Kate Gosselin Reportedly Spies on Kids’ Phone Conversations With Dad, Jon Gosselin

    July 7, 2014
    Meaghan Ellis
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Kate Gosselin reportedly feels some kind of way about her eight children having a relationship with their father, Jon Gosselin.

According to Radar Online, she’s even taken drastic measures to ensure she can keep a tight lid on things.

The Kate Plus 8 star is now being accused of ordering her nannies to listen in on the phone conversations the kids have with Jon.

It’s no secret that Kate and her ex-husband, Jon, have a tumultuous relationship.

They have both been known to publicly insult each other whenever the opportunity presents itself.

However, the most recent allegations might only add fuel to the fire.

An insider close to Kate was able to share in-depth details about the 39-year-old reality star’s alleged spying demands. There’s reportedly a “babysitter rulebook” that the Celebrity Apprentice star has compiled for her nannies.

The alleged book reportedly includes Kate’s demands about everything from indoor household duties to outdoor responsibilities, such as landscaping and maintaining her chicken flock! Her instructions for the children’s phone conversations with Jon are also included in the book. Calls with their father should be limited and, of course, all conversation dialogue is to be relayed.

“ALWAYS listen with one ear to hear what they are saying,” Kate reportedly wrote. “You are always my eyes and ears and need to report everything you see and hear!!!”

“They may call their dad when they ask permission using the house phone only,” she wrote. “You do not have to grant permission if you are busy or the schedule doesn’t allow it (example: dinner time, shower time, bed time, room cleaning time or homework time). Please keep a listening ear open and have them stand nearby.”

“Jon is also prohibited from having access to the front gate of the home. Do not lend it to anyone, especially not Jon!” Kate specified.

One of the nannies gave a personal account of her interactions with Kate. “Even if we had a conversation about nothing, I had to email her all the details,” the babysitter said. “And I also had to keep a log of every time Jon returned the [shared] van to make sure he used the correct amount of gas!”

The nanny went on to describe Kate as “condescending” and “overwhelming.” However, she had no complaints about Jon. The little time she reportedly spent around him was relatively enjoyable.

Image via Kate Plus 8, Facebook

  • All Eyes

    Jon Gosselin has said on national television that the mother of his children is a “$hitty person”, a “horrible mother” and a bitch, among other things. He is despicable. Kate may not be likable, but she is a responsible mother who is doing her best with 8 kids. I would also be monitoring their phones and computer use. Nothing wrong with that.

    • Angela

      Listening in on conversations with their own father is a bit much. It’s their dad for crying out loud. A dad that has visitation rights. Is she monitoring that too?

      • Sara James

        If she feels he is harmful to her children she is protecting them which is what a mother does.

        • Nakela Prude

          Why would she think he’d be harming his kids. If there’s no record and he hasn’t done it by now then she has NO reason to listen to their conversations.

        • jesus

          You are so wrong. She has no right to monitor conversations with Jon. He is the father, it is none of her business.

        • Chris.

          She is just putting the screws to Jon……she hates him and the kids!

        • tamarahope

          Yeah she is scared he is harming his kids, by giving them love & attention & letting them be kids! That woman is the one harming those kids- Not Jon! And its all on tape on how she treats them!

      • tamarahope


    • jesus

      So???? Maybe he is right. Women get on TV or the press and air their crap about their ex’s ALL the time while the men keep hush about the relationship. Good for him.
      He is still the father and she has no right to monitor the phone.

    • Stew DeCrabbe

      You should never limit their phone calls to their dad! They should always be able to call him whenever they feel the need! Their father is very important in their growing up–especially for the boys! This woman is just a witch, plain and simple!

      • youareunbelievable

        Clearly you don’t know it all.

        • Stew DeCrabbe

          It’s for darn sure you don’t!!!

    • tamarahope

      You think its responsible to give 10 yr. olds 3 wheelers that aren’t ment for children, that’s a good mom? You think its ok that she won’t give her kids the privacy to talk to their own father, without “ears”, that’s just wrong! Jon may have not used common sense when Kate left him, but I understand why he did some of the things he did, he was hurt, but he has always been a good father, you can say all you want about him, but you can’t say he isn’t a good father! And he hasn’t used he children for a pay check & lived off of them, he has gone out & worked, at some very low jobs, but he did it, more then Kate has ever done!

      • Ethic Slurred

        I’ve always wanted to buy Jon a beer. He does seem like a pretty cool dude who got duped into crazy stuff.

