Kate Gosselin Accused of Spanking Again

    August 2, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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Kate Gosselin has eight kids. Not many people could handle eight kids. The first thing that it takes is money. Fortunately, Kate Gosselin has plenty of money from her television ventures where she lets people sit at home watching her raise her kids.

The harried mother has seen her share of bad press and tabloid headlines. There was the divorce from husband Jon. She planned a TV show with Paula Deen, but was nixed by executives who said she was “too controversial.” Little did they know about Deen’s own future issues.

Now comes the book “Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World”. In it, the author has gotten his hands on some of Gosselin’s private journals and reveals their contents to the paying public.

The book talks about behind-the-scenes issues in the filming of Gosselin’s reality television shows, including some tidbits about how the crew were treated. One such “treatment” was Gosselin’s rule that her home address never be mentioned on the show. Other rules included no smoking or drinking on her property, limit of crew use to one bathroom, shutting doors and removing shoes. These are all pretty par for the course for any parent.

But the book also recounts multiple times that Kate Gosselin spanked her children, as revealed in her private journals.

“The kids were outside playing and Collin poured some beans on the floor and was sent inside. He didn’t like that so he knocked down some highchairs in the kitchen and that set Kate off,” the book details. “Kate said that she was instantly so angry that she grabbed him and spanked him as hard as she could and thought that she may seriously injure him so she sent him to his crib and whipped him into it very hard!”

This same author once told a tabloid site that Gosselin uses a wooden spoon to spank her kids. He submitted a photo of the spoon as supposed proof that she did this.

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  • Charlene

    Kate G. is a creepy lunatic!

  • Anthony

    In my opinion Kate is a narcissist, control freak and psychotic. She needs a strong person to put her in her place. I wouldn’t go out with her if she was the last woman on the face of the earth.

    • geo

      i think raising 8 kids alone would make you this way!

      • edmckee

        If raising 8 kids makes you act like this then don’t have 8 kids.

  • NCVA

    Now how is she going to be put in her place? A nice chauvinist slap across the face?
    Some people do better without a partner.

    • Creepy

      Yeah, a Throat Punch would do well in changing her attitude.

  • Sandy Coryell

    I would have spanked those kids a long time ago from when I watched that show. I think she showed great restraint. I was spanked with a wooden spoon, belt, hand, and switches. I never hated my parents or grew up hating the world and everyone in it and I am 67 now and have never killed anyone. :)

    • Aissatou Sunjata

      Sandy, I agree with your sentiments. Although some mothers have traditionally done more than use a wooden spoon, these same folks would be singing a new tune if her children turned out to be thugs and prostitutes. Can’t have it both ways. Also, no matter what others perceive who she is the fact remains she is raising 8 children. Narcissist, malignant and all, she is responsible for 8 children.

    • kathleenholmes

      i know. things were different in our era. just can’t do that anymore. my middle son resents that i spanked.

      • tiredofstupid2

        He will thank you one day when he grows up.

        • Karen DeSha

          Spanking or hitting a child is barbaric and teaches nothing…have your tried COMMUNICATION?

          Justin’s [never laid a hand on my very mature and brave son who stood up against an armed gunman to protect his college friends and DIED for it] momma

          • Mr.right

            you probably never noticed that, not too many people, (thumbs up) your opinion comment?
            ….Maybe it’s because you are in the minority and most people that understand that corporal punishment it’s not child abuse, and it shouldn’t be the only form of punishment, but it is a necessary and a very loving and child rearing tool.
            There is however a big difference between child abuse and a spanking,just like there is a big difference between youthful childish mistakes and and willful childish mischievous and willful defiance or openly rebellious child…
            some children depending on their temperament are very compliant and all the parent has to do is to give the child ‘the look’ or ‘the eye’ or and reprimand (ultimatum) and stern warning and that child is genuinely remorseful and complies with whatever the parent requires that individual
            On the other hand you may have a strong willed or a cantankerous and rebellious or mischievous child and you have to deal with that child totally different than you would deal with ‘compliant’ child also the age of the child and depending on the severity of the infraction and also depending on if they knew what they were doing was explicitly spelled out in the ‘family rules’ and the consequences for breaking the rules whether at home, in school or where ever the infraction occurred, this teaches them that regardless of where they are or what they do, there will be consequences for their actions, some severe and some minor but either way there will be accountability when it comes down to their actions and interaction with other people.
            now like I said, corporal punishment should not be the only form of punishment, nor should it be the first response to a assumed breach of the code of conduct or behavior while out in public( whether at school, church, public park etc.) the child has to know that they will be accountable not only at home, but to their schoolteacher police officer, or a judge, there’s a law called ‘consequences and repercussions” in either the child will learn it from their loving parents, or they were learned when they are arrested by police officer and sentence to prison by a judge who neither cares whether or not this kid has learned social responsibility… because now this kid is an adult who has become antisocial misfit! The Bible says,train up a child, in the way that he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it !”

