Kate Gosselin Blasted By Ex-Husband Jon Gosselin

    December 29, 2013
    Meaghan Ellis
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Like most divorces, it’s evident things didn’t end on an amicable note for Kate Gosselin, and her ex-husband Jon.

However, the extent of their animosity wasn’t so evident, until last week.

According to Reality TV Magazine, Jon Gosselin has felt some kind of way about his ex-wife for quite a while, and he’s decided to speak on it.

However, “speaking on it” would be an understatement where Gosselin’s regards are concerned, as he went for the jugular stating his disdain for the mother of his eight children.

It appears her parenting skills are the crux of his problems with her, although, most fans are aware that Gosselin may still have steam radiating from his ears since she slapped him with a lawsuit months ago.

But, nevertheless, now his issue is her parenting skills. So, here’s where it all started.

On Friday Dec. 27, Philadelphia Magazine printed a recent interview with the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star. What started out as a conversation about Jon’s life after Kate, quickly turned into a rant about her. When Gosselin was asked about his ex-wife, he immediately grew defensive and went for her jugular.

“Everyone thinks I’m out to get Kate. I don’t give a f-ck!” he said, “What would I get out of it? Everyone knows she’s an a–hole, you know what I mean? I don’t have to—she’s proven that!”

Then, he went on to discuss the issues he has with her parenting skills as he feels social media usage is of too much importance to her. Gosselin feels that she shares too much the children’s lives online in an effort to gain publicity.

“She tweets everything. To the world, all about my children. I think it’s disgusting and awful. They can’t even have a normal life,” he explained. In a nutshell, the 36-year-0ld Korean-American feels that her social media usage conflicts with her ability to effectively parent the children, as her attention is divided. But, that’s not all he has to say. It actually gets a little worse.

“Kate wants to still be on television. She’s now digging into the past, because that’s what sells. Too late, honey. No one gives a f–k, really,” he said.

Kate Gosselin has not yet responded to her ex-husband’s claims. Hopefully there is a light at the end of the ‘Jon and Kate’ tunnel. Fans can only hope for the best, because they have a long road ahead with 8 young children!

Image via Twitter | Kate Gosselin


  • taylor

    oh get over it John…she is great and a fantastic mother…if she and the kids want to share their lives with us…it’s their business..not yours…I and thousands of others love to watch them and know more….go away!!

    • bob

      That’s because you have no life.

    • sean

      they are his kids as well, so it IS his business. if he does not want his kids to be pimped out by their mother. he has as much rights as she does

      • http://yahoo Kit-Kat

        Although he had no problem pimping them out while he was making money off of them and sleeping around while still married….pays no child support…”GREAT ” parenting skills he’s got…NOT!

        • T

          Kit-Kat, Kate is the one who gave Jon the go ahead to see other women, it was leaked into the media back in 2009 by a source, I guess you didn’t know that? Kate then use it against Jon — “Oh…he went out and cheated on me!” She knew that people would go against Jon on this, Kate knew it…it was her attempt to throw him under the bus, he took the bait, but – it was his way out too, from the years of verbal abuse and emasculation! If you really look at everything that has happened, Kate is the problem here, you and everyone who don’t want to see what happened since day one of (Jon and Kate plus 8) would rather turn a blind eye to everything this woman what she has said and done to Jon to cause him to not care and be bitter.

          • debbie

            and you just believe everything leaked to media right… like all the other things being leaked that they found out Jon himself was the source… get over it No wife gives permission to their husband to go out with other women … second of all he is just as much about being in the media as Kate so he should shut his big fat ugly mouth and grow the hell up

          • not yourbusiness

            He is an immature jerk, he was a supposed adult, if he wanted out, he knew where the door was. They both played equal parts in a bad marriage. He is bitter because she is not living in a camper like him.

          • Linda

            While it’s true that Jon cheated, I can’t believe he didn’t do it long before he did. Kate criticized his every move. Nothing he did pleased her. I believe she turned him into someone he never wanted to be. I honestly believe he tried his best, but when you are belittled in front of the world every week, what do you expect him to do, with or without her permission. I believe he stayed as long as he did because those kids needed someone normal in their lives and Jon was it. He could cut them some slack if she wasn’t around. I don’t believe Jon was in it for the money like Kate was because if he was, he’d be doing any kind of job with a show of some sort and he would be doing any kind of interview all the time and he hasn’t. Kate says yes to any kind of show for any amount of money no matter what it does to the kids. She says they want to be back on TV so she won’t look so stupid. You can talk any kid into anything when they are that young and I believe she is doing everything she can to make the kids hate their Dad. Of course Jon does stupid things, he has been beaten down so low he can’t hardly get back up. Give the dude some slack. Take that chip off Kate’s shoulder. It’s time someone told her she isn’t what she thinks she is.


