Kate Gosselin: ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Filming Begins

    April 4, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Kate Gosselin, along with Brandi Glanville and Kenya Moore have begun filming segments from their upcoming appearance on Celebrity Apprentice, and in the midst of the competition it seems the two Real Housewives (Brandi is from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Kenya is one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta) aren’t getting along. Will Kate get caught up in a cat fight at some point during the show’?

Former U.S. Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson and talk show host Leeza Gibbons reportedly round out at least part of the team that Kate Gosselin is part of when season 14 of Celebrity Apprentice airs some time this coming summer.

The ladies were spotted filming at New York City’s Union Square just over a week ago. They took over a bakery called Pie Face for a few hours and used their business skills and no doubt their sexual prowess–along with their celebrity status–to sell as many pies as possible. Kate shared word of the event via Twitter.

An observer told Us Magazine that Kate Gosselin and Kendra Moore “weren’t really working at all” during the challenge, and they spent more time chatting with customers, posing for photos and feigning ignorance when asked about the reason behind the event.

“I know my kids’ names, if you ask me that,” the former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star replied to a curious customer. Her remark drew a seemingly annoyed look from Brandi.

Do you sense that fingernails will soon emerge and the fur on some cats’ backs will rise as the competition gets underway?

Kate Gosselin and Brandi Glanville are said to be keeping their distance from one another but that Glanville and Kendra Moore are already at odds.

Which one of these ladies do you think will hear those infamous words from the host of Celebrity Apprentice–Donald Trump–first?

Even though the airing of season 7 is yet a while away, hopefully more words about filming Celebrity Apprentice will emerge, so fans can keep tabs on Kate Gosselin, Brandi Glanville and the rest of their Celebrity Apprentice team.

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  • guest

    Time to tune out of Celebrity Apprentice…. Anything Kate makes me want to vomit she’s such a fame whore… the rest of this cast does nothing for me neither.
    After last season this is all you can get? C’mon!

    • Hello

      I like Kate better then those untalented hacks Kardashians.

      • Ah-Ha Ranch Santa Fe

        What’s her skill set? Oh yeah, pumping out babies.

        • tonyboloney

          She was an RN.

          • Ah-Ha Ranch Santa Fe

            Yeah, that’s why she had a reality show. she was a RN. Child, please…

      • guest

        All are fame whores, full of themselves and non-talented! Where is there any mention of K’s I don’t see it?!

        • Maria Perez

          so wrong!!!! not all whore are famous and full of themselves. just cause they have money don’t make them any different from the regular whores.

      • Chablis

        I don’t.

    • VanPastorMan

      I always wonder if her desire for fame was the reason why her marriage failed. The husband didn’t seem to like the spotlight. I can’t blame him, cause I wouldn’t like it either.

      • tonyboloney

        No, it is a quick way to try to get enough $$ to care for her kids, and if possible save for their college ED. Certainly working at her previous employment as a nurse would not bring enough. She’d need welfare to help. This is just a job for her, if she does not promote herself there goes her finances.

      • Kaylee Carson

        she is the reason he ran like the wind-she treated him like a dog-it was horriffic….

  • Nancy

    I am so happy to see Kate Gosselin will be on celebrity apprentice!! A mom,as simple as that and as important.Good for you Kate!!

    • Guest1

      So all it takes is for her to be mom? Wow low standards.

      • Anne

        Certainly not a
        Certainly not a “low standard” to be a mom, just the opposite, BUT certainly not a celebrity either.

        • Jill Johnson

          Being a mom isn’t the issue…. being on TV for nothing besides having kids is an issue. She’s not a celebrity- she won’t work a regular job !

      • huh

        You try raising 8 kids on your own. Go Kate.

        • guest

          She pretty much made her bed there!

        • lililala

          There are many mothers that have race 8 kids or MORE by themselves!!! She is no heroine! and of course not a celebrity!!

          • Chablis

            Yes …They think Kate invented large families. LOL

        • Chablis

          Kate doesn’t raise them on her own. She has Jon sharing custody and has had personal in home help forever.

    • lililala

      C’mon nancy…. You sure have a bad taste!

  • Babaloofa

    I can only imagine her thinking she has to boss everyone around. I have never watched the show and this doesn’t make want to watch.

    • Jill Johnson

      I don’t know… there are some strong personalities in that line-up. Might be fun to watch her get whooped verbally for a change 😉

  • ekayr

    Must be HARD UP ! Won’t watch now. Her personality is just, mean.

  • Pam Roth

    Very first year I will be skipping the show..That woman with the large number of children is just plain NOT a celebrity and is rather annoying.

    • guest

      Thank you! I am with you!