        • kathleenholmes

          he’s 38 and a nonspanking dad!

          • tiredofstupid2

            Well, good for him.

    • BadAndy

      There is a difference in spanking out of anger, which is what she seems to be doing here, and spanking as a form of punishment. We had rules we had to follow as children. If those rules were broken, my father would sit me down and explain to me what we have done and why we were going to receive the punishment. He always told us that just because we were getting a spanking did not mean that he did not love us. You see a difference here in how parents were responsible then and how they aren’t these days? They taught me a lesson every time. They didn’t try to compromise or say that children will be children or that children are responsible for their actions come what may or that you just can’t control a child. They taught me something that to this day I still remember. I have a fantastic adult relationship now with my parents. They are some of my best friends.

      • http://www.iheartprettypolish.com/ Essie Rae

        Did you really need to be hit after that conversation in order for you to learn right from wrong?

        • BadAndy

          I was NEVER hit, I was spanked and there is a difference. There was a rule broken and there was a consequence. My father took the time to explain that instead of just spanking. Then he followed up on the rules. Don’t ever mistake good parenting for beating a child.

          • http://www.iheartprettypolish.com/ Essie Rae

            I respectfully disagree. There doesn’t have to be a physical consequence to “follow up” a lesson. I think you would have respected your father even more if he respected you enough to know that you got his point without having to be swatted on the butt.

        • DUH

          OH please! I’ve heard many kids, who don’t have consequences, say, ”
          All I have to do is listen to Dad’s lecture and that’s it.”
          They zone out. Stole something? Get a lecture. Cause problems in school? Get a lecture. You are being duped if you think kids’ behavior alters bcz you have a long conversation with them.

          • http://www.iheartprettypolish.com/ Essie Rae

            I didn’t say that all I do is have a conversation. I was commenting about the fact that your dad had a long conversation and then spanked you to make it count. How about taking something of a value away? Grounding? Doing extra chores? I have and will always choose those routes rather than hitting my children.

    • tiredofstupid2


    • Mr.right

      Libs are lunatics!

  • Jenny Penny

    Kate is a wicked woman. She is a malignant narcissist. The only title a Reality Show that would even begin to hint at the truth is the one in the future, oh about ten years from now: How Jon And Kate Ruined Eight.

  • Spence Pate

    Shes’ a mother…those are “her” children. Spanking is NOT abuse. If she felt the disciplinary action at the time should be a spanking then it’s really no one’s business. I know we live in a society where everyone thinks they need to tell parents how to raise their own children but that’s not the case. Unless there was some kind of real physically abuse (spanking is not) then whoever wrote this needs to write about something else.

    • Lori Hertz

      Sounds more like a beating than a spanking to me. Children that are spanked learn to hit, so many other ways to discipline other than hitting. From a Mother of five college degreed children.

      • ChildOfGod

        Children don’t need to be “taught” to hit. There is nothing wrong with spanking, as long as it is done in love and without anger.

        • NoShrinkingViolet

          Spanking is aggression. Spanking is an act of violence. Spanking is *not* an act of love. So, ChildOfGod, would Jesus spank a child?

          • Icepick

            You bet our behind Jesus would spank a child. Spare the rod, spoil the child

          • DUH

            oh puhleeze. Would Jesus spank a child? God’s Word says “Spare the rod; spoil the child”

      • didavis429@yahoo.com

        I don’t agree, not only was I spanked I was physically abused with belts, whips and fists. I became timed and shy and only ponce did I hit someone and that was in self defense after that person hit me first. I raised my three children and all three of them can totally count on one hand how many times they were spanked. I do believe in spanking on the rear only.

      • Ray Thomas

        Having a degree has nothing to do with disciplining (taking away privileges, spanking, timeout, etc.). I was spanked have a college degree. You have to train a child…more parents need to discipline and stop letting children run them.