      Taylor what are you smoking? If you think she is an amazing mother then i hope you never have kids with that standard. And to see the father of the children has no rights to say that is just plain dumb. It’s obvious you are one of the vapid shallow women that just takes her side because you both are women. If you really think her wanting to be on tv is what’s best for her kids then again you are dumb. Those kids probably have a better relationship from the nanny’s than Kate. Jon is a loser but on this he is right. Get your head out your…

      • http://facebook maddy

        first of all, they both should be ashamed of themselves.. those kids didnt ask to be born, but both of them made money off of them and now they still dont get it..stop exploiting your children and be real parents, you have no clue how to do it…money cant buy happiness and these kids lives are ruined by two greedy stupid people… its not too late to make good, just be parents, tolerate one another and do it for the sake of your 8 children.. you have 8 miracles and god helped to see that they are all healthy, not both of you, so get off television and stop being run by the media , etc.. bad enough the government runs our lives… cherish those kids… i have two and i have one grandson and one grandchild along the way… i am truly blessed.. my grandson didnt have a mother figure or father figure in his life, and he just received scholarships, voted scholar of the year and is the most humble 18 yr old ive ever seen, im proud to be a mother, and a grandmother… i live for my kids, you are not a good mother, if you were you wouldnt exploit your children, make money being a nurse, its more rewarding… and keep your kids safe and to yourselves… john is right no one gives a shit… you are fake and he should be doing his part as a father… not bashing you.. i went through 2 marriages and both my husbands have passed away… i would give anything to have my husband of 27 years just one more day… i didnt have kids with him, but he helped raise my two daughters and grandson… unconditionally , no media, no nothing…just pure love… so try it… im proud of my life.. its so rewarding and i would die before i exploited my children, that is my personal life and i dont want to share it with anyone other than god and my family… grow up… you both live in p.a. and its a commonwealth state.. i live here but i was born and raised in ny… and i would go back there in a heartbeat… you people from p.a. lack compassion…and dignity… you hide behind your bibles and are hypocrites… i respect the Amish better than you… and i love my roots, italian american and i would never ever put anything before my children… shame on you both…disgrace.. ask god for help then turn your life around for the sake of your kids… AMEN…

        • J

          I have felt for the kids all along..and for the way Kate emasculated Jon, and on TV yet…BUT..This is all showbiz..These shows are filmed and edited and you see what they want you to see…Wake up! Where do you get money to support a family with 8 children? Especially if the rumors are correct that she gets no child support? I don’t agree with the way things are there. Perhaps, and that is a big PERHAPS, she needs to keep going with TV to support them..??? Judge not that ye be not judged.

          • J

            And guess what!?! Jon got paid for that interview…

    • Kim

      Really – she’s a fantastic parent? Wow, set the bar low do you? When there are kids involved – BOTH PARENTS’ opinions matter. But again, this generation of emasculating women can’t seem to grasp that. At the same time emasculating but the first in line to demand alimony so it confuses us old married women…how can you be equal but still expect $$$???

    • T

      You are totally blind Taylor, you are! I don’t think you ever seen Kate in action (with all the years of verbal abuse and belittling Jon) on the show’s Jon and Kate plus 8 and the sequel Kate plus 8 to know what this woman is capable of, and now she’s getting away with everything she’s said and done to bring Jon to this point of (I don’t care)you should look at the history. Kate belittled and emasculated Jon for years, as well as the children on national TV for the world to see. She spoke down on Jon on talk shows (throwing him under the bus) every time, and you think Kate is a good mother? She’s marketing her children for a profit any way she can to gain the attention she totally miss. Jon didn’t go searching for a spot on this ‘therapy’ show, they came to him with the offer, and he accept it because he want to help Liz and his relationship (unlike Kate, turned down a chance to help fix her marriage with Jon, and he wanted the therapy for his marriage, Kate didn’t) and like Jon says – she’s going back into the pass, because she know what sells. Look at the multi million dollar lawsuit Kate filed against Jon, and then she dropped it! Why is that? I’ll tell you why! She know she would not have won, she would of perjured herself if asked about certain things pertaining to the lawsuit. Yes – Jon is bitter from the years of verbal abuse and belittling him, the lawsuit set the fire under him! I would be bitter too if I had to live under Kate’s ball and chain, I know any man out there would not have taken the abuse Jon took from Kate for so many years. So maybe you missed a whole lot of episodes sweetie, it’s not pretty. I’m not going to excuse Jon for talking about Kate in fowl language, he should of been the better person for the children sake.

      • LR

        great comment!

      • http://yahoo somec

        To you all no one knows how they treated each other off the air, so therefore they both are the blame for their marriage. I think people just want to see the TV show, just to be nosy in other peoples life. If the children or healthy and living a good life then Kate is doing what a mother has to do in order to survive. Jon has to do what he can cause if he had custody of the children he would do the same thing. He shouldn’t been cheating on her from the start if you grow tire of a person you let them go,there’s no need to hang on, like I said nobody knows what went on off the TV. So let them live their lives the way they see fit as long as the kids are safe and healthy that’s all that matters.

      • debbie

        Please Jon needed to be told what to do he was a child himself, that’s the reality and I am sorry but if she chooses to make money by letting the public in on their lives god bless her.. she is thinking of the future unlike all you unkind jerks she has to think about putting yes 8 children through college… oh yeah at like what 250000 to 500000 a pop that comes to quite a bit of cash and oh yeah since Jon don’t pay crap and has oh yes stolen money from the kids Kate obviously can’t count on him, so do i think Kate is perfect no do I think she does her best with what she has been dealt with yes. Jon was just another child for her to care for then and now he is just a spoiled brat who is throwing a tantrum cause he lost … cause he is a loser!!!

