Kate Gosselin: Former Nanny Rats Her Out

    July 26, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Kate Gosselin has at least one former nanny who clearly wasn’t fond of the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star–so she ratted her out to the media. No, she didn’t spill heinous secrets like author Robert Hoffman claims in his book, Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World–but she did rat her out over an alleged rule book that nannies were to abide by.

An unnamed former nanny claims Kate Gosselin has a rule book that not only clearly illustrates the reality TV star’s pet peeves, but at times even instructs the nanny to ‘be Kate.’

As per the former nanny’s interview with Kate Gosselin, “When Jon called the kids on the phone, Kate said to us nannies, ‘You are Kate, so always listen in on the phone calls,'” she recalled how her former boss would want the nannies to put themselves in her shoes and do as she would.

“We always had to keep an ear and eye on what was going on. Kate would say she had no problem with the kids having a relationship with Jon, but it always felt like a façade to me.”

In addition to being super sleuths, Kate Gosselin’s nannies did housework, but could only vacuum at certain times of the day, had to be very careful about slamming doors, and were cautioned about “not putting anything on the ground.” Also, everything had to be wrapped up by 9:00 P.M.

Meanwhile, according to Kate Gosselin’s Twitter posts, life is grand in her home with her eight children.

Did this former nanny get done because of Kate’s rule book? No. It was supposedly when she witnessed Kate’s behavior toward one of her children that this unnamed nanny decided to call it quits.

The nanny said that she ultimately quit after witnessing certain behavior she was uncomfortable with, such as Kate spanking son Colin—whom she described as the ‘busiest’ of the eight kids and the one most often in trouble—with a plastic spoon in front of his brothers and sisters.

What do you think? Is this simply a new case of more Kate Gosselin bashing or is it further proof that the pretty, smiling woman on the occasional TV talk show who wants to portray a loving-but-strict mom is really a piece of angry work? Might more nannies come out of the woodwork with similar stories now that this one has spoken out? Will any of them dare reveal their identities?

This former nanny did add, by the way, that the children love–and frequently watch–old episodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8. The supposedly call it ‘Mommy and Daddy’s show.’

Are they mourning what once was or is this a case of Kate fueling her dreams that they will one day return to the world of reality TV?

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  • momznuts

    Classless trash. Kate is NOT a celebrity. She, willingly, took fertility drugs and had a litter. Plain and simple. She is a pi$$ poor excuse for a mother and EVEN THOUGH her ex-husband is a complete douche bag…..she is/was a horrible shrew. I feel sorry for her children.

    • Ron I.

      Maybe so but I don’t have much respect for her nanny who feels the need to blabber to the whole world.

      • jacksonm

        So if Kate is mistreating the children, no one should know about it?

        • Heidi Lee

          Right..;) if your NOT famous ->DCFS, THE COPS and EVERYONE is informed (..so she can deal with it..). Shes a husband/kids abuser belittler..who SHOULD not have any POPULARITY at all!! Period.

      • Heidi Lee

        Well u read it so apprently you DO.

    • Andie4LW

      She is a celebrity. People either hate her or love her and her life is made public. I think everyone should lay off her. I respect her. And spanking a child is not child abuse.

      • laffy

        You don’t put your hand on anyone, especially the ones you love! good lord!
        There are other ways to discipline

        • JapaneseRamenNoodle

          Nonsense. Proper spanking is a non-violent form of consequences. I suspect that most of our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents were spankers. Come to think of it, the world — including public schools — were a better place.

  • johnsnare

    This lady has become, so old, tired and boring, and I am surprised she still gets coverage. Why not put this gal to bed, and retire her life story for good.

  • JoannaBackman

    oh, wow, yeah, this woman didn’t have many fooled, I think….she and kris jenner both…losers.

  • Harvey Mushman

    I don’t know of any divorced women that doesn’t listen in when the children’s father calls, do you?

    • Sandra

      I never listened in….what’s the point?…..the conversation is between the child and the parent calling….if you create a healthy environment after the divorce no need for such childish antics….it would be great if she put the children in front of her own motives….sounds paranoid to me….

  • hope floats

    so many hypocrites in the world. i can almost guarantee every parent at one time or another spanks their child. the biggest reason why kids are so rotten now is because they dont have that discipline. there is a huge difference between BEATING & SPANKING if you dont know then look it up. this woman is like every other person working for someone that is in the public eye she needs her 15 minutes! it is no ones place to judge how this woman handles her home life. no matter what you all see an read there is not one person that knows the whole truth about that family. personally i am not a reality tv fan but it burns my ass to see so many jump on the ban wagon to trash other people. however she handles her family works for them if you handle it a different way an it works for you then more power to you. personally i had my ass tore up when i did wrong and i turned out fine. in a few more years all these brats that are being raised now will be who you have to answer too! i personally cant wait to see an pot smoking xbox playing president that has no regard for human life deciding my future!!!