        • Karen DeSha

          Train a child…OMG! They are not an animal! Justin’s [this is an insane example of parenting] momma

          • DUH

            Of course children need training. They have to be potty trained, have manners training and hopefully, musical training. As they get older they need educational instructional and vocational training. We have a country full of spoiled brats, who self centered, lazy and rude and no one ot blame but parents who don’t train their kids – too worried about Kate spanking her kids. Ridiculous!

      • katrina

        I have 5 teenagers and colleged aged children as well, and i disagree with you. There is a difference between beating and spanking yes.. but i also dont believe a bit of what is said by anyone on any side of this. Those children were hardly abused and the cameras were there 24/7 recording. Good lord, there were always people around if she was really beating the kids, it would have come up and to light long before this. My children were spanked and not one of them ever hit anyone else.. ever. That is a load of crap.

      • David Larson

        BS I was spanked as a child and so were both my brothers and we ALL turned out fine. American parents are such idiots now days look at how badly most kids act today and this stems from a lack of discipline. Most parents want to be friends with their kids instead of an actual parent. I spent years living in Japan and the parents there discipline their kids and guess what? They are some of the best behaved, respectful and happy kids you will ever meet.

    • jim sands

      same as giving your wife a smack or two ,it is not physical abuse . Go ahead and punch them loved ones around as it is considered ok and normal by some idiots out there.

      • jenny

        There is a difference. A wife is an adult and should be dealt with as an adult. A child is not capable of reasoning like an adult is. That being said sometimes it might take a spanking to get through to some kids. As long as the kid knows it’s coming, and as long they know why they were spanked, I don’t see a little spanking as abuse.

        • NoShrinkingViolet

          Children can be reasoned with — it takes more time and more effort.

          • Reader22

            Do you have children?

          • NoShrinkingViolet

            Yes, both grown.

        • jim sands

          There is no reason or excuse for striking a child or an adult. Period. It is nothing but being a failure with parenting skills. We just have different opinions about this so i will leave it at that.

        • Karen DeSha

          My son was more than capable of reasoning so I beg to differ with your lack of intelligence on a child’s capabilities! I am Justin’s momma

    • kathleenholmes

      unfortunately spanking is not acceptable.

  • Debb

    Spare the rod and spoil the child. That’s what’s wrong with our society today; the government telling us how to rear our children. Gosh, she’s correcting them so that society doesn’t have to in the future.

    • Reader22

      You are so right Debb!!

    • http://www.iheartprettypolish.com/ Essie Rae

      You can correct people without hitting them.

  • carlos mcquakenbush

    This woman is sick. John was smart to get away from her. Soon her kids will be old enough to tell her to f off. I bet as soon as they are allowed by law they will run then she can suffer alone Oh Im sure it will be on tv but at least she will get what she deservers I also hope the kids never let her see the grandchildren

    • justin creditable

      most of those kids will be exactly like her bc john has shown those kids him being weak. he is a ass too.if the rumors are true that he gave her all power to lower his child support?

  • pc carter

    Kate is a sick person and one of those twins are just like her!!!!

  • Pippiagain

    Good for her. Many children need to be spanked on occasion. Now, let the hate mail from the “nonviolent” people begin. Do I like her? Not at all, but that does not mean her children may not need a spanking now and again.

  • Andy71

    And I always thought that she wasn’t a good mother but if she isn’t afraid to spank her children when they need it She is OK in my book !

  • Autumn Skye

    So because some author wrote it and has a picture of a spoon, it must be true! I only have 2 children, and they can be challenging at times. I can’t even put myself in her place. Sadly, women who have strong opinions and/or are strong people are considered narcissists. Since we don’t have access to their true private lives, I don’t think anyone should judge her.

  • Desperado Castanza

    While I see nothing wrong with ordinary spanking, Kate is just plain mean & nasty in other ways & only thinks of herself, her freebies & her lavish lifestyle.

  • Lori Hertz

    Her children look so unhappy, Kate looks EVIL! If looks could kill that child would be a gonner. So sad. Have these kids ever had a psychological evaluation? Maybe Grandma would be a better option.

  • ChildOfGod

    There is nothing wrong with spanking….when it is done in love and without anger. Kids need discipline as well as compassion and care.

    • Kevin F.

      Of course there is something wrong with spanking–and there is definitely something wrong with beating the kids with spoons and never showing them patience or love. If you spend a lot of time with your kids, and you’re patient and set clear boundaries with clear consequences (that don’t include physical pain), you can see that hitting is only for the uncivilized. Kate was dying to have all these kids for the attention it would bring her and the free things she’d get, but she hates spending time with them or teaching them anything. All they want is her love, and she hit them and left them any chance she could get. Awful, awful person. Why she still gets a free pass by the media is beyond me? If there was this kind of evidence against a male “celebrity,” he would be finished.