        • johnr

          They both made mistakes and are still doing so. As everyone else pointed out, in these situations even without the media attention, there are unfortunately costs being burdened by the children. At the same time, I agree Kate is a media wh### far more than Jon. She is also very demeaning and always has been. The comments about the off-camera vs. on are moot in this regard, because there IS a difference in this sense: no loving couple would denigrate the other like that so much and so often and so badly on camera without making amends or saying other positive things. Constructive criticism is one thing. Verbal abuse is different. By the way, it is quite common for someone to be far WORSE when “off-camera” or not in front of people while putting on a good show/a pleasant demeanor while in front of people. This makes me concerned for the kids because both parents must be far worse off screen. To the specific point about college. Wow! You must be off your rocker on this one! First, I doubt Kate will have problems paying for her kid’s college bills with the money she is racking up from the media who#ing she is doing. Second, if she was using her ability to practice as a nurse or doing some other more typical job, she would never be paying for it all anyway….haven’t you heard of financial aid? Someone with 8 kids would have to make a fortune, which she might be working on right now, in order to have to pay for all of it out of pocket. So, your point is irrelevant. If she was working a more typical job, it would be a completely different story. Even if they all didn’t go to college, there would still be significant financial aid, including loans.

      • http://Yahoo Anne

        Agree, great comment. Now both need to just keep a lid on it and tend to their kids. Kate needs to realize that she will NEVER be a TV personality. She should go back to nursing and fade into oblivion.

        • johnr


    • bella

      This is so weird. He is the father and you think you have a right to watch his children on T.V? You honestly sound like a creep.

    • lala

      She’s just a media whore…always has been.

    • Jim

      really honey how do you think she a good mother??? My wife and I watched a few episodes together and after seeing how she acts and treated Jon I turned to my wife and said if that was you I would file Divorce and I asked for sole custody of the children. After that we stopped watching. I am not saying that Jon was perfect but in just a few episodes My wife and I knew she was a nut job. She is not a good mother, mothers do not treat children father they way she did. Good mothers do not care about her own fame in front of her children well being neither do fathers but for you to say she she is a good mother just makes me wonder if you know what a good mother is.

    • jayne

      What do you mean it’s not his business. Last I recall he is the father of the children so it is his business! I cannot stand when people just disregard men as an important part of their children’s lives. Look at the statistics when the father is denied equal parenting and you will see it’s not so good for the children.

    • Rene

      taylor, stop being stupid. What makes you think the kids as young as they are know what are the consequences of publicly parading their personal lives? It’s that idiot of an attention whore mother that needs the attention to live since she no longer is in the lime light. She needs to give it up because her 15 minutes of “fame” are way over-due by 14 minutes. I always said to my wife, and she agreed that Ms. Flo-Bee haircut-gone-wrong was always trying to speak for Jon, always tried to shut him up, always tried to get the attention, and that eventually Jon would get tired of it and jump off the cliff to see where he landed rather than have that psycho push him off while he slept. I don’t blame him at all for doing what he’s doing and did what he did. She will never get re-married, I can guarantee that and she knows it and that right there is why she is being so psychotically vengeful. She can’t stand to see Jon living his life happily with someone else.

    • http://yahoo koni hoffman

      I hope that he dose not kiss hs kids with that toilet mouth

    • hollywoodnc

      If this is how you spend your free time, than more power to you.

      “I and thousands of others love to watch them…”

      You and the “Thousands of others” won’t keep this show of screaming rug rats and a degenerate mother on the air.
      Frankly, I’m sick of hearing about other peoples problems being aired on my TV.
      Shows like this, exemplifies the term: IDIOT BOX.

    • joanna backman

      Kate is a media whore in league with the best of the best, Kris Jenner. Women with no real obvious abilities who are so desperate to be famous, and stay that way, that they have given over God’s most precious gift, their children, to ridicule. Grow up, Kate.

  • http://News John

    Shes hot, so. Id be bitter too if she got famous and dumped me….P.S. Kate, look me up!

    • bob

      You taking care of the 8 kids?



      • lala


    • Rob B

      Uh maybe now she’s okay looking but if you look back at the old episodes she ain’t that much to look at. When the stylists go away she’ll be back to frumpy old hausfrau.

      • Julie

        Has anyone heard of “Passive Aggressive Behavior”? He was ‘passive aggressive” when it came to being a father. He refused to step up to the plate and be a partner in parenting his children while still with Kate. This would force Kate to always be the bad guy coming across as emasculating while in reality he was acting like a child himself.

        • Pat

          Did you watch the same show I did? Who was the one that got the kids up in the morning, fed them breakfast, bathed them at night, put them to bed, and worked full time when the show first started. And who was the one that stumbled out of bed looking like a fright after the work was all done.

  • Linda

    Maybe when little Jon grows up he will understand that since he has chosen not to support his children, Kate has to. He’s not much of a man. He’s not much of a parent. And his vocabulary appears to be limited to that of a juvenile delinquent. How very sad that he has 8 children, ridiculously stupid in and of itself. How sad he cares nothing about setting a good example for the 8 children he’s fathered. I hope the children can overcome their childish father and air-head mother.

    • Kate

      Kate was worth $5 million dollars. She could have easily taken care of those kids. She blew her money and now she is looking for more.