    • GetCashedOut

      All Eyes maybe u should open your eyes if you think she is a good mother….from what her kids have said there is a lot of truth in what her x has said about her…she is not the person she claims to be by anyway….

    • meghan

      Responsible mother??? The nannies, seriously nannIES, are with the kids during dinner time, homework time, bed time, etc. It looks like the only thing she is doing as a parent is hiring nannies and reading reports about what her kids are doing. Responsible parenting means actually being there.

    • http://www.facebook.com/bill.lapinskas.3 Bill Lapinskas

      Pimping is not being a good mother .

    • Theresa

      She sure does seem responsible on the TV show on TLC but then again wouldn’t almost anyone? I found it odd that she chose to go back on TV right around the time the book about her launched finally….you know the book that she sued to have it pulled off the shelves years within a day or two of it hitting. What wonderful timing. A potentially damning book and a happy happy show about the kids turning 10. Of course the ONLY things anyone here on the blog including myself actually KNOW about Kate or Jon and their parenting is purely speculation based on crap entertainment TV, magazines and articles.

      • Theresa

        Years ago**

  • Dariio

    Gotta Love Hollywood.!! Making em and Breaking em since 1910

  • Sara James

    I knew the author was African American when I read “Kate Gosselin reportedly feels some kind of way”.

    • Chris.


  • Newbomb Turk1971

    Who cares? They both are incredibly petty. I wish news outlets would stop giving attention to these people. They are both beneath contempt.

  • gruffteddybear

    Those kids are going to need serious therapy once they escape mom’s clutches.

  • Robert Landis

    This author is trying to stir things up needlessly . I would monitor what I could with Jon too.

    • Stew DeCrabbe

      Jon may not get the Father of the Year award—but he can’t be doing near as much harm to them, as Kate! Those kids are afraid of the! She runs her home like a prisoner of was camp! She is doing so much harm to them, than Jon ever has! Those kids need both parents in their life! Kate needs to get over herself! She also needs to get a JOB!! She can poor mouth like a champ–but until she gets a job, I don,t pay a bit of attention to her! Her life is not the same, now that TLC isn’t paying her all expense paid vacations!

      • Ginger h

        “She runs her home like a prisoner of was camp!” You try raising 8 kids. We sure know that Jon hasn’t.

  • boudy

    After the kids “age out” of her SUPERvision, I can’t wait for the “Mommie Dearest Times Eight” book and movie deal to come out. :)

  • youareunbelievable

    Funny but just the other day she said she gave Jon the older van so that he would have safe reliable transportation for the children. How old is the information being given out here. I have to admit I also monitored my children s calls with their father. He was an unreliable scumbag who needed monitoring just like Jon. I know that if you have an amicable relationship with your ex it might not be needed but when they are worthless pot stirrers who feels its ok to call their mother horrible names on national television what in holy HEL-L is he saying to the children about her. Like I said I would monitor too.

    • Chris.

      ……another hell has no fury……..

      • youareunbelievable

        I wasn’t scorned. I just married an idiot without the sense god gave a goat. Don’t presume you known anything about me. My ex husband is such a douche he couldn’t find the time in his busy life to meet his dying granddaughter so I think I know a scumbag when I see one. Jon is definitely a scumbag.

        • Stew DeCrabbe

          You are Unbelievable! You know nothing about their life! You are just ranting because you married a jerk! I am sure if we ask him, he would say the same about you! Like Chris said–Hell has NO fury!

          • youareunbelievable

            You’d be wrong but by your own admission you don’t know it all.

          • youareunbelievable

            That quote isn’t attributed to Christ either. Try the English Play write William Congreve 1670-1729. Once again showing how much you don’t know

          • maritzka

            He didn’t say Christ, he said CHRIS. He was referring to the poster above. You really are a whacked out nutcase. A little therapy would do you a world of good.

        • Dixie Chick

          But you DID marry him, did you not?

          • youareunbelievable

            Yep I did. I guess you live and learn do you. I also divorced him.

  • Ash Erb

    shes doing the right thing.

  • Renee

    Sweet Jesus… when will this harpy go away???? GO AWAY!!! PLEASE!!!

    • Stew DeCrabbe

      Can’t we sign a petition, or something?

  • Ruth Cardona

    Take Her Show Off The air. And go to work like every one does. I feel sorry for the children.

  • Dora Thepoorer

    Nannies; there can’t be nannies Kate is always whining that she can’t afford anything and she doesn’t have a job so why would there be nannies. Kate does it all by herself. Super Mom would never leave the care of her e8ight in the care of nannies,

  • Getting Tired

    Y’ll know this crap is made up.