      • kathleenholmes

        awfully judgmental

      • justin creditable

        you read something more then me? where did it say she has no patience ever? think she would of slipped once on camera especially when she takes them all shopping those children behave like they are beat? no! or scared to be beat? no! & . wtf does free stuff mean? When did anyone get a media – pass? Theres more money in kate beating 8 then kate plus 8

        • Karen DeSha

          You need to read more than just THIS article!!

    • Karen DeSha

      love spanking oxymoron….Justin’s momma

    • http://www.iheartprettypolish.com/ Essie Rae

      How do you hit in love? Sounds completely ridiculous!

  • Sasha

    OMG SHE SPANKS HER KIDS?!?!? …really?? really? We’re getting upset over a parent disciplining her children? Some school still , with parental consent, have the ability to spank a child as discipline. If you think spanking’s wrong you’re an idiot and your children probably turned out as spoiled brats that the majority of society would rather avoid than deal with. ( ie. Justin Bieber)

    • proofisinthegreatadult

      An idiot if you DON”T spank your child?! What nonsense. I never spanked my child. I couldn’t. I had been spanked with the belt and it taught me nothing but that bigger people could beat on me. I had no problems with my children, and they remembered a couple of things and thanked me when they were older. 1. I never raised my voice to them. 2. I didn’t spank them. We worked on issues as they arose. I also never let any other adult at school hit my children either. We had no issues we couldn’t work through with appropriate consequences for behaviors, if needed.

      They are both excellent, intelligent adults, community minded, respectful, helpful, and kind adults. They are excellent parents. Beating on another person, just because they are smaller, is not ‘discipline’ it is physical abuse. You would never hit someone your own size, even if they acted like a child. Gee, wonder why? They might hit back?

      • Karen DeSha

        AMEN! I agree 180%. Justin’s {NO SPANKING EVER} momma

      • http://www.iheartprettypolish.com/ Essie Rae

        Well said!

  • g gentry

    Kate is a real bltch.

  • Mere

    I’m sorry but we need MORE spanking not less. My generation grew up being spanked and we all did fine. I don’t where this ridiculous notion that spanking or any kind of negative reinforcement is bad came from but it’s the reason why the young kids of today have no respect for adults and are utterly self absorbed drama queens. I mean really, who got the genius idea that bribing your kids with candy and toys in the store to get them to behave would work? All it did was teach them that if they threw a big enough tantrum they get what they want.

    • theonethatlived

      “Weak unprepared” people are the ones that allow tantrums to get out of hand and give in to the kids. Many lack the “skill” of what it is to discipline kids with or without hitting them. Bribing, negotiating, giving in, are problems that I see. Many parents I know want, need their kids to love them and by giving in they think that will work. Certainly does not. Kids are by nature manipulative creatures and learn early on how to “work” their parents. I never cared if I was love/liked, I demanded a certain behavior and I always got it, I may have raise one child, but I have many decades of caring for many children, so experience teaches us how to be effective in raising decent, respectful people.

    • http://www.iheartprettypolish.com/ Essie Rae

      I was spanked and it made me NOT respect my mother. All I thought about is the fact that I hated her for hitting/spanking me and no part of me thought about what I did wrong.

  • Javier

    I was spanked as a child, so were my sisters. Happy to report we all grew up to be decent human beings, who love our parents and get along great. I spanked my kids, and guess what, they are all responsible adults and they also lead happy lives. Children need to be spanked, and I didn’t say they need to be abused, but a spanking in due time saves sorrows down the line. It’s ridiculous how all these “experts” here think that spanking is wrong when in fact is what a child needs many times to learn respect and obedience as a child. Get it?

    • Dorothy Pilos

      I was also spanked as a child. I did not like it, felt like it degraded me. Most kids are not spanked they are beaten. Me i was not but the way it made me feel was very bad even tho it did not happen but a couple of times. I feel it would have been better and it would have taught me more to have been put in time out or something taken away. This is me as an adult saying what would have helped me more, when being hit as a child it does something to you. Maybe people don’t want to admit it but i will never believe spanking is a proper way to punish a child ever. To me it makes perfect sense that if you hit, they will hit back. maybe not a parent but others who makes them mad. Monkey see, monkey do. You do not have to inflict pain on someone to teach them something.