      She is self-centered.

      • debbie

        do you have access to her bank account just curious

        • @ Debbie

          Look at all over her revenue streams. She made $500,000 a lone from Dancing with the Stars.

          She wasted her money.

    • Kim

      Linda, she supports them by selling them. Wait so I guess Kris Jenner is a good mother too?

      • Crystal

        It was JON and Kate plus 8, he didn’t have a problem when TV was making him rich. No matter what he shouldn’t call the mother of his children an as-hole. How are his children supposed to feel about that? Mother use social media people tweet things about their children. They have a fan base and its natural to wonder about them, if he feels she takes it to far go to court. He gets money and woman because of his kids TV show. That’s why he’s famous, why is he giving interviews? No one would care about his opinion if not for the TV show, and at least she’s taking care of them. BTW the Kardashians had money before their reality show, and its a reality show that isn’t real life. The only ones that can say if she if a good mother are her children.

    • GreenLanternMD

      About those 8 children – twins + sextuplets = 8 children through all of 2 pregnancies. Many men father more abortions than that, so exactly what did he do that was irresponsible?

      Besides, how many men are behind infertility treatment? I think it’s likely that was her idea more than his. From early on she has made it clear that these are HER children far more than his, and she is reaping what she has sown.

      BTW, ask a few physicians for their first impression about infertility treatment which results in sextuplets born at 30 wks – I would be stunned if the word “negligent” is not part of every response; bad care is not his fault.

      After watching their show for a while, Kate started to remind me a lot of my wife, which is why she is now also an ex-wife.

  • MMM

    First off,the author Meaghan Ellis cant spell “extent” or doesn’t know what extinct means.
    I can’t stand Kate-she was a nagging witch of a wife and uses her kids to try to stay popular. I can’t believe anyone likes her. Look how many of her hired helpers left because they couldn’t stand working for her.

    • Linda

      I noticed that “extinct” word error, too. If the author is going to write for publication, she really should know what words mean and how to spell them.

  • Kate!

    Kate is just in love with fame and money. She is exactly like Kris Jenner, but does her work in different ways. Kate sees dollar signs in everything. She wanted custody of all the kids so she could make fortune. When that didn’t work out, she tried to sue her ex. Those people made plenty of money. If they would have just saved it, they would have been fine.

    I mean if you love your kids. You take all that money and you invest it. Believe me, they made enough. At one time, she alone was worth $5 million dollars. Do you realize if you put $ 5 million dollars in GE stock in 2008, it would be worth $25 million now? GE is practically the safest stock there is.

    But this is what is at the core of most women. Women love to be the center of attention and they are always thinking of money. Most women think the world revolves around them. That somehow men were put on this planet to cater to them. I am sorry. A man’s life is not meant to take care of a woman’s and her over-inflated ego. It is funny how that works. Women want everything equal —- equal rights, except in a marriage where it is the man’s responsibility for everything.

    This woman is another Kris Jenner, but she isn’t pimping out her kids. At least not yet because they aren’t old enough. But wait, it is coming. She wasted her money. Didn’t plan properly and was just so very self-centered and only started thinking of herself.

    But hey, that is most every woman in America today. It is all about me, me, me, me me.

  • nadja25

    PLEASE, get a grib. although i enjoyed the show Jon and Kate plus 8, must say that Jon was always more of a pushover then a husband. For him to now badmouth her publicly just does not go right with me.

    • elfiemarie

      Especially since he’s the one who’s all set to appear on a new reality show. He’s such a publicity hound…and quite pathetic.

    • polly

      What’s a “grib”? Any way, for the few times I saw this show toward the end, it was pretty apparent that Jon’s only choice was to be a pushover to Kate’s total dictator demeanor. It really was his only way to survive her scathing attitude. Jon was/is no angel but Kate is purely out for herself. Those kids are going to need a lot of professional help in the coming years.

  • http://suzyisopinionated.com SuzySomething

    This is the worst written article I’ve seen in some time…I’d be happy to edit any future pieces *before* you publish them….”the *extinct* of their animosity…”? Awwww,comeon!

    • http://www.screenfad.com Jon

      Ditto Suzy, and that is only where the problems begin… :(

    • elfiemarie

      ‘…However, the extinct of their animosity …’ EXTINCT!!! hahahaha…proofreading with a dictionary in one hand would be good idea. hahaha!

      • bjk

        This “writer” ????? needs to take some classes in writing and correct usage of punctuation. I cannot believe this person has a job writing (?) for WebProNews. I guess when she didn’t know what else to do she put commas all over the article. Some mistakes are typos. But too many errors means she has poor writing skills.

    • kay

      Come on! You know the person meant extent. “To Err is human”

    • md

      love it that you commented on this. saved me the time. haha.

  • nadja25

    ELGUAPO,enlighten me, cause i do not understand what you are trying to say.

  • Laney

    Blasted? You mean blasted again……She’s a whore……been blasted by quite a few as we all know…….

  • http://newbizshop.com Derek

    She don’t want to work so wants handouts of be on t.v. to make money. She is living the American dream, sue for money or have a ton of kids, or get pregnant at 16 in hopes of getting a show.

    Grow some balls Kate and get a real job to provide for your kid’s. My cousin has 4 kids and both mother and father work full time and take
    good care of the kid’s. They can’t afford expensive things but the kids are doing great. They don’t want to put there kids on t.v. and ruin them later in life.

