Kate Gosselin: Is She Desperate For Control?


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Kate Gosselin might pretend to be a perfect mom, but she is just as crazy as ever and reportedly even spies on her children while they have phone conversations with their father Jon.

Even worse, if she isn’t around to do the spying herself, she makes sure she doesn’t miss any of the juicy details of the phone conversations by asking her nannies to spy on the children for her.

Jon and Kate have been divorced for a while now and they are still not on good terms. Kate and Jon cannot stand to be in the same room together and whenever they have the chance to talk bad about each other, they have no problem doing so.

It’s no secret that Kate is a control freak. In fact, that is one of the main reasons that she and Jon did not get along. But would Kate really demand that her nannies spy on her own children?

According to a nanny that worked for Kate, that isn’t the only thing she demanded of them. Kate allegedly has a rule book for her nannies and demands that they read and memorize it. Not only must the nannies listen in on the phone calls, but the calls must be limited and Jon is under no circumstances allowed access to the front gate of Kate’s home.

The nanny went on to say that Kate also wanted her to email all the details of the phone conversations to her as soon as they were over.

"Even if we had a conversation about nothing, I had to email her all the details,” the nanny said. “And I also had to keep a log of every time Jon returned the [shared] van to make sure he used the correct amount of gas!”

The nanny described Kate as a nightmare to work for, but said that she enjoyed being around Jon and that he was always kind and respectful to her.

What do you think of Kate Gosselin?

Image via Wikimedia Commons