Kate Gosselin TV Show: Jon Gosselin Wants His Share?

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Kate Gosselin is headed back to reality TV with upcoming Kate Plus 8 specials on TLC. Now it's rumored that Jon Gosselin--who was supposedly dead-set against his children heading back into the media spotlight--wants his piece of the proverbial pie.

RadarOnline recently reported that Jon and Kate Gosselin were 'at war' over her impending generous income.

“Jon’s trying to get a percentage of Kate’s TLC salary for the new Kate Plus 8 specials,” a source told RadarOnline. “He has no stable job, no steady income, and now he’s trying to tell Kate that if she doesn’t give him a cut of the money, he will claim the kids hate filming and they are being forced to do it.”

Kate Gosselin isn't having any of it. She supposedly doesn't plan to give Jon Gosselin anything at all.

“He’s all bark and no bite,” the source added. “Kate has absolutely no intentions whatsoever of giving him any money. He doesn’t have any right to it anyways!”

It was reported some time ago that Jon Gosselin gave up all of his rights regarding the Gosselin children. In return, Kate Gosselin gets no child support from her ex-husband.

It has certainly appeared for a very long time like Jon Gosselin has little to no ambition, and likely wouldn't even have a name anyone recognizes if not for Kate Gosselin and their children. She has long been the driving force behind the exploitation (whoops--didn't really mean to write that) of the eight Gosselin children, as well as the additional creative means that have kept that brand alive despite their absence from TV.

Even though it sounds way more like fact than fiction, those who have followed Jon throughout the years probably wouldn't be too surprised to learn such a rumor had some basis to it. When you compare Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin's lives, it's pretty clear who works hard and who tries hitching a ride on the coattails.

What do you think? Would Jon try to get a piece of Kate Gosselin's latest TLC pie?

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