    • Crystal

      She is working she is raising her children. Newsflash being on a television show is a job its not a handout. The studios make millions off of these shows, so she should be paid. You know don’t how she is. Besides she was a nurse, before she got this show that’s a REAL job.

  • Leah

    I can’t stand Jon Gosselin. He’s evil and shallow.

    • http://WebProNew J Roberts

      That’s what his ex-wife wants you to believe…

      • T

        You are absolutely correct J Roberts, that what Kate wants the whole world to believe, that Jon is evil. Why do you think that Kate is causing all this chaos (mentioning his name and pinning it to something she said he’s done and giving the children an option if they still want a relationship with him) every which way everything about Jon is twisted? She is the causing of Jon being back in the media (after Jon staying out of the media for so many years) when she threw him under the bus on these talk shows? He had to answer (enlighten) to what Kate has brought to the media about him! Kate is totally the problem here, and people will turn a blind eye to everything she has said and done to bring Jon to the point of being bitter.

  • http://webpronews/life Aubrey

    he’s absolutely correct!

  • http://megashare.info kathryn

    I can’t even concentrate on the information in this article – the spelling, punctuation, and general use of the English language are deplorable. Was this written by an eighth grader???? I’d like to laugh, but this is so poorly written it’s not even funny – just more evidence of the holes in our educational system.

  • Andrea

    My goodness… Jon clearly has no respect for Kate. Who raised their lovely 8 kids, with barely any help from him.. And I’m blown away that he has the guts to say that publicly. I think its highly disrespectful to say such ignorant comments about a single mother, raising 8 kids. Kate by far is one of the strongest mothers I have ever seen. And I believe she can say anything about her children that she wishes. Yes, they are Jon’s kids as well but no one should verbally attack one another even if they do deserve it.

  • Harry

    Extinct? How about ‘extent’? Does anyone read these before publishing?

  • md

    Jon is pathetic. He deserved all of the anger he got from Kate. He was pathetic. She did everything, and he just slouched around. What a poor excuse of a husband and father. What he did, so publicly, right in front of Kate makes him a scum bag of the utmost.

  • Cambria

    I am sick and tired of all this surrounding the kids. It is obvious that BOTH PARENTS are hurtling the children toward teen pregnancy and crime. As the parents continue to hate upon each other, their kids will search for life and meaning in the waiting traps of the world.

    So, for BOTH GOSSELINS…enjoy being grandparents at 40!

  • Kathy Pickett

    He’s an idiot. One day, his children will see and understand what he’s said in public, in the media. It won’t show him in a good light and his children will be hurt and will think less of him. Children don’t stay children. They grow up and learn what their parents are really like. There is no upside, whatsoever, to making public, nasty comments about your ex – especially when you have kids together. Since Kate is the one who takes care of them on a daily basis, their question will be, “how could you say those things about Mom?” What’s his answer going to be? The kids won’t think his bruised ego is a good reason to tell the world their Mom is a bad person.

    • Kate

      I totally agree. He is definitely the one acting like a child, and exhibiting a total lack of parenting skills. I feel sorry for his kids.

    • http://Twellow Gerardsito

      Come on folks, this is a “PLOY” the both of them are playing in order to keep their celebrity viable. Unfortunately, children almost always end up being the pawn in divorce cases and this one is no exception. In every relationship one is “the rooster” or “the hen.” The dynamics in every relationship develop over time for better or worse and they’re next to impossible to change. Perhaps Jon’s mother was domineering to the extent of emasculating him as well. As someone else stated in a previous comment we do not know how they got along while off the air. Whenever, I watched episodes or saw excerpts of their show Jon seemed to me to be very caring and loving towards his kids. Kate may not appear to be the most compassionate or nurturing person in the world but “you got to do what you got to do” to maintain the lifestyle she and her children have become accustomed to. At the end of the day things will turn out as they’re meant to be. One can only wish them happiness and hopes for the better. At any rate, I believe the children will survive and come out unscaved.

  • annie.o

    it is amazing abut these articles…you ALL turn on EACH other…what a bunch of clowns!!! my god….stick to the story…and stop bashing EACH OTHER!!!!

    these two losers should just stay under their rock..who cares!!??!!

  • George

    Sounds to me like he is a little jealous of her, or maybe he is upset about the child support he has to pay on the 8 kids. I think he should get over it myself. He is the one who left the family for his girlfriend, not Kate. Why would she not want to be on television? There is a lot of money to be made there, and she does have 8 children to pay for. I think he should just move on, he has a girlfriend so forget what you lost and live your life.

    • not yourbusiness

      George, he pays nothing,claims he has insufficient income

  • Heather


    • http://WebProNew J Roberts

      With any luck that kids will get to an age that they tell there mother there done with her and go live with there dad…

  • Lee

    I’d still do her. Hot.

  • suckmycock

    Those kids will hate you both if they don’t already. They are a total mockery. It’s sad and sick what you’ve both allowed to be done to your kids. You are both proof some should never have kids. Kate is despicable, a star wannabee… the problem is lady. you aren’t a star and your attitude and the way you treat people shows you are sick inside… GET SOME SERIOUS MENTAL HELP …

  • joeshittheragman


  • Splinter76

    The “extinct” of their animosity? Awesome.