      • theonethatlived

        I was verbally abused and “beat” a couple of times. The verbal abuse still brings me some “dark” moments. Have cleared the air with our mother over it and she is truly sorry for it. As a divorced woman with 4 kids, that was her way of coping. I have forgiven her, but again there are some things that trigger the deep scars and I have to take a deep breath and be thankful for what I made of myself inspite of it.
        I do not think corporal punishment is as effective as some say. I look at it as , “I am bigger than you” therefore I can hit you.
        There was only one time I used “the paddle” on our daughter. She was about 4-5 at the time. One swat was all it took. From that point on when she misbehaved~which was rare~we discussed what was inappropriate and came to an agreement on what was proper behavior. Never threatened, did not “count down” she learned what we expected of her. When she had cousins or friends over they knew the rules and behaved according to them. But when the parents were around they did act up as the parents did not reenforce discipline.

      • Kevin

        You are so right, Dorothy. Spanking is nothing more than losing control and bullying/humiliating someone. Spanking is much more prevalent in those who are ignorant. As a parent, my children have certainly tested my patience, but I have never, ever hit them, and everyone tells us how well behaved they are. Because we give them respect and we expect respect. Spanking only teaches the child that those who are stronger can assert their power over the weaker. I hope all these people who are such advocates of a “loving spank” (disgusting!) don’t one day find out how awful it is when someone in a position of power forces you into physical submission.

        If spanking works so well, why do Kate’s kids continue to show behavioral problems? Maybe because all that hitting and beating only breeds more anger and violence.

        • theproofisinthegreatadult

          Kevin and Dorothy, you are a breath of fresh air in this foggy discussion of spanking as ‘loving discipline’. No one hits another human being, knowing they are causing pain, ‘in love’. They are angry at some level, and hurting a tiny person they profess to love. That is not an appropriate consequence to an action. There are 1k ways to handle any given situation when a child breaks a rule. I remember once when my son did break a rule. When we talked about it later, we found he did it to spare someone’s feelings and not cause them embarrassment in public. He acted with maturity, and respect for a child. I could not chastise him or spank him for his thoughtfulness in the situation. We talked about how he could handle this situation, in several different ways, but praised his respect and thoughtful consideration of another’s feelings. He learned a lot more than if we had spanked him for his disobeying a rigid rule that had a spanking offense. He is now an amazing adult, who is in conflict resolution, community org, and works with interactive programs to bring people together and work together to better a community they live in. We are proud of our children, and believe that you reap what you sew. Some of the phrases here I have heard before. I would like to meet some of these people who think they are fine, but beat their children with a belt. Impulse control, anger rising at times, moodiness, a thousand things might be in their personalities from spankings that they don’t realize are there. It comes around. Spanking does not solve a problem, which is obvious in Kate’s situation.

          “Kate said that she was instantly so angry that she grabbed him and spanked him as hard as she could and thought that she may seriously injure him so she sent him to his crib and whipped him into it very hard!”

          That is abuse, and it could cause more that psychological scars, but physical damage to a growing body. She should be in mandatory anger management classes, and supervised. These kids are already damaged. It breaks my heart. My parents beating me with a belt cause me a broken vertebrae. It is a ‘souvenir’ of their discipline methods from my childhood. NO, it was not ‘love,’ nor was it a suitable and appropriate punishment.
          Thank you to you both for offering sensible and respectful approaches to raising children. We need more parents like you.
          Dorothy, I am sorry for your suffering. I have had hundreds of patients come to me who were abused in many ways as a child. They have worked on healing their whole adult lives. Parents do not realize how long lasting their ‘moments of frustration’, or ‘spanking in love’ (!) damage can last.
          Peace and blessings,
          Dr. CS

      • kathleenholmes

        my son, whom i spanked, agrees with you.

      • Karen DeSha

        I am sorry you were hurt. You described how I felt, too; ergo why I promised never to harm my son. We communicated. He was a great child, who grew to be a great teen, who grew to be a great young man who bravely died saving two of his fellow alumnus from an armed gunman at UMd. Justin’s [sad but loving] momma

      • Javier

        Dorothy, you cannot speak for most kids. Your claim that most kids are not spanked but beaten is not based on fact. It’s also not true that because a child gets spanked he’s going to hit somebody else, those a myths not based on facts or reality. You probably don’t have any kids right? Spanking for most not all but most kids is a must, go do research on families that never spanked their children and you’ll see brats being raised.

    • olivia

      Don’t you just hate it when a parent starts to count down? and when they start to get to the end they repeat a number over and over again giving the kid EXTRA time, how does that discipline a child? Some parents really do need a book of instructions.