    • wtf

      Oops, you got your assumptions twisted. So all parents spank, but not spanking is the problem with today’s youth?

    • M. M.

      Guess who has 2 thumbs and has never spanked her children… this Mom right here.
      Not judging anyone, not being a hypocrite, just have never needed to resort to physical punishment. Hurting (spanking/beating/whatever, it’s all the same) your child does NOTHING to foster respect or encourage learning. Positive reinforcement to start, but then taking away privileges if necessary, has always worked for us. If that method doesn’t work for you, then maybe you’re doing it wrong.

      • hogan

        Each child has a different personality.
        Some are submissive and some are domineering. Therefore you tailor
        approach each one individually. What works for one can be ineffective
        for another.

    • steve

      What is a ban wagon?

      • sandi

        It is a band wagon which was a wagon that carried the band to political events of yore.

  • Frog

    More kids should be spanked. It is obviously by the youth of today that time outs do not work. I see nothing wrong with spanking a kid. Spanking is different than beating. I was spanked, deservingly so, as a child and turned out well. Most kids today misbehave, rude, and expect things to be always their way since their parents never told them no.

    • M. M.

      Please don’t ever have children.

      • yiddishlion

        Please hang yourself for stupidity.

    • Parent Power

      It’s just a spank people! I understand if blood was present or bruises…that is definitely child abuse but a spank? Come on. A Nanny? The only Nanny I knew was my grandmother. I agree, if you have a big familly to hire someone to clean and do house chores so you focus on what’s important….your kids. Not visa versa. Back in the day we were afraid of our parents because they kept us on a straight and narrow due to a spank on the butt here and there or “go to your room”…our time outs were a REAL punishment…we had no TVS, computers, a phone in our room let alone an Iphone…parents of today are afraid of their kids and let them get away with what is wrong and give them their privacy thinking giving them freedom the kid(s) would think they were cool…..bull crap…parents are not suppose to be your best friend…they are there to teach you right from wrong…this is why the kids of today are screwed up. They don’t know the difference. There are ways to get close to your child so they can trust you. My mom always talked to me about her life growing up…her parents…men in her life…I felt I could tell my mother anything because what I was going through she went through…she never stopped telling me to not be afraid to call her if I needed to get out of a terrible situation or in a position that I didn’t know what to do. She would never be mad at me or hold anything against me. She said, after all, I was a kid too. Oh, don’t get me wrong, there were times when she got upset with me or punished me but looking back, she had every right as a parent to be that way. Being brought up with this level of a balanced life actually made my mom my best friend till this day. I want to know everything that goes on with my child especially with the internet these days…there is only one computer which is in the living room with limited access to the internet…I agree, for safety reasons, a child should have a cell phone (with no internet access) so you can get in touch with them, or visa versa, and/or see their location. There are crazy people out there! This is the only form of technology I permit for my kid. As parents, thank God we have this technology. It limits our worries when they are away from the nest. The kids of today laugh at their parents and/or take them to court…I say bring back the good old days and show these kids who’s boss of the house! Who decide…

  • jpks10

    Okay you can bet your a$$ I have rules for anybody who is supposed to be watching my children too! This sounds like someone who wants their 15 minutes of fame by trying to turn very normal things into something outrageous. Perhaps if this “nanny” doesn’t like rules or disciplining children she should find a different line of work. Don’t get me wrong, Kate doesn’t seem like the most pleasing person to be around, but come on!

  • Guest

    Kate’s crimes: leaving written instructions for sitters, wanting shoes taken off at the door, taking clothes to a consignment shop, disciplining her kids, stopping work at 9:00 pm. Now you are telling me she listens to conversations with her ex-husband! The shame!! Next week., she will be grocery shopping with a list!!! Oh the horror!!

    • Right not left

      So true. This article was nonsense. I personally don’t care for Kate or her EX…but this story is just ridiculous.

  • Larry

    The media hates this woman and it’s disturbing. No, she’s not perfect and may want to be in front of a camera too much but she’s not Lucrezia Borgia. I grew up in an era where a swat on the rump or a spanking were common place (not lectures or threats). I’m not talking a beating or slapping in the face or head. When I see collectively how rude, self centered and arrogant so many children and teens are nowadays, the “time out” routine is obviously not working.

  • Bluerskies

    So what if she spanked her kid with a plastic spoon, or the rules were hard to handle for the nanny. Show me a perfect parent. Nanny wants her 15 minutes of fame. If she were THAT concerned she would have done something about it years ago.

  • Traci Eaton

    Pahh! This is not news and this twit of a woman has been shown up as a greedy nincompoop numerous times already. Why is the media still feeding her borderline personality disorder and narcissism? Bread and circuses for the lowest common denominator since you asked me.

