Kate Gosselin Reportedly Forced Her Kids To Vacation in Alaska For TV Ratings

    July 17, 2014
    Meaghan Ellis
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Kate Gosselin’s name is being dragged through the mud yet again.

According to Radar Online, the re-release of the shocking tell-all book, Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World, has new claims that center around Gosselin’s first reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8.

In 2010, the 39-year-old reality TV star reportedly forced her eight children to go on a vacation to Alaska with politician and former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin. The trip was said to have been orchestrated by TLC in an effort to boost the show’s ratings.

Robert Hoffman, the best-selling author of the infamous slam-book, claims that Kate was totally in agreement with the network. However, the children had no desire to go on the trip.

Hoffman also claims that their daughter Mady was so upset about going to Alaska that she called her father Jon Gosselin to come and get her the night before they were scheduled to depart.

“Mady couldn’t take it anymore and called Jon the night before, begging him to come and get her and take her back to his apartment. She absolutely did not want to go away for more filming, and especially not as far away as Alaska. I know this because I went to Kate’s house that night with Jon to pick up Mady, and I heard the discussion between Jon and Kate – through the intercom at the gate,” Hoffman alleged.

“Kate completely disregarded Jon’s concerns about Mady and blew it off by saying that Mady was just tired and she didn’t mean what she said. She, of course, managed to insult Jon several times during the exchange. This was at night, in the dark, with no paparazzi watching; it was just a loving father coming to get his unhappy daughter who had called him for help.”

Unfortunately, Jon wasn’t able to pick his daughter up. Instead, he was met with threats from his estranged ex-wife. When Jon reportedly told Kate he’d be back the next day to pick up his daughter, she became enraged and threatened to call the police if he came to the home.

“Jon told Kate that he would be back in the morning to get Mady, and Kate told him that she would have the police at the house to arrest him if he tried,” he wrote. But, to no avail, all eight children did end up going to Alaska.

Hoffman also explained that he has proof to support the accusations. The young child can also be seen crying in the pictures that were used to promote the episode, which recounted the trip to Alaska.

“While only a handful of people knew about the drama leading up to the Alaska trip, the family photo that TLC released to the media to promote the episode actually ended up giving away the fact that something was going on with Mady. You’ll see a very smiley Kate with all the kids. But if you look at Mady, on the far right, you’ll see how sad and miserable she is. She’s crying in the publicity photo. That photo is all the proof anyone would ever need to see that she didn’t want to be there… That picture was worth a thousand words.”

Several media outlets have speculated that the claim in the book is actually true due to the questionable picture. With the re-release of the book, rumors have begun to stir about Kate’s questionable parenting skills yet again.

Do you believe Kate Gosselin has the best interest of her children in mind?

Image via Kate Plus 8, Facebook

  • Axel

    I don’t see anybody crying in this photo

  • phuck ewe

    oh the little phuckers should be happy about going… the frigbags have ridden enough on tv crap… we are sick of kate and her brats.. especially mady.. what a snot!

  • phuck ewe


  • Just Sayin’

    It doesn’t mention if Jon went back the next day to get Mady or to at the very least check on the kids before they left. Are we to assume he took her threats seriously and didn’t return? In that case I think both “parents” are at fault. If it were my kid and she didn’t want to go the VERY least I’d do is go see her have a conversation with her. Frankly he has parental rights he can come and see the children; there’s no law against that. The only thing it would cause in calling the police in would be a delay in their departure.
    I think she’s an awful parent. Of course I’m only going by what I’ve seen and/or read about her. She doesn’t come across as the warmest of people; and is definitely wants things a certain way. Neither is a crime. I’m more interested in what the kids will say (if anything at all) about BOTH parents as they grow up. In many ways I feel sorry they never really had a childhood. It’s a shame they have been exposed to all this at such young ages, they don’t know any different.

  • mom

    I think the woman is up to her ass in alligators with 8 kids!We all went places we did,nt want to go when we were kids, childhood is full of things you don,t want to do.She can do whatever she wants to do to support her children,not a scam artist like octomom.

  • disqus_pfr197UqFw

    If it was Kate’s time to have her kids Jon was the one out of line. Not sticking up for Kate but it seems both have tried to undermine each other from the start. At least Kate has shown herself to be responsible in providing for the kids…sort of worry how Jon would have managed things had he been given primary custody.

  • Mom to Young’ins

    Every time my husband and I go on vacation, my children are forced to come with me too!

  • KellyD

    Give the woman break. At these kids age, you don’t ask them if they want to do something you tell them. So what we see is a little OCDish, she has 8 kids, you have to have control at some point, and as far as Jon, it’s really easy for the parent that is not always there to place blame on the one that is. I get when doing the show, she allowed cameras to film her however, the only difference between this family and the everyday family, is the whole world gets to see her mistakes. Think about how you would feel if the world judged you.

  • drama queen

    she isnt cying

  • SW
  • Joey

    If we all stopped paying attention to this media attention whore than maybe Kate Gosselin will just fade away like other TV reality show has beens. What she and her ex husband have done to these children will be played out for years to come in therapy sessions, detox centers, rehab centers, courts and hospitals. Their actions of yesterday will haunt their children for the rest of their lives. Kate will grow older, the facelifts, tummy tucks and the ATTENTION will all fade away. The truth will come out and we will forget who she is. Just hurry up!

