Kate Gosselin and 8 Kids Return to TV

    May 30, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Kate Gosselin and her 8 little (or not so little it seems) Gosselins are making their return to TV in a TLC special called Kate Plus Eight: Sextuplets Turn 10. Airing as a two-part series, the first half of the special will be shown on TLC on June 19th, with the second half featured a week later on June 26th.

According to E!, Kate hasn’t changed a lot since she was last seen on TLC in Kate Plus Eight and previously in Jon & Kate Plus 8. The website reports “she’s still got her no-nonsense, suck-the-fun-out-of-everything, attitude along with a new hairdo.”

That’s actually a rather pleasant description of the woman that everyone quickly loved to hate. Once she and ex-husband Jon made big bucks on their reality TV show she almost instantly turned into a royal b*tch.

The special will feature the Gosselin sextuplets turning ten years old. The three girls and three boys were the whole reason for the Gosselin family’s reality show in the first place. When they were born, Jon and Kate Gosselin already had twin girls–Mady and Cara. The addition of six more kids became the ‘plus 8’ in both shows.

Fans are definitely excited about Kate’s return to the small screen.

Jon Gosselin wasn’t thrilled when he heard about the upcoming special. He hasn’t wanted his kids on TV ever since he and Kate Gosselin divorced. Some think he is looking out for his kid’s best interests while others think he doesn’t want them on TV because he is jealous of Kate Gosselin and her so-called fame.


Will you be tuning in to see Kate Plus Eight: Sextuplets Turn 10 when it airs on TLC in June? Do you expect it will do well in the TV ratings?

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  • bob

    She must need money so she will get on t.v. again and try to make us people feel sorry for her so we donate money or watch her show so the ratings up and she get’s a bonus.
    If she wants to show us she is a good mother, how about she get’s no government assistance or donations from the public. How about no t.v. or book contract’s. Get a real job lady and stop ruining your kids lives. All of them may be drug addicts when they grow up and learn they was in a circle show with a snob mother.

  • dessertgirl

    She is still EVIL and VILE. She is a GRIFTER always on the lookout for FREEBIES and when she can’t get them, she spends the kids’ money. No one watched the program to see her yet she thinks she was the star. The new deal she struck at the end was that she would get 85% of the money for the show and the 8 KIDS SPLIT the REMAINING 15%. Before that, Jon and Kate got it all!