Kate Gosselin Tell-All Details Wooden Spoon Beatings

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Kate Gosselin made quite a career out of being a reality show mom, earning millions from her appearances and book deals detailing life with eight children. Now, it seems there's a tell-all book about to come out by a former reporter who was close with Kate's ex-husband Jon, and all the juicy tidbits about Kate's manic behavior are to be exposed.

For anyone who never watched "Jon & Kate Plus 8", the story would be shocking enough, but fans of the show know that Kate was not always portrayed in the best light during it's run on TLC. And while reality shows do sometimes edit things to make them appear different than they actually happened, Kate has had her fair share of detractors since the show started due to her type A personality and sometimes shrill mothering style.

The new book, written by former Us Magazine reporter Robert Hoffman, reportedly chronicles journal entries of Kate's that describe her discipline methods--using a wooden spoon--and tells of her punishments when the kids were very young for things such as climbing out of a crib or having a potty training accident.

Hoffman allegedly became close with Jon while he was a reporter and was eventually invited into their home, where he gained access to their private lives and what really went on when the cameras weren't rolling. Word is, Jon knew about the spankings and never put a stop to them, which could cast some negative light on him when the book comes out, as well.

Of course, it's hard to say what one parent should and shouldn't do with their own children. While spanking is looked down upon by many, some were raised with similar punishments and see nothing wrong with it. The issue in the book seems to be that Kate admitted to going into rages and was afraid she would seriously hurt her children one day.

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