  • Karen Babinski

    oh my gosh how does this woman still have full custody of her kids

    • youareunbelievable

      Presumably because the judge choose the better parent. Clearly Jon is/was/and never will be the better parent.

      • Stew DeCrabbe

        Just because the judge found in favor of her, doesn’t mean she is the better parent! She doesn’t work and she also got the bigger home where they all can live. John gets his time with the kids on the weekend. He was never ruled unfit! The mother usually gets the bulk of the time with the children, unless she is unfit! You are a very bitter person, aren’t you! Just because you picked a low life, doesn,t mean all men are lowlifes!

        • youareunbelievable

          Beg to differ but she does work. Jon on the other hand seems to have lost his job once again…..
          And it seems to me that you just hate on women that have it all together. Maybe you just need a hug

          • Stew DeCrabbe

            Bull! The only thing she works at is being a witch! She has a nursing degree, but says she will never do nursing again!

        • youareunbelievable

          And I didn’t say Jon was unfit, just not the better more stable parent. I live in California where Moms aren’t necessarily given more time with the kids because she is the mom. Here 50/50 seems to be the most common custody arrangement. Once again your name says it all

          • Stew DeCrabbe

            Your name fits you too! It is quite “unbelivable” that you know for sure that Jon is so bad. I think he couldn’t be any worse that th way she screams and bosses those kids around. She is breaking them down, mentally. Twice, while they were on talk shows, that she forced the two oldest on, they have ether broken sperits or scared wittless of her. And then she had the nerve to say they were nervous at being infront of the camera! These kids were raised.infront of a freaking camera! She is making them terrified to breathe! I think Jon would be wise to get the Judge to re-visit the ruling. And just think! She wants to put them infront of the camera again, in another show! These kids need a normal life, for a change! The woman acts like a shrew! .Yeah! You are REALLY unbelivable!

  • JZ

    Leave her alone. She is a mother, single mother of eight children. Those who hate either have nannies or dont have more than three themselves. I seen the recent episode with her and I think she is finally doing a great job not trying to control every little thing. I think that it is funny that she gets ripped apart for trying to teach her children RIGHT from WRONG but Kris jennar gets applauded because she lets her children have NO moral compass. Get real people and stop judging especially when you have not walked in those shoes. Leave the poor women alone she has been through enough after all she was married to JON.

    • Avis

      It’s not I “seen,” as you wrote, it’s I “saw.” Learn your grammar first and then write comments.

    • Pam Burch Simpson

      She cannot keep nannies–she is too controlling!

    • CrazyEaterTartGirl

      It’s woman, not women, and most single mothers WORK for a living and still don’t have nannies! Seriously, the kids are not little. A teacher can manage 30 kids this age by herself, Kate can’t manage 8.

  • chris trombley

    They are both wack job and should only have supervised visits with their kids. They are both toxic to their kids well being. And why does she have so many nannies? If she is such a great mother why is she not with her kids?

  • Stew DeCrabbe

    After Jon’s phone call, she straddled her broom and flew around the house and said, “I’ll get you my hubby, and your little and account, too!”

  • vickyhastings

    she is spiteful,& i can only assume when the cameras aren’t on she is Mommy Dearest @ best.

    • Stew DeCrabbe

      Heck! She was Mommy dearest WITH the cameras on!

    • Cicely Sawin

      Oh I can imagine. She is so condescending when the cameras are on; that’s just her holding back from being the real her. Yikes!!

  • Lburg

    In a recent interview, Kate played herself to be “misunderstood” and more of a “victim”. Now we see a whole other side of her. She has shown over the years to be domineering, petty, and a sympathy hound.

    But she is not the only one who needs a good swift kick to the backside. Her and Jon should BOTH be taken out and horsewhipped! Their pettiness, arguments, and self-centered behavior is doing far more harm to their kids than they realize. If these two “adults” are going to act like 10-year-olds, they need to do it in PRIVATE and not constantly acting out on camera or in print.When these eight kids grow up, they are either going to be just like these two idiots or have nothing to do with either one of them! Kate is only hurting herself as a mother by her actions!

  • hazel1548

    It’s such a sad situation for this whole family. The kids, of course, are the ones who are feeling bad vibes from “both” parents. In regard to the “phone” monitoring; the kids are also being monitored. Are they not entitled to feel free when speaking with their father. It almost makes it a dreaded “deed” to talk to your own father.