  • Ellen

    Kate Gosselin news is like Kardashian news…UNNECESSARY!!

  • Rosie

    I love the show but refuse since she is on. I don’t understand why she is considered a celebrity – she is a mean, controlling woman who gave birth to a litter!

  • Lisa Jackson

    oh give her a break I love Kate! she has to be a strong personality seeing as how her husband was so weak who else is or was going to take care of business you go girl

    • Lucy20123

      Kate was a bully to her husband. Do I agree what Jon did by cheating on on her NO that was 100% wrong. But that does not make it right for her to use the kids for fame.

      • Chablis

        Kate bullies lots of people. Her fans support her bullying and also Kate putting the kids lives in danger speeding with them in the car, not wearing seat belts, leaving them in a car while running in to pick up take out food and many more.

    • guest

      She pretty much devoured and emasculated him!
      No man will put up with that. She changed and became a micromanaging control freak.. she was demeaning and nasty eventually you check out and he did!

  • Meagan Westbrook

    OKAY, OKAY, OKAY . . . we don’t know who else will be on the show; Kate may be the first to get booted from the show. But I have watched Real Housewives of Atlanta and Kenya Moore will be worth watching it because either she REALLY is a “nosy rosy” because she is in everyone’s business on the show or just SO desperate for a husbland; don’t know why. SHE is a former Miss USA — the pageant Donald Trump owns. She is so mean and a backstabber on that RHOA show, she could give Omarosa a run for her money. I love good drama and Kenya can teach BACKSTABBING 101.

    • dessertgirl

      Do you think Kenya wants a husband more than Kate G? Kenya doesn’t have eight miserable, unhappy, untalented children to support like Kate does.

      • guest

        I’m no Kate fan. I do feel sorry for her kids, I can’t support a nasty comment on her kids they’re the innocent victims here in her world of exploitation.

        • Chablis

          I would agree. These kids are victims .

    • debra1

      she is dirty nasty gutter trash.Once she blows her Phony lid, the real Kendra comes out…. ignorant trash. She was coached and rehearsed back in her day (20+yrs. ago)her memorized personality and vocabulary are no longer relevant, she’s lost in the 80’s (gone w/the wind) and you can tell she did lots of Nasty acts to keep up her appearance. So many nasties,word spread and NO man would marry it and the fruit spoiled.

    • Jill Johnson

      Dang… same league as Omarosa. 😮 Yikes !!

  • Maura

    do not like her at all she is a fake and wamts to make easy money she is a control freak and wait and see how messed up the gets are when they grow up.

    • mjh

      Oh shut up Maura. Nobody cares what you think.

  • Nancy

    The thing is she is a celebrity! She’s had her own reality show, was on dancng with the stars and has wrote a few best selling books.What’s wrong with watching a mom who has had to rise 8 kids without jon and has done a great job. What makes the Kardashians celebrities,they do nothing.As a mom I would enjoy this program.Sick of phoney “celebrities”!!

    • Angel Clooney

      Gee Kim has a reality show, was on DWTS and has clothing lines etc. The thing neither has TALENT!!!! By the way, Kate is mean! Even Tony on DWTS who seems truly nice, could not stand her!

      • dessertgirl

        I think Tony is a SAINT !

        • Chablis

          Tony’s my hero after he walked out on Kate and said he wasn’t taking her crap anymore. Yesssssss !!!!

          • dessertgirl

            He’s also an excellent dancer and teacher. Look at the way he has worked with many of the problem dancers, the ones with two left feet.

  • Crash Davis

    Well I won’t be watching since Gosselin is on there. That’s the best way I can make a statement.

    • wow

      You won’t be missed. C-ya.

  • Angel Clooney

    Cannot stand her , will not be watching!

  • Angel Clooney

    Did you see her Today show interview with her twins! She should not be on t.v.! Go be a mom, not a celebrity whore!

  • bh

    I like Kate. She’s only trying to make a living to support her family. You can’t say the same for Jon.

    • Chablis

      Yes I can. He’s done more to try and support himself and his family than Kate has.

  • surfside

    Trump’s method is to get the people most hated on his show. And that way anyone who watches this scripted program gets to root for who they want kicked off. I watch one show when it started with Amarosa on it and never watched it again. Mostly, because it’s stupid and I hate Donald Trump who has to keep telling people how much money he has.

    • Chablis

      Kate’s the next Omarosa.

  • Janet Lurker

    The show is definitely raking the bottom of the barrel on this one!

    • guest

      You’ve got that right!

  • whoisjohngalt58

    She needs to go to the Mustang Bunny Ranch and show off her plastic boobies

  • Ah-Ha Ranch Santa Fe

    j-u-m-p-t-h-e-s-h-a-r-k, in Trump’s case, the snark.

