove

    Obviously it is not a very intellectual magazine when it has to resort to such rubbish.

  • Katherine

    Im embarressed to be associated with such ugly americans. We should show more respect to our allies. The magazine is total rubbish. Shame on them. We love Kate.

    • Karol


  • jc

    We love Kate

  • Pam

    Haters will hate. Saw someone wearing a teeshirt saying this the other day and I think it applies here. The good news is Kate and her prince seem to be having a rocking life and could care less about this silly publication. FYI – I don’t think this reflects the opinion of most of my countrymen and women!!

  • http://yahoo Raye

    I find it interesting that the writers are all British except Aleksandar Hemon! I have to wonder if they knew how their article would be “presented” to the public. The tacky photo received “rage” reviews while their writings received “0”. Contributors of the article: Howard Jacobson (Manchester, England), Aleksandar Hemon ( Bosnia now living in Chicago), Geoffrey Wheatcroft (British journalist), Linda Colley (Chester, England), and Robert Skidelsky (born in Harbin, Manchuria of British parents and he now lives in England).

  • Jon

    WE all know this is bound to happen eventually
    LOL – Dont be so serious people!!

  • tony

    and she still looks hot!!!

  • http://Yahoo T

    Awww poor little commoner can’t take the heat so get out of the kitchen. I think it’s funny as (he..double hockey sticks) hahahah LMAO

    • Lilly

      You are as sick as the idiot from The New Republic magazine who created this mess. Shame on all of you who thinks this is funny. This beautiful lady does not deserve to be so degraded in this manner.

  • http://yahoo Ronnie

    The person that did this is pathetic. Kate is a beautiful woman and does not deserve this sort of treatment. If they want to show someone really ugly, show michele o. and she deserves it.

    • Carmen


  • carla

    Shame on whoever did this, it is not funny, whoever did this to Kate’s photo is an ugly person inside,to do this to someone who is geniune, gorgeous and truly a good person such as Kate need not be allowed to print magazines. What is the world coming to, we have enough idiots, jerks in this world already. Leave people like Kate Middleton alone!!!!

  • Sherry

    The article is making a remark on “something rotten”…and who, but Kate, who many of us in the US just adore and love, would represent the opposite of that! It is literary intrigue for it opposing nature, but it borders on meanness… only because we do like her so much!

  • Karol

    I’m embarassed to be an American and an African American Woman. I love Kate and obviously this idiot who wrote this article and took this picture is a very ignorant andc lonely person. I’m sure Kate and Will could care less of the HATERS because they are in love, happy and enjoying life. Lets do this idiot a favor and NOT even make anymore comments!!!

  • V. Rockwell

    As another person already said, I think this is true to form for the majority of the media here in the U.S. Tasteless, useless and rotten to the core. Not surprised. Satire or not, it’s rude to take aim at her in this way. This magazine is just another common rag looking for attention, albeit negative.

  • Elizabeth

    I believe the makers of the magazine were trying to use someone who is popular and in the news often to draw attention to their opinions on “rotten Britain.” Had it been an average member of British society, there would not be such a stir. However, it is disrespectful, not only to Kate, but to anyone that would have appeared on this magazine. Opinions can be expressed without being so ugly.

  • Megan

    The U.S. has no room to be making fun of other countries at this point. Clean up your own house before poking your nose into the houses of others. (U.S. citizen here.)

  • Joy

    I am not a British nor an American, but is the US not also on decline? Just asking.

  • Lori

    “Kate Middleton has been revered for her style, her grace, her charm, ever since she first came into the royal picture several years ago. ”

    Speak for yourself ! A lot of people are not so crazy about “Waity Katie”. She’s dull. Seems to have no purpose, well now maybe as a baby-maker yes. The girl is so pea-brained she has no direction in life, she simply waited around on the yacht for when William felt like screwing her. Many years of that went by and he finally married her. What else has she done ? At least Princess Diana {who I adored and still do}, loved children and worked as a nanny. She had a passion….children. And then a larger passion…any needy person, anyone in trouble. What has Waity Katie ever done ? It’s a lie that she “worked” for her mother’s business. No, more like her mother worked to make her William’s call girl. She usually can’t even dress herself halfway decently, seems scared of color, is just plain BORING.
    Needs to lose the hard looking eyeliner, the ugly beige platform heels. I’m looking forward to the divorce. She will not be Williams one and only. His astrology proves that. One last thing, google her pre wedding photos. She dressed like an idiot, even back then. Many tacky photos of the non-Royal, just look in google images.