    • Kate

      LOL. I caught that too. Really pretty sloppy editing.

  • Clueless America

    You know. America is screwed up. The adults all act like children. This ladies and gentlemen is why the rest of the world hates us. It isn’t about democracy, freedom (which we really don’t have), it is not about our possessions.

    I travel the world and talk to many people. It is because we are clueless in this nation.

    This week. They just released the Sandy Hook video. It showed absolutely nothing but a blue screen for basically 50 minutes. To the rest of the world, that just screams a cover up. After all, when someone doesn’t show you something that means they are hiding something. But no one cares. It is a slap in the face of every American, but no one cares. No one cares about finding out the truth about what happened. We just accept the official story and we are so sorry that we except a video that shows us absolutely nothing. It is just like the Pentagon on 9/11. We know the place is covered in cameras but we are so sorry that we don’t demand to see the plane. We just accept what every shit they tell us.

    We care more about Kate Gosselin than we do about our nation and how we are constantly being screwed and lied to. This is why the world hates us. We are superficial. We have everything in this nation and we piss it away. Just like Kate did.

  • Kate

    It’s incredible to me that after all his tasteless comments regarding the mother of his own children, KATE’s parenting skills are still up for discussion. What John himself says, and the way he says it are plenty enough for me to dismiss his tacky allegations regarding HER lack of parenting skills. I feel really sorry for the kids.

  • Constance

    No one on this earth could live with Kate. Maybe Jon too. I have never heard anyone else as hard to please and set in their ways as Kate. No one can ever please her.

  • mommyofone

    Frankly, I care very little for Kate or Jon. However, I think it is in poor taste/judgement for him to complain about the mother of his children publically. If she does this to him, then she is also wrong. And I am curious why he feels it is harmful for her to use social networking to showcase their lives, but ok for him to use the media to slam his children’s mother?

  • maryanne

    kate sucks…involved with fame and fame. First off America if you think a middle age dumping sagging busted woman is pretty…god bless you. you’re a better person then me…pretty to me are the supermodels…Kate, get real…get job and stop complaining! John, get therapy…what the f….were you thinking??????????

  • http://Google Brad

    Extinct of their animosity? Seriously?

  • JP

    1. HE walked out on the woman who is the mother of HIS 8 children.

    2 HE cheated on her.

    3. He is the one who said ” I married too young and I am not ready to raise 8 children.

    4. If anything has belittled his “MAN HOOD” t is HIS own actions. NOT THAT I THIK HIS “MAN HOOD” is probably any thing to brag about.

    5. Kate has proven that she can make it on her own and the kids are fine. Once again the issue of the “Male Ego” comes in to play and Kate is always the one who is blamed for His Lack Of Success As a Man, Father and All Around Human Being.

    6. I think Kate should tell all the Busy Bodies in this world to take a hike. WOMAN HOOD IS POWERFUL !!!! JP

    • @JP

      who are you kidding ….. HA HA HA HA HA!

      The woman is a bitch.

      WOMAN HOOD is powerful? That is all it is to you. Proving women are great.

      Please. WOMAN HOOD is delusional.

  • C. Blaich

    Jon should really try to remember that not everyone in this world uses Twitter! I know absolutely nothing about Twitter or Instagramms!I guess he thinks that his ex commands everyone’s attention; not so!

  • ANN M. Gilbert


    • @ Ann

      She had $5 million dollars and then some. She doesn’t need child support. She wasted her money.

  • LT

    As someone who actually watched the show, my comments are: Kate was a remarkable mother – don’t know of too many people, male or female, who could have organized 8 little kiddies as well as she did. Kate was a bit harsh to Jon BUT Jon acted like one of the kids most of the time. In order to get him to participate, he had to be told. To Kate’s defense, when Jon called her on her harsh treatment, she would apologize sincerely – I don’t think she noticed much but then she already had 8 kids behaving the same as he did. From the start of the separation, Jon has used the viewers sympathy against Kate. I didn’t buy into it because I did see the show and know what happened. And, since the divorce has Kate been there 100%? NO! But she is basically a single Mom and her “job” takes here all around the country speaking and selling books. Does that make her a bad mom? No. If you people would get off the crucify Kate wagon and take an honest appraisal of the situation, you’d realize what a decent job she is doing and what a coward and cad Jon is. Does he, or anyone else, really think that calling the mother of your children names makes him a great dad? As for the $5 mil – I don’t have details so don’t know if taxes were paid, expenses, housing, etc. – but I’ll bet you it costs a pretty penny to raise those 8 kids in the stylish fashion they’ve become accustomed to. And BTW, this is America so when do we put someone down simply because they have the good fortune to be wealthy?!

  • Ever

    Do American women ever tire of complaining all the time and playing the pity card.

    Oh, I am so taken advantage of. I am a little blond american woman who has such hardships. I was only worth several million dollars and I lost all my money. Wah Wah Wah

    American women are jokes and spoiled.

    • Crystal

      So you are going to base your judgment of over 150 million woman based on Kate

      • Ever

        No, believe me there are a lot of other women to base my opinion on. You see them all the time.

  • Leo

    Get over it John boy, and, by the way, please work on your vocabulary, your adolescence is showing!