  • CaliMom

    Poor kids that were forced to go on an amazing vacation…please. These are not children anyone should be worried about. They have parents that love and care for them and are leading a pretty nice life. She may be a bitch, but there are lots of bitchy people out there. That doesn’t make anyone a bad parent. All I have seen from the show is her taking really good care of them. Is she a fun girl? Someone you’d like to hang out with? No, but that is neither here nor there.

  • H S

    Even if she’s a terrible parent (I don’t know if she is), kids are going to complain. A vacation isn’t a bad thing, even if mom makes money doing it. Think of all those parents who try to turn a business trip into a little bit of a family vacation. This mom’s job is the film industry. Vacations in new places are good for exposing children to new cultures and hopefully make them more well rounded. So what if the kids complain? There are kids who don’t get ANY vacations. That aside…I’m so over reality tv.

  • Desperado Castanza

    I looked at the photo Here’s the photo http://media.npr.org/assets/im… & Mady IS crying. I cannot believe people, especially females here, are sticking up for Kate! They must be just as witchy as she is! She’s nasty & is just out to make a name for herself. She’s a publicity hound & all she cares about is fame. She’s always crying about supporting her kids, well then she should live in a normal sized house like others do. There are plenty of people out there with 8 or more kids & they do just fine without living in million $ homes & tv shows.

  • Florida Mom

    Oh please! I MADE my 17 year old son come to the beach on vacation with our FAMILY over the 4th of July weekend. He’s still alive and I’m pretty sure wasn’t psychologically damaged beacuse of it!

  • Kristin

    Forced to vacation? What a horrible life these children have. God forbid their mother take them on another extravagant vacation! They are children. That is what is wrong with our society. Children are not supposed to rule their parents life and get their way every time!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/faeslildreams Amy Lynn Schryer-Feek

    If I remember correctly, when I was a child my mother chose our vacations and I had no choice either. Granted, they weren’t filmed, and they weren’t nearly as posh as those she takes her offspring on, but miserable or not we as the kids just sucked it up and made the best of it. Do I think she was manipulating and using the kids for publicity? Absolutely. But regardless, she is mom and vacations are parent planned with kids following. I’m pretty sure that if that child hadn’t been coddled about the whole thing, she probably would have had a good time (and likely did, every kid has good and bad times on every vacation). Not defending her as a good mom, I have my own opinions there, but in this one thing I do think that it’s a bit ridiculous to pander to a small child’s whims.

    • foxwhat

      did your mother choice your vacation location base on a way to increase your TV ratings

      • http://www.facebook.com/faeslildreams Amy Lynn Schryer-Feek

        Of course not, but regardless of the reason for the trip (we had many other unpleasant reasons for trips when I was a kid, far worse I think than being filmed) and we just didn’t argue. Mom was mom. End of story. Regardless of good mom or bad mom (again, have my own opinions on that one with Kate, but that’s not the point). And a child this age, I can be quite certain that she enjoyed herself anyway as all children do when forced to do something fun against their will, and what does a child so young know about Alaska or anywhere else to make an informed decision to not want to go? Pretty sure at her age she wasn’t making the enlightened stand against the media that we as adults could object to. More likely she just didn’t want to take any trip and leave her playmates for a week, typical of any child.

  • Shelley K.

    Forced her eight children to go on a vacation to Alaska?Oh! The poor little snowflakes. What torture!

  • Deborah

    Kate only thinks about her and that’s it. The trip backfired for her at least. The kids ended up having fun and she looked like a big cry baby. It was a great beginning to the end of her career as a TV star wannabe.

  • johnnieboy

    When you have kids, you forced them to do everything with you, especially vacations. Do you really believe it’s a democracy. Get a life. It’s called parenting.

  • mary

    Oh please!!! Quit making a major case out of something that goes on in many households across the country! We planned plenty of vacations with our children and not EVERYONE was happy about the plans, the destinations or travel. As parents we make the final decision and you can’t make everyone happy all the time. Stop making news where there is none!

  • Wolfyhound

    Many kids don’t want to go on vacation and all their parents “Force them” to go too. My goodness, what next? OMG this child didn’t WANT to go to the museum and his parents FORCED him to go! Why are people so into bashing this family? Just because they were stupid enough to agree to be on tv for money, no need to continue plastering them across the internet every couple days with another twisted headline. TV edits to what they want to show. Kate isn’t the greatest mother, Jon isn’t the greatest father and the kids are perfect kids. Big deal.

  • foxwhat

    no, Kate does not have the best interest of her kids in mind.

  • samsister2

    So what? Maddy is always upset about something. Kate wasn’t too thrilled to go camping, since she’s an indoor type person. Everyone in the family had fun with Palin but Kate. TLC was always setting Kate up to look her worst. It never takes much with Maddy, because she’s a drama queen who’s never pleased. She wants to be an only child. Can’t say’s I blame her. I’m not Kate fan, but the jerk who wrote this book should be arrested or sued.

  • unknown21

    who cares if it’s a publicity stunt. She has 8 kids and is divorced. Mady can complain all she wants. She is a child and at the end of the day, that is her mother and what she says goes. There were lots of things I didn’t want to do as a little kid but I did them anyway because i had to.