  • hockeychick68

    Mady could have used a few more spankings when she was younger, that’s for sure. People commenting here that Kate is just looking to extend her 15 minutes are doing just that for her! If you want her to “go away”, quit commenting, because all of these comments just make her trend. As for having nannies listen in on the phone calls with Jon, maybe she has/had good reason. None of us know for sure, we don’t live their lives.

    • Vickie Willis

      Mady needs to have her tail end set on fire a few times. if she was my kid..she would not stomp, slam doors and throw fits like that. She would soon learn there would be consequences for that kind of behavior. The kid has NO respect for even herself.

      • Cookie

        The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, she’s just a mirror image of her mother.

        • Vickie Willis

          My thoughts exactly

  • Brenda

    I do not know if this nanny or this writer is being truthful .I will take this information from where it comes . First a writer who is making money from this so called story .Apparently a nanny with no name .who seems to have left her positions not so happily! Who is also getting paid for this story! As for Kate spanking her kids well I believe in spanking your kids and raising them to obey! There are so many kids out there who are running around and commiting crimes ,killing others ! Parents need to start raising there kids and stop saying that they should be their friends .Sorry but that is not working !!!

    • Vickie Willis

      I agree with you. Kids need structure and discipline along with lots of love. And sometimes a paddling is in order and if you love your kids you want them to be the best they can be and to learn respect. There is beating a kid and paddling a kid. And people with any sense know the deff between the two.

  • Vickie Willis

    I think they are on a witch hunt and Kate is the witch. With that many kids you have to take a firm hand or things will get out of control in a heart beat. The one I would think needs the spoon to the behind is the mouthy older twin Madi. She is a fit throwing wasps nest. If Kate was paying this nanny to be a nanny then she needs to do as Kate asks no matter what, unless its something that is really off the wall or could be a danger. Vacuuming at certain times is not unusual. And I don’t blame Kate for not wanting people to slam her doors…geez. Kate cant sneeze without someone making it sound like she has done it for an evil act. Is Kate controlling and anal..yes with out a doubt. If I was a guy would I want to be married to her…no way. But for her to take care of these kids her going back to having even a nursing job is not going to pay the bills. so I cant hardly blame her for trying to keep getting back on tv. I don’t think she can expect to get any kind of real support from Jon. So she has to do what she has to do. I’m not a Kate fan, but I do think she gets picked on way to much.

  • don’t care

    KIDS NEED DISCIPLINE. she has 8 in one house. GO KATE for caring enough to make sure your kids grow up with respect. UNLIKE some other TRASH and GHETTO types who SUCK money off everyone else to do drugs and dump on their kids.

    • wtf

      yup, go kate. all that ghetto trash not hitting their kids with objects…

  • rick

    Not a fan Of Kate Gosselin at all. Nothing wrong with what this nanny is claiming. Go clean a toilet and go to bed…………………..I said NOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!

  • Michael White

    I do not find a problem with anything Kate did in this article. It is good to have a rule book. Nannies, housekeepers, etc. are employees and their expectations should be in writing. If the employee has a problem with the written expectation, then they are free to leave/quit. I would much rather work for an employer that had a written rule book than one that makes up rules as the wind blows.

    As far as spanking, that is her right as a parent. If the nanny felt as though the punishment was excessive, then she has a moral obligation to call Child Protective Services. Since CPS was not mentioned in the article, the nanny obviously did not feel the punishment was too excessive.

    • Renee Audric

      How do you know this nanny (along with other people over the years) have not reported Kate to CPS? Just because CPS was not mentioned does not necessarily mean that they were not called. Let’s use some critical thinking skills here, people.

  • John

    Yeah, this is all really weak stuff. Now if she spilled the beans on Kate breaking out the exotic sex toys, now that would be worth reading about….

  • Guest

    First of all Kate ONLY AN WANNABE she’s not a celebrity at all , she uses people to buy her products ( most WANNABES ALL DOES THIS ) , she’s a publicity ho , just like all Wannabes on all reality shows . She’s Jobless , Talentless , Mooch , Controlling , Money Hungry , pure trash . She needs to go out and get a real job
    instead of using “TLC” for $$$$$$. This is exactly what ALL REALITY PEOPLE DOES ON REALITY SHOWS ……MOOCHES ….

  • Guest

    Kate , jon , Kartrashians , Jenners , Odom , West , and all of those who’s on Reality shows are all DESPERATE WANNABES , Money Hungry , users , need to go out and get them a job ……they say “oh it’s not the money ” but their family who’s important,
    they all lie……just be like the other 190 million people and Boycott all reality shows

  • M324

    Who cares if she spanks her kid. A good spanking once in a while never hurt anyone.

  • Luanne Blossom

    “rats out”?? You mean “comes forward and speaks the truth”. The only one who MIGHT consider this “ratting out” would be KATE.