  • Linda

    Jon and Kate both need to grow up.

  • Rusty

    “The extinct of their animosity” what time do the real writers come to work?

  • Lucy

    The Social Media is not a place for Jon to air their dirty laundry. Someday those children (if they haven’t already) are going to read about how their parents TRASHED each other in the Media and it is going to back fire on them. Shame on Jon. He should take the higher road and move on and SHUT UP!

  • Morse

    She certainly has had the cash for a lot of plastic surgery.

  • Steve

    The “extinct of their animosity”????? Could you have meant “extent”?

    I can see that college tuition was a waste of money.

  • SuzetteC

    ” the extinct of their animosity”? You mean EXTENT, Meaghan. Need a copy editor?

  • JB

    John is right about one thing…Nobody gives a f#ck….

  • Timmy

    So sad for these folks. Neither one know how to parent and this is what we have to choose from for T.V. shows along with all the other reality shows. What’s wrong with us??? THESE SHOW ARE ALL STUPID,and we are all fools to watch them.I don’t give a darn about the multi milloniare in beverly hills,atlanta,new york,basketball wives,football dopers,politicians,bu we are stuck with them because we support them like it or not.

  • http://yahoo Terri

    The word you are looking for is not “extinct”; it’s “extent”…

  • http://Twellow Gerardsito

    Folks let’s face it this a “PLOY” they’re for the both of them to remain in the limelight. As mentioned in a previous comment we have no idea what the dynamics in their relationship were like while off the air. Unfortunately, some of us have a pattern of forming relationships that are detrimental to both parties. All of us have “ISSUES”. Kate’s parents may have not validated her well enough or perhaps Jon’s mother tended to be domineering and emasculating as well. Ironically, Kate may have had no idea that she was too harsh when dealing with Jon. The dynamics in any relationship develop over time and are next to impossible to change. In most divorce cases children are the pons despite their parent’s intentions. Parenting is something that is learned over time and via trial and error. The both of them are doing the best they can for their children. Let’s hope they’ll learn from their mistakes while they still have them. I am optimistic that things will turn out as they’re meant to be and that their parents are making sure the children are loved.

  • http://yahoo koni hoffman

    he has a toilet mouth…..I hope he doesn’t kiss his kids with that nasty mouth

  • Melissa Johnson

    Your writing, spelling, word usage all need major improvement. Commas are NOT your friend. And “extinct” – don’t you mean “extent?”
    “Although, most fans are aware that Gosselin, may still have steam radiating from his ears after she slapped him with a lawsuit months ago.”
    Let’s see…to correct this, where to begin?
    “Although most fans are aware that Gosselin may still have steam radiating from his ears after she slapped him with a lawsuit months ago,” – now FINISH THE BLASTED SENTENCE!
    Did you FLUNK English? Or miss it any of the days they covered basic writing skills, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and so on? Honestly, I don’t understand how YOU can get paid to write so badly!

  • http://Twellow Gerard Stanford

    Come on folks, as Kris Kardasian Jenner always says: “Thanks for another episode.” All of us have “ISSUES” and both Jon and Kate Gosselin are not exempt. The dynamics in their relationship evolved before the children and will continue to do so. Unfortunately, children invariably end up as the pons in divorce cases despite their parent’s best intentions. I’m optimistic that the children will remain unscaved as long as they’re assured the devotion and love they deserve. Let’s wish all of them love and happiness.

  • not yourbusiness

    Rather interesting, as he has been shopping ideas to many sources for TV projects. The fact is they had a bad marriage, he cheated with younger women, she is controlling and all of that was exploited by reality tv so that TLC could make money. Now she is raising the kids primarily on her own, he has occasional visits and contributes nothing financially except during his visits. Sorry, if you aren’t there for the day to day parenting you don’t have the right to criticize the parent that is.

  • Robbie

    He didn’t have a problem with media when he was on the show and still married to her and now….how much child support does he actually pay with his current job. He tried to do the media thing after the divorce and failed because nobody wanted to see him. Also, she is doing what’s necessary to raise her kids WITHOUT the help of welfare. We criticize the Octomom for receiving welfare and now we criticize Kate for using Media to raise her kids? Geez, Hush up people!

  • monkeybusiness

    Like Hollywood says ” Bad publicity is better then no publicity” .. People they are all in this together, everybody needs a paycheck. These two are still working together, don’t be so stupid.. “STAR MAGAZINE” SAME AS JON AND KATE… FULL OF BULL.

  • Bunny

    Ah.. sweet divorce- American Style!!

  • Ro

    I must say that John is as much a media seeker as Kate, but more negative than she.

  • Kathy

    I wonder what the two older kids think of all this fuss. Or for that matter, what all the kids think…. It would be interesting to hear their thoughts….

  • teresa

    “the extinct of their animosity”? I don’t think that’s the right word. I’m thinking “extent”?

  • steve

    Did a 5th grader write this article? wow!

    • wayne

      Steve, Great comment. That’s the first thing I thought, too. Pitiful writing about nothing.