  • Ginger h

    “The nanny went on to describe Kate as “condescending” and “overwhelming.” However, she had no complaints about Jon. The little time she reportedly spent around him was relatively enjoyable.” You try raising 8 kids by yourself and see how great your disposition is. Even when they were married, Jon did very little, if anything, to help raise his own children. He showed his true character when he tried to be a playboy instead of getting a job to financially support his 8 children.

  • mauipete

    Parent alienation syndrome – look it up. Many of the comments here are from Gosselin herself – they’re easy (and amusing) to spot.

  • Rake Maker

    hasn’t this whore had her 15 minutes already? come on

  • Russell

    Can someone tell me why she is living the life while her ex jon waits tables ? I once read that they earned 75k per episode and their net worth before the split was several million. What happened to his share ?

  • TheBride

    She’s a neurotic weirdo. Even her older kids cracked the code.

  • rhonda

    She is a control freak & narcistic. I don’t think I could stand to be around her.

  • j

    this woman is delusional and dangerous–in every sense of the words.

  • Crissy

    Let’s see – Jon is the good guy and Kate is the bad “lady” – what part of this does anyone not know already. She is truly a witch.

  • Pam Burch Simpson

    We will read all about life in her house when one of the girls writes their book. I suspect it might be Maddy but who knows–maybe one of the 6!

  • traveler

    Actually I feel Jon should have the kids all the time, Kate is in I only for the money, she has sold the kids out she’s rude, self centered, and controlling. I can’t see any real man putting up with her. I would be scared to have my children around her. Jon has said few strong words about Kate, but, kate hasn’t been no angel either. Jon would like for the kids to have a normal life, Kate on the other hand likes the attention for herself, there for, she’ll sell out her kids normal life so she can be in the lime light.

  • Beth

    This woman is just vile.. I did not care to read the article.. I’m just expressing my distain and pleading to get her out of the public eye.

  • scooby doo

    These comments are hilarious. All I have to say is she is a HITLER!!! Her kids are scared of her and what kind of life is that for them? She is asking for trouble when those kids get older. They are going to rebel and resent her and I cant wait to see that day. Jon cheated because she is a horrible person, who berated him every chance get got. UGH!

    • scooby doo

      I meant ever chance “she got” not “get got”. My bad.

  • McLovin

    Just like the ladies to bash Jon even though they do not know what he went through. No wonder people like Kate end up alone. She is spiteful, hateful and thinks everyone should bow down to her. What a Diva……

  • sandra albazi


  • Tami Aulinskis Homburg

    Just because he has visitation rights, doesn’t always mean he will speak nicely about mommy. And just because she is “doing her best” does not mean she will speak nicely about daddy. There are two sides to every story folks.

  • USMC

    I have nothing better to do than read this crap……I am disabled, on oxygen and have no life…..kind of like Kate Gosselin. Guess what, YOU DO PEOPLE
    …..Kate is actually worse off than I am…..probable problem……she has 8 kids !!!!!

  • Melanie S

    If Jon is so great why doesn’t he fight for his children? I don’t care for Kate much but when the split happened Jon sure seemed to want freedom from not just her but the children as well. He seems content to visit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bill.lapinskas.3 Bill Lapinskas

    B!tch don’t do nothing, why does she need Nannies ?

  • rosalie chow

    Come Kate loosen up, your children need their father too. You should let them talk to him whenever they want. I think it is cruel not to let them talk to their dad. Come on they have to have permission to call their dad. Their dad need them too. Don’t be so selfish to limit their conversation to their dad. Maybe the children would rather talk to their dad than you. He is a better listener than you. You should never listen to their conversation, that is invading their privacy. I think you should not be the only parent to your children. Jon is their father, so let them talk to their dad as much or as often as they want to. Come on this is America and children are free to speak to their dad. They are not in jail. Are they?

  • dallenberg1

    She taught her children to hate love. among many many other things..she’s bat$#!T crazy. Everyone close has something negative to say about her. Way more than jon.. how are you defending that?

  • dallenberg1

    Who cares how psycho she is, she’s hot now! She did everything right. Blond boobs tanned and fit

  • Ethic Slurred

    I remember working at a bar when this show was on the air & I remarked to a regular customer what a biatch she is. He said, “You just don’t understand what it’s like to raise 8 kids.” I said, “Fair enough. But I know a control-freak when I see one.”

    Once they are 18 she will have no more control over them. Should make for some interesting “Mommie Dearest” stories.

  • AVa

    She is the one who married him and had a shitload of kids with…. This women is something else