  • Guest

    I had the sweetest grandma and I took advantage of her until one day she gave me a very well deserved slap across the face. After that, I loved grandma and respected her.

  • Malina

    Every time I see that fake TV smile of hers all I can think is “shrew!!!!”

  • Don Baxley

    Sounds pretty normal to me!

  • Ron I.

    Another woman (nanny) feels the need to blab to the whole world what a bad person Kate was. More gossip. God I need to get a life and stop reading this stuff.

  • yiddishlion

    It was hilarious watching Kate on the Sarah Palin show trying to hang with a REAL woman. What a sniveling loser.

    • drmx123

      Please hang yourself for stupidity.

      • yiddishlion

        How does Satan’s semen taste in your throat you worthless fool?

  • Ruby

    It’s Kate’s home…. if I had a maid/nanny I might not want them vacuuming during dinner hour (she didn’t mention what the certain hours were they were very vague. she said she spanked her son….. (the busiest one *) in front of siblings. How could she not, she didn’t say how many siblings. I mean how can you possibly get ‘alone’ time to do anything without kids when u have 8 of them. Maybe he did something that no other disciplinary action didn’t or couldn’t correct. Maybe he NEEDED a slap on the ass. It certainly doesn’t mean she BEAT him. I think she got tired and slacked off until she quit before she was fired and now needs the money she gets selling BS to tabloids

    • None entered

      I disagree with you 100000%
      Smacking a kid with a plastic spoon is absolutely unnecessary under any and all conditions PERIOD.
      Can you write the guidelines where you think abusing your child is ok? I just want to be clear.
      I NEVER, NOT ONCE, touched any of my children in anger. Absolutely unacceptable behavior, period.
      AND..no, none of my kids now have a criminal record. As a matter of fact, none of them have ever been arrested, and are all grown and on their own. Some in college and others have graduated.
      How about every time you do something that your husband disagrees with, he smacks you around? How many times before you call the Police and take care of that problem?

  • turtle_avenger

    It usually goes against a Parenting Plan (and sometimes state law) to listen in on your child’s call to their other parent. I hope Jon gets her on that.

  • Rebecca Howell

    This article could have no substance whatsoever! Don’t believe everything you read. As for the spanking? Who cares. It’s one thing to swat a kid on the butt- who hasn’t? and another to physically abuse a child. She had to have rules and run a tight ship. Jon left her remember and that was really cruel given the large family.

    • None entered

      So, whacking a kid with a plastic spoon in front of his siblings is okay with you as long as his father divorced his mother?
      Just trying to make sense of how, in anyones mind, it is ok to whack a child repeatedly with a spoon.

      • Rebecca Howell

        If this is even true. Can I picture Kate losing her cool with eight kids- yep. I’m sure I would too. There is a difference between a swat of the bum and physical abuse. My mother slapped me in the face when I was 15 and I love her. She is otherwise a lovely woman who was at the end of her rope. This happens. If you are that calm- I commend you but the reality is all parents at some point either yell at or spank their child. It doesn’t mean that they are violent or uncaring- they are human. I’m not suggesting that slapping and hitting should be a daily or even annual event. I have probably hit my kids two or three times each. They are 26 and 13. So it’s not like hitting is advocated.
        What’s worse is not parenting at all and trying to explain crap to a two year old and let the child dictate what happens in the home. Sometimes you do have restrain a child and remove them from situations when they are out of control. Not as punishment but so that they aren’t friggin’ annoying. That means you people who insist on taking kids to the grocery store and then getting mad because they run and play- um… they are kids. Leave them home with Dad or Grandma.

    • trachelejo

      I agree

  • Geronimo

    Haven’t watched the show in years but could tell Collin marched to his own drum.

    • None entered

      Does that excuse the beatings he is subjected to by his mother with a plastic spoon?

  • annabilly

    Not much of substance here.

  • craiggnt

    That has to be like hittin a doorway

  • Chrisszz Oreos

    You got that right,she is old news and needs to get a life,and when the kids grow up they will move out as fast as they can,she looks old and ugly,and thinks she is better then every one,i feel sad for the kids,she seems so mean and hateful,all the time,get over your ugly self and for get about TV and live a nice life with the kids,PS i think the kids should live with there dad,i think they would be happy with him.

  • frannie

    i’d rather talk about me

  • the floyd

    i don’t spank mine, i beat’em!!!!

  • Heidi Lee

    I KNEW SHE HIT THOSE KIDs, she is such a stuck up materlistic witch! Give those babies to their dad. All she wants is the $$ and what it comes with it in having those ALL kids. Get her out of the lime light!! Those POOR BABIES!!! She is a beast..mommy dearest witch!

  • mickey2942

    No surprise. That woman is so OCD. she is a perfectionist.

    I feel bad for her kids, and would have never even considered working for her.