  • chely1

    SHe is disgusting- she is all about money- Jon is the one who should be raising these children 100%…any negative comments about him shows your immaturity- he’s bitter- as he should be- look how she treated him on that show- he did what she demanded- she has always been a snob since high school a spoiled brat her friends say. She doesn’t have many ‘friends’ and the only acquaintances are just as shallow. Hopefully these children can somehow be better people all on their own. What a bad hand they have been dealt by the mother- and Jon is just up against a wall.

  • Rhiannon Kirkpatrick

    Re the reporters language usage : it’s ‘EXTENT’ of the animosity, not ‘EXTINCT’ !!!

    • wayne

      She’s not a reporter!!! She’s a joke! Article is full of grammatical errors. My 10 year old son writes much better.

    • ReeseInTexas

      I’m sure you’ve never made a grammatical or usage error ever in your whole, entire life, right? It happens to everyone, so give the woman a break! It’s one thing to point out a mistake, but it’s something else when you’re being an asshole in the process.

  • Dev West

    Why is she shopping a sad Porn Tape if she wants a normal life.
    These are sad lottery winners who lost it all and believe they deserve it again.

  • wayne

    Meaghan Ellis, Your writing is pathetic, juvenile and full of grammar errors. Please, don’t write anymore drivel.

    • ReeseInTexas

      For someone who calls out someone else’s grammatical mistakes, you certainly don’t care as much about making your own! You forgot to insert a comma after the word ‘juvenile’ and you capitalized the word ‘your’ erroneously. Don’t be a Grammar Nazi if you’re NOT going to follow the rules YOURSELF! It just makes you look like a jerk.

  • LC

    WOW! Why are these people still at it? It’s time to act like parents to those kids. It doesn’t matter if they like each other or not. No parent should ever bad mouth the other parent where the kids can hear it or read about it.

    As for Kate, she is NOT a good mother. She is mean to those kids, show them no respect. As for the way she treated/treats Jon, if I treated my husband that way I would hope he would walk out and take the kids with him. I watched enough of the show to know, no matter what he did it was never good enough for Kate.

    A good mom and dad for that matter put the kids first. This show made them a lot of money. If the showed hadn’t come along they would have found a way to take care of those kids out of the lime light. Look at all of the other couples that have had multiples. They don’t all have a show on TV.

    I feel for those kids. They didn’t ask for any of this. Sadly those girl are being raised to not respect men and those boys are being raised to take verbal abuse. Yes one of the older girls acts just like her mother. She treats her father just as Kate treats Jon. A good mother would tell her not to do that.

    As for it not being Jon’s business what happens with HIS kids that is way off base. They are just as much his kids as they are her kids. He has every right to know what goes on with them. And Kate giving the kids a choice if they want to see their dad or not is NOT being a good mother. A good mother would encourage that relationship.

    I’m on the side of the kids. They have never been able to just be kids. It’s time to let them have what is left of their childhoods. They are kids once and for such a short period of time.

  • K.G. Szymczak

    Bottom line is this….Kate is,and always was,a gold-digging bitch.

  • K.G. Szymczak

    Bottom line is this…Kate is, and always was,a gold-digging bitch. And I mean BITCH.

    • K.G. Szymczak

      Had to say it twice, she’s such a bee-otch.

  • http://yahoo.com Sue

    Katie is now as she always has been an “attention seeker”. I will never forget the episode where they caught Kate in the background hitting one of the little ones and yelling!! Right then and there I knew she s*cked as a parent.

    She uses those poor kids to get herself in the limelight. Maybe if I had total body surgery, fake teeth, fake hair, and a FAKE personality I could be on TV too.

    You could see that Jon tried to be normal with the kids and play but miss thang had to have everything caught on camera. Especially everything about her.

    I am sick to death of still seeing her face!! Enough Kate already. She is “old” and old news!!!

  • kelly

    Get a profreader. Seriously. “the extinct of their animosity wasn’t so evident, until last week.” EXTINCT???

    • just lil ol me

      I think you mean proofreader, but that’s okay. It should be EXTENT not EXTINCT.

      • ReeseInTexas

        Apparently I should have read the comments that had already been made prior to making my own! I’m glad to see that I wasn’t the only one – or just one of a handful – that caught the usage error here. :)

  • Buddha

    Kate is still smokin hot.

  • just lil ol me

    does this sentence seem odd to anyone else? Shouldn’t it be EXTENT, instead of EXTINCT? damn auto correct.

    “However, the extinct of their animosity wasn’t so evident, until last week.”

    • just lil ol me

      nm…someone all ready caught it.

  • k

    I think its between them and none of our business, they know what really went on between them and whats going on now…it should not be out all over the internet !!

  • ReeseInTexas

    1) “However, the extinct of their animosity wasn’t so evident, until last week.”

    I don’t think you meant to use the word ‘extinct’ here. I think that you meant to use ‘extent’. :)

    2) Having seen many friends and relatives divorce, been through my own, and having watched my parents deal with their own divorce, I’m saddened but not surprised by the level of animosity between Kate and Jon. I think they both have valid points. However, because of their extensive involvement with the media, every aspect of their separation has been dissected, projected, and likely amplified by the media and subsequently by the general public. When I think about how this must be impacting their kids it really makes me cringe and I feel my jaw clenching. While some people get a kick out of watching their parents sling mud, who’s giving any real thought to the children stuck between them, witnessing all this animosity? If you think that they don’t see, hear, or are cognizant of it, you’ve got your head in the sand.