      • theonethatlived

        Parents that do this allow the kid to control them. Yes some parents need some kind of instruction in the disciple of kids. Each kid has to be dealt with according to their age, gender, overall personality. Raising and disciplining kids is not a “one size fits all” endeavor. This is when the parent(s) would be effective by stepping back evaluating the situation and reach the proper conclusion on the response to the behavior.
        I have read/heard the comment~”we have to have a license to drive, get married, practice medicine,” etc, but the most important thing anyone ever will do and that is have kids, does not require anything other than the ability to conceive.

      • http://www.iheartprettypolish.com/ Essie Rae

        I agree. I have never and will never do the count down. Nothing ever happens when they get to 1.

  • billie Royce


    • theonethatlived

      She WANTED these kids! Jon was just the one she made them with~with the help of a fertility clinic. She did not come by these multiples naturally.

    • Kevin F

      Kate only wanted the attention of having all those kids (conceiving, I believe against a doctor’s advice) but not the day-to-day responsibilities of them. She was lucky enough to have 8 healthy ones, and what does she do? Beat them and bully them. Gross.

    • kathleenholmes


  • wally

    so she spanks her kids so what!

  • annabilly

    Wow, the crew isn’t supposed to give out their address, neither would I and I don’t and I am not on television. Wow, the crew had to use a certain door, well my son is an actor and if he filmed in someone’s house, there were rules, lots and no shoes, certain doors, etc.

  • Mr.right

    contrary to the liberal media, spanking a child is not only loving… but, it’s not child abuse not correcting your kids in my opinion is extreme child abuse!

    • Keepingitrealandhonest

      It is nonsensical to make this a political argument. It has nothing to do with ‘liberal media’ or even liberal politically minded parents. I know solid Republican parents who do not hit their child for discipline. There is also ‘media’ out there that is not considered ‘liberal’, that do not advocate spanking. This is not a political, or any other generalization you could come up, issue, within this discussion.
      Hurting small people on purpose is not loving, it is cruel.

      • Mr.right

        small people? They are children who need guidance and sometimes corporal punishment is unnecessary and loving form of parenting,my grandmother had 17 children(but then againthey didn’t have TV or cable) lol , all of them are pretty successful people in their own right, and when they were younger they were spanked and of course it didn’t kill them, but it taught them they are definite consequences for bad behavior, now spanking should not be the only form of punishment, spanking should be done when the child makes a childish mistake but when a child is openly or defiantly rebellious corporal punishment its not only justified but it is paramount!proverb says,”the heart of a child I bound up in foolishness….but the rod of correction will draw it out far from him…

    • http://www.iheartprettypolish.com/ Essie Rae

      hitting your child is loving??? HA!

      • Mr.right

        Absolutely, when done by a loving parent, you are absolutely right!

        • http://www.iheartprettypolish.com/ Essie Rae

          I would have to disagree. You may be a loving parent, but that action isn’t “loving”.

  • nagats

    not defending this lunatic but not spanking your kids is why we got soo many douchebags around today.

  • BJA2321

    so what. She isn’t my fave person, but who as a parent hasn’t lost it before?

  • Dick Whitman

    I feel for her that all eight of her children look just like her ex.

  • Bud

    Good for her, parents need to do more of this with there kid. I was spanked as a child by my parents and at school. I made me show respect to all. That’s the problem with the kids in trouble today and has no respect for anything. Correction spanking is not abuse.

  • Savannah Sparks

    While reading this article I’m actually thinking this writer is being sarcastic. He is saying things like “Not many people could raise eight kids.”… alright. So she is. The crew had to take their shoes off, they couldn’t smoke or drink… boo hoo. You’re around children. If her child overreacted and started throwing things they get punished. This article and that book seem to be complaining about a normal woman with a normal household. I understand that shes probably nuts. I’ve seen the show however there are a lot of women in this world that punish their children, require people in the home to follow the rules, and don’t take no for an answer.

  • Guest

    Spanking is DEFINITELY called for – WHEN IT’S IN BED – werd – know what I’m sayin’ – hmmmm-hmmmm…

    Anyway, that’s my lame humor for the day…C’ya…

  • Wendy Allen

    I feel sorry for her. She is not trained like a teacher to deal with multiple kids. She is doing the best she can. Few people could do better. She is not happy…then kids are not happy. Having a father greatly helped. Mom’s may do most of the work even with a dad being there. Life is hard. Pray for her and her kids that they have a happy/healthy life.

