Kate Gosselin and Steve Neild: Together at One Direction Concert

By: Kimberly Ripley - August 6, 2014

Kate Gosselin and former bodyguard Steve Neild are supposedly ‘broken up’ since Steve’s wife put her foot down regarding their ‘relationship,’ however the two were spotted together once again this past weekend at a One Direction concert in New Jersey. Kate’s twin daughters Mady and Cara Gosselin, were seen at the concert, along with Neild and their mom.

It wasn’t all that long ago that Steve Neild’s wife gave him an ultimatum and he left his post as Kate Gosselin’s personal and family body guard in an effort to patch things up with his own family. Wife Gina reportedly “told him his time with Kate as her bodyguard was making the family miserable and that he had to make a choice.”

Kate and Steve were last spotted in public together back in March when they accompanied Mady and Cara to a Demi Lovato concert.

The media learned about Kate Gosselin and Steve Neild at the One Direction concert this past weekend from innocent bystanders who noticed them and posted to Twitter. This one even managed to capture the concert-goers in a photo.

Sources claim Steve Neild is still trying to work things out with his family, but is still friends with Kate Gosselin. Apparently neither Steve nor Kate showed anything deemed overtly affectionate toward one another during the One Direction concert, so maybe they really are behaving themselves. One has to wonder what Gina Neild thinks of these friendly get-togethers, however. Is she okay with this or did she not know about it until the media caught wind of it?

Steve Neild has supposedly been the only consistent male figure in the lives of Kate Gosselin’s children for many years (what is Jon Gosselin–chopped liver?), therefore some believe he is there for their sake only.

Do you think that’s the case or is that simply a bad excuse for a couple of adults who may have just gotten caught doing something they weren’t supposed to do?

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  • jo

    That’s one thing I don’t like about Kate, her carrying on with a married man, this may have been the reason her marriage collapsed

    • catlady

      Jon cheated too. The way she treated Jon was awful. She is too controlling. Steve Nield also needs to go back to his wife and children. Kate is a too much of a DIVA. I think she will do anything for money.

  • samailadlang

    For Kate 8 is enough, but enjoying life with men continues.

  • katie

    Or maybe, heaven forbid, Kate wanted to take her twins to a concert and needed someone there to make sure people left them alone… People’s lives are usually much less exciting then we make them out to be.

    • Guest

      Doesn’t look to me like anyone is bothering them or even paying attention that they’re there. She probably just needs him to carry her purse.

    • lynnsa

      As if anyone is going to bother them, she is nothing but a media whore and her kids would probably benefit from no media. She just needs attention.

  • retiredhappy

    She’s a pig. Wish the media would just stop covering what she does. Who cares!!

  • meeenie

    Wht does this “BITCH” and her litter even need a body guard? no one cares!

  • meeenie

    Kate get a real job , your children are in school .I am looking for a maid.

  • LSJ

    Back off people. There are always two sides to every story. Leave these people alone to solve their own problems and you worry about your own lives. Stop judging and name calling. It serves no purpose for you or the people you are attacking.

    • DliwsrekoJ

      Trolololololololololol. Laaaaaa Lalalalala la la la laaaah. lalalala lalalaalalalalal Trololololololololololololalalalalallaa

  • blukat

    Yes, John Gosselin is chopped liver.

  • patsynursygirl

    Oh, Cripe. He is probably just being a bodyguard. I do not like Kate’s
    witchy controlling ways, but if I had 8 multiples, I would be the same.
    Hope she is getting therapy!

  • jodypickthecotton

    Joan, wow its interesting that so many of you know her personally or do you? how can you look at that picture and say these people are having an affair.What are you seeing that I’m not seeing? all I see is 4 people minding their own business and enjoying a concert. what a great idea MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. quit judging people . Steves wife is someone none of you probably even know what she looks like so how can you know what she or for that matter anyone else is thinking.Raising 8 children is a very challenging job. I hope Kate and her twins enjoyed the concert. People keep your words sweet…. some day you might have to eat them.

  • syd

    Kate is Great!

  • morgan i guess


  • mary

    just curious.. why in the heck does she need a body guard???? its not like shes famous….everyone wants to forget her!

  • Floyd

    When the media stops finally covering her, can we get them to rid the television of the other attention whores in the Kardashians?

  • John

    Kate Gosselin needs to straighten herself up and see what she has done to Jon in so many ways, she’s to over controlling and she only likes publicity and fashion for herself. She needs to stop seeing this bodyguard and I’m guessing they did something together in that hotel room alone while separated from the kids. I think the bodyguards wife need to take action. I don’t even like the way she treats her kids and friends. She needs to have alot of RESPECT AND DISCIPLINE for once. Also only reason why she wants to have a kid show is because she spend all that money to herself and fashion.

    • Cheryl55

      Kate is great! and getting rid of that pathetic excuse of a husband and well he does not even deserve the title father….was the best thing she has ever done for her and her children. She is a great mom and I wish them all the best!

  • james

    I bet she is good in the sack

  • Rudybow

    Who is Kate Gosselin? Oh, another reality whore we created.

  • anna

    It looks like her father’s sitting next to her.

  • cowboy

    a woman without disgression.=a pig with a gold ring in his snout.

  • Donna

    These two are pathetic, they are still rubbing their affair in his wife’s face, I don’t care what bitch Kate calls it this is how she manipulates people, just ask her friend Beth Carson.