Kate Gosselin: Crew’s Rules Not Unreasonable

    August 1, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Kate Gosselin has been under fire as a result of Robert Hoffman’s book Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World. One of the points the author makes in the book is that Kate had some very unreasonable rules for the film crew any time any footage was filmed at her home. When you learn what those rules were, however, you might disagree with Robert Hoffman. Might this shed light on the credibility–or lack thereof–of the rest of his book?

According to one source, Kate Gosselin’s house rules for the film crew don’t sound all that unreasonable. For example, she doesn’t want her home address ever written down or discussed. That seems to make perfect sense. Who wants random people showing up on their doorstep? Plus she’s the mom of eight children. There are security issues at hand.

Another states that no smoking or drinking can take place either on her property or on the street in front of her property. You can’t really blame her there, can you? If you’re not a smoker or drinker yourself, you certainly don’t want people taking part in those activities on your property and in front of your children.

Kate also insisted that the crew used just one bathroom that was located in the apartment and not in the main house. And while this might sound a bit inhospitable, then imagine cleaning a bathroom used by nine or more people–and then throw in its use by extras on a daily basis. Enough said?

Other rules included those about shutting doors and not wearing shoes inside the house. And while they’re a bit nit-picky, they’re really not horrible. Has Kate Gosselin gotten a bad rap on these rules because of Robert Hoffman’s book–and for no good reason?

This is definitely not a ‘defend Kate Gosselin‘ rant, but sometimes the naysayers can jump on a bandwagon with little to no reason for doing so. This might be one of those times.

Yes, Kate Gosselin is a bit of a tyrant about certain things, but this time she really wasn’t behaving all that badly.

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  • Ginger h

    When you have eight children, you have to be a bit of tyrant.

  • Sandy Coryell

    I am not a big fan, but I see nothing wrong with those rules at all. Nuff said.

  • Ed Johnson

    Kate gets a bad rap. I’m sure she is a nice lady.

  • kateisgreat

    I, as a female, LOVE Kate! I would be just like her if I had 8 (count them, EIGHT) kids,now entering puberty!!! She has always been on top of things. Organized, Goal oriented, A good “hands-on” in activities MOM!! I’ve watched all shows. She’s tolerated a lot from 8 children, who as we know “children will be children!” And she’s managed by herself too w/o Jon. And she’s maintained a household and looking great herself through the years. She’s an inspiration. She’s “head-strong” but hey, this world is tough, you have to be. Her kids will grow and see her as one tough, strong lady who loved them and only wanted the best for them. I see it, already.

    • WTH

      Is this Kate???

  • kateisgreat

    And as for ALL her rules, I would TOO! I don’t smoke, who wants that bad habit in MY house or property. SHOES off in House (Hawaiian’s do it all the time, their custom) it’s cleaner, healthier for all. Bathroom use, I even clean AFTER friends and family come over so why wouldn’t she want her CREW in a totally separate bathroom? It’s not far-fetched. Restaurants have RULES, Libraries have RULES, a lot of places have RULES; why can’t SHE to make her house/property CLEAN, HEALTHIER, SAFE, and GOOD for her children?

  • not a hater

    People need to mind their own business. She has 8 kids, if you are not organized you are doomed. A spanking (not a beating) is fine. That is the problem with people today, they want to be friends with their kids and not parents. It is ok to say NO parents

  • ABC

    I think people are honestly intimidated by her strong personality but truth be told there’s nothing “psycho” or “sick” about her. She disciplines her kids in the way she can to keep them under control. And all those rules are perfectly fine. She’s a single mother handling eight kids by herself. Some people are laid back and others are more strict. People have individual characteristics that define them for who they are. Kate already has enough on her hands she doesn’t need media to be badmouthing and creating controversy over everything she does just cause she’s strict.

  • june

    I don’t know the woman, I just don’t like the character she is on the show. I’m glad my Mom didn’t act this way when I was growing up. My Mom was strict but she didn’t treat us like this woman treated her kids on tv.