  • talldame

    Oh get a grip…the “author” wasnt named and it is probably just another way for people to slam Kate Gosselin. There is nothing wrong with spanking your children and teaching some discipline and respect. He knocked over high chairs, he needed to be spanked. Let’s not villainize the woman just for being on television. If i had eight children I would have to be a control freak too, or the entire place would be chaos. Discipline is NOT abuse!

  • Pat

    I would have spanked Mady without a dout!

    • cindy

      I totally agree,MADY would be in a room with a bed only.That mouth and attitude of hers is very undesirable in my house

  • Ann Marie Puckett

    Accused.. of spanking and disciplining her children? I didn’t see where child protective services intervened, gee it must have been an APPROPRIATE SPANKING! When did we start accusing parents of spanking? As IF that was something dirty? What is dirty is not correcting your children, letting them walk all over you, and making asses of themselves as adults. THAT IS DIRTY. Would the state and government dependent mentality prefer these kids be juvenile delinquents that the state foots the bill for? PARENTS HAVE RIGHTS TO PARENT.

  • Ann Marie Puckett

    At Mike Tuttle… bad journalism. Adults aren’t accused of spanking. Spanking is NOT A CRIME in any state. Spanking gone too far is child endangerment and child abuse. Please check your facts before producing such journalistic garbage.

  • Medicine-is-My-Game

    Mommy dearest.

  • Kateisgreat

    I’m a 50 yr. old female. Been around the block a few times, have 2 girls grown now of my own. Strict with one, lenient with the other. There is a difference in how they act if you don’t catch it quick. I give Kate credit, she brought 8 beautiful kids into this world who are just like ANY kids can be a some times, NAUGHTY; and they do deserve a quick spanking. She is not wrong in my opinion. Some mothers yell and yell and yell at their children, that’s even worse. A quick spank or pinch on the arm to say “Stop it” to your children, THEN send to a “time out”; then come back to them and explain their “wrong doing” and let them know if it happens again, same thing will happen to them. See how fast they will wise up. “THIS” society shuns spanking as abuse, HA! Look at this “new” generation, sad.

  • Joanna Williams

    what a freak! she asked for all these kids , now she has them and can’t control her anger towards them. Now everyone knows why John got away from this psycho nut.

  • Julia

    Whatever. She’s done a great job of raising 8 kids- not counting her ex- on her own.

    • joe35

      Her husband was the only normal in that marriage. Kate always seemed bat-shirt crazy to me, especially how she continued to use the kids for her own fame.

  • John Tiller

    There will be at least 1 porn star and 1 serial killer out of that bunch

  • joe35

    Oh, jeez, who cares? Frankly, i think more kids need to be spanked by their parents when they get into trouble. My brother and I were spanked whenever we did something wrong, and it taught us real quick what we could and couldn’t do. We both turned out fine.

  • helentroy4

    Kate views her daughter Mady as competition so Kate does everything in her power to “break” Mady. I feel very sorry for that child.

  • rose

    Who gives a rats ass if she spanked her child. From the way I see kids act now, many of them could benefit from the wooden spoon treatment. Maybe we wouldn’t have the disrespect of authority we have now if our children were disciplined better.

  • dpost

    Why does the media continue to give her the time of day?

  • Reader22

    Oh please!! You want her to be a mother like Teresa Giudice? Who lets her kids run wild & are disrespectful! With that many kids, you need to organized & strict or you’ll have a bunch of juvenile delinquents!!!

  • Joyce Carter

    Spanking is n ecessary at times and it is much different than beating.

  • DRKJ

    I think as payback I should get to spank her. Yeah, pull down her pants and spank her bare backside…. yeah and then… wait.. I’ll be back in a few minutes.

  • Dotti

    Kate may have a pretty face but a dark cold heart. Don’t be fooled by her pretty face.

  • ShellyBell

    So what if she spanked her children this does not make her a bad mother. Think the media is so caught up in a ‘witch hunt’ against this woman that everything she does, go, bad or indifferent is cause to “call her out” and pour scorn upon her. Unless she has been proven to have been abusing her children, let her mother her children in peace.

  • catt

    Yes folks there are still people who spank their children. I was spanked with a small wooden paddle. Spanking is not necessarily beating – it is often just a way for parents to get their children’s attention. A few swats on the fanny never hurt anyone. I loved my parents/grandmother who occasionally spanked me at appropriate times.
    I don’t particularly like Kate Gosselin, but there are times when children need spankings.

