Kate Gosselin Furious About Tell-All Book, Insists Claims Are ‘Fabricated’

    July 10, 2014
    Meaghan Ellis
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Kate Gosselin isn’t a happy camper right now.

According to Radar Online, the 39-year-old reality star is furious about the June 24 re-release of the jaw-dropping, tell-all book Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World, The Rise and Fall of a Reality TV Queen.

The incriminating memoir was first released in 2012 by author Robert Hoffman.

It reportedly revealed shocking claims about Kate’s harsh disciplinary practices with her children and cruelty toward household pets.

The mother-of-eight was even accused of spanking her children with a wooden spoon. Although the book was pulled only days after its release due to intellectual property violations, Kate still opted to take legal actions.

In August of 2013, the Kate Plus 8 star filed a massive, multi-million dollar lawsuit against Hoffman and her estranged ex-husband Jon.

Kate insisted that Jon gave the best-selling author incriminating information that was used to compile the claims in the book. However, she ultimately decided to drop the lawsuit.

Now, the infamous book is rearing its ugly head yet again and worse than before. This time, Hoffman has reportedly accused Kate of using her children to acquire fame and wealth.

He also claims Kate contacted the State of Pennsylvania begging for free childcare assistance because her children are “disabled.” So, what’s Kate going to do about all of this?

Surprisingly, sources close to the reality TV star have revealed that she’s not going to do anything about it.

“Kate’s not going to take any legal action at this time,” a source told Radar.

“She feels the book is already ‘out there’ and thinks that ‘even though a lot of things are fabricated and untrue,’ she doesn’t feel the need to drudge up old news and waste unnecessary money on attorney fees that could go to feeding her children’s mouths.”

Hoffman has also confirmed that no legal actions have been taken toward him. Last month, he also shared the reason he opted to re-release the book.

“I believe people have a right to hear all sides of the story and not just the side that the people with the most money want to shove down their throats. People are smart enough to make their own decisions and make up their own minds based on the facts,” he said.

Hopefully Hoffman’s allegations are only rumors, but fans will just have to wait and see how things turn out. “I think its time for all the cards to be put on the table and to let the chips fall where they may,” Hoffman concluded.

Image via Kate Plus 8, Facebook

  • deloris

    KATE will do nothing because all the workers she has treated like trash will come out of the wood work in droves and thus she will loose lmbo I seen the real KATE on the first episode, when she yelled at poor Alexis for having runny diarrhea screaming ALEXIS HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME lol the poor baby was weeks old andthis is how her mom treated her then so when I hear about her being abusive I tend to believe it/

  • DPL

    Kate is “MOMMY DEAREST”…

  • Robert

    Who cares.

  • Virginia Lee

    She is a fabulous Mother who has done a wonderful job of rearing 8 children. She instills discipline and self-responsibiity. She needs to be saluted for her accomplishments. Allowing children to be hellions does not a loving mother make!
    She has to make the best possible choices to earn money and take care of her children. Let’s give her a little credit. Few people could manage life and children the way she does. My hate is off to her!

    • anna

      Was that a freudian slip? Ha!

    • Dora Thepoorer

      Yes Virgina I see all her friends and family on TV and in the news defending her. NOT. The only people who are defending her are the fools who think the moon is made of cheese.

      • Stew DeCrabbe

        She and her family have not spoken in years! Wonder why? You have to be one big beotch for your family to disown you!

  • paljusty

    Well you can obviously see how stern and she is by just watching any episode. She doesn’t smile and is more like a drill sargent. Her kids don’t seem that happy and Maddie especially is angry toward her mother.

    • Carol Manglos

      That’s sergeant, BTW.

    • susie

      Maddie has appeared to have emotional disturbance since day one…it hasn’t improved over the years.

    • Stew DeCrabbe

      She is mentally abusing her kids! Jon needs to take to court and get these kids away from her! Mental abuse can be as bad, or even worse than physical abuse!

  • mary

    while I don’t like kate as a person…she is too full of herself..i think shes doing an amazing job raising 8 children almost entirely by herself.. yeah shes strict.. maybe too strict at times.. but put yourself in her position.. theres 8 of them and only 1 of her.. if she wasn’t strict they would completely take over.. I think the older girls are angry now but they’ll grow up and understand their moms side.. remember they are teenagers..mean rotten nasty and thick headed