  • mike .

    she’s pretty

  • J.D.

    WILL SOMEONE FLUSH THE TOILET!? I am sick of seeing K.G. float back up every time she needs the attention that she should be at home giving to her children!

    • debra1

      cash J.D.cash. she’s out trolling for more cash, her Porsche and multiple plastic surgeries plus ongoing maintenance is starting to eat at her cash,now that the girls are becoming teens they will want /demand more and Kate will have to dip into the principal now that she has lived beyond her “interest” just to look as she does. think she’s been banking she could create wonder woman and land a BIG FISH once the kids weren’t screaming toddlers. problem being, NO man is gonna want the personality that accompanies the new face,clothes, boobs and entire body she bought with the childrens share ! Just hope their educations really are thief proof, i’d put NOTHING past her.

  • Lucy20123

    I’m sorry NO Celebrity Apprentice in my house this year.

    Kate Gosselin uses her kids for fame.
    Brandi Glanville blames everyone for her marriage problems not take part blame.
    Kenya Moore just likes to twirl, twirl and twirl.

    Real said when Donald Trump is not able to find “REAL” Celebrities to do the show.

  • barrygarrett

    Sorry but Kate, you make me wanna puke my guts out. You’re quite a sickening human being

  • barrygarrett

    yep VOMIT is about the exact term I can gather for Kate Gosselin

  • Margie Fedorchak

    I’ve always enjoyed Celebrity Apprentice and I will probably watch it again. I don’t think Kate will last long…she’s too mouthy and bossy. That doesn’t always fly with the rest of the group. So…we’ll see.

  • tonyboloney

    I think Kate is very pretty. And I admire this Mom for giving it her best raising all her kids on her own. God bless her and her little family. I don’t know what some of the public expects of her. She’s damned if she goes out and makes a living, and she damned if she stayed home and collected welfare!.

    • Chablis

      What did you expect her do with her kids? Problem as I see it is the kids suffer when Kate stays home but Kate continues to do her thing. She could do a gig once in a while and still get a real job and have some sort of steady income so the kids don’t have to play “school” for their vacations. Seems Kate feels that’s beneath her now.

  • tonyboloney

    Wow, people on here are cruel and vicious.

  • disqus_6npiJ7fVP4

    What a used up has-been…

  • DPL

    Can’t The Donald get anyone better than these three. I’ve watched the show before but with Kate Gosselin, whom I happen to think is one of the worst examples of a Mother I’ve ever seen. She’s a control freak, look what’s happened elsewhere… Alaska for example. She is a publicity hog… What’s the matter with her “chosen profession – nursing”, along with Jon’s child support??? It just won’t keep her in the style she wants to become used to.

  • Kaylee Carson

    dear lord-i thought she fell off the face of the earth….please make her go away

  • Another Guest

    I thought we were rid of this plague of a woman, but noooooo,,,here she comes to haunt and pollute television again. Oh…the inhumanity of it!

  • fldpwrman

    she doesn’t really smile, it’s more like she bares her teeth.

  • Jo

    The only thing I want to know is where Kate gets her energy? I could use some..

    • Chablis

      Didn’t I read she lays around the pool a lot and often goes back to bed after the kids are gone to school.

  • Chablis

    MY My MY ……..thought Katie Irene despised the paps. She so wanted to stay outside and POSE. They weren’t even talking to her. Just doing their chant with their backs to her. LMAO

  • Denice Williams

    Always enjoy Celebrity Apprentice. It is very telling and entertaining to watch celebs out of their element and in competition mode. The egos definitely are big and their real personalities show. Kate Gosselin has never portrayed herself as a very nice person. She was a shrew toward her husband, she was unpleasant on Dancing with the Stars, and in the limited interviews I’ve seen her do, she also comes across as someone with not much personality. We’ll see if she has any business acumen and/or is a creative/hard worker. My guess is she will not last long, because she will be too annoying to her teammates and they will want her out.

  • kds

    More of this idiot minus one ?

  • chisox59

    Kate, You’re Fired!!! Please go away and stay away. Just raise your children and get a real job instead of annoying America.

  • Honey Fyre

    If we’re lucky one will snap and kill all of them. Fingers crossed.

  • LindaR

    I hated the way she treated Jon. “All you do is “play” with the children.” Heck, he got them dressed, their baths, ready for bed…he was a loving hands on ‘caregiving parent’, not some cold drill sergeant.

  • Nat baker jr.

    Folks are we really that desperate for fame that we look to not famous ladies for fun. I would love to se

  • Suzanne

    I like Shawn and Leeza and wish them good luck! Mr.Trump could have picked better celebs this year though.