  • leave this girl alone

    Good for her….kids need to be spanked….It’s not against the law! If more people spanked their kids there would be better behaved children…

  • Onesmartmom

    People will spend lots of money to get a trainer to spank their pets to discipline them, but parents who loves their children can’t?. If you don’t do it someone else will, namely the streets, the police, prison and/or death.Take you pick. I did mine and my grands, and they love their Ma and grammie.They are very respectful to me and others. Thank you Jesus.

  • Aissatou Sunjata

    You folks are funny! You want to demonize her by only having heard of her or seen her reality show. You want to from a far raise her eight children, yet if she had a GoFund, doubt any of you would give her any money to feed them. Must be nice to sit fro afar and be so judgmental based on nothing relevant. When the cameras stop rolling, only she is responsible for her children. Given the Octomom’s raising of her children, I would say that Kate is doing a hell of a lot better. She has the right to discipline her children as she sees fit and not as a bunch of folks who are not raising her children incorrectly and humorously seem to think they have the knowledge, impetus or intellect to advise from a distance.

  • Liz

    So she disciplined her child for misbehaving and this is somehow a bad thing?

  • Linda

    If she is as bad as others say then were is her husband to step in and take the kids? You never hear about wht he does if and when have the kids. I raised 5 and yes I spanked mine. They were raised in the 60 and the 70 and the 80. They range in ages 49 to 32. If you ever ask them they would say yes the parents did spank but never did so without asking them what they did and why. The punishment fits the wrong doing.

  • Icepick

    i have no issue with spanking a child. perhaps if we had more of it there’d be fewer incarcerated persons and America wouldn’t be so pussified.

  • scott

    fuck that let her spank her kids, what happen to parents being parents

  • sandra albazi

    I’m surprised none of her kids have eating disorders with all the pressure she puts on them, take them away for their own good, it may save their lives

  • laurie209

    Everybody wants to make a buck including her ex husband. She is supporting these children. The kids look happy and healthy. If anything is wrong, believe me, the kids will be the ones to tell all, not some so called nanny or reporter. Give this woman a break.

  • BS

    She is a single mother of eight children!!! Try to walk one day in this woman’s shoes before you write such a freaking stupid article! You, Mike Tuttle are an ass hole

  • can handle the truth

    control freak yes! but i think with 8 kids you need to be. Also spanking is not against the law. an open handed smack across the ass once or twice is not going to hurt them, especially if you have told them over and over again.

  • Marilyn R.

    She would do anything for attention and probably teaching her kids how to do the same. She’s a whinner.

  • WandaDenise

    This woman is an IDIOT!! And should NOT be a parent!!

  • James

    Wow some really rotten comments. I can’t imagine taking care of 8 kids day in and day out. Nothing wrong with spanking but should not be done if you are angry. Cool off first. I wish Kate all the best there is in life.

  • cbrook

    This article would have been laughed to pieces only a few years ago. And in the southern US, even teachers are allowed to spank (paddle) children all the way through High School. I’m not a huge advocate of spanking, but believe parents can choose methods that work with their kids as long as there is not abuse.

  • pat

    please stop hitting children!!

  • K..K

    Good for her, I DON’T support BEATINGS, but my parents spanked me and I think I turned out better than I would if they HADN’T! Kids today have NO respect for authority and it’s one way to get their attention.

  • uahogs

    Span king big deal. Maybe if more of the idiots would discipline your children we would have less freeloaders.

  • Suzy

    I don’t like her but those kids do need their butt beat. They were some real brats especially one of the boys and one of the twin girls. I don’t know their names. I think Dad was right that those kids don’t need to be in the public. They have enough mental problems as it is. Also, nobody should feel sorry for that witch as she got left with the million dollar home and she has had nannies to help her raise those brats. She has been lying about being broke. If you are broke you don’t hire nannies or live in that kind of home. I know several women that raised 7 and 8 kids and they did it on their own with little help from their husbands and they were little when she got a divorce.

  • David

    OMG she spanked her kids. Get over it. If more kids were spanked there would be less kids out there thinking they can kill those who wronged them. I grew up and survived spankings and more. Leave the woman alone.

  • mauipete

    Read the book “Child Abuse. What You Need to Know” (amazon). She should have!

  • http://www.iheartprettypolish.com/ Essie Rae

    I challenge parents to keep their cool and discipline without hitting. It actually takes a strong person to control their anger. Hitting your child isn’t necessary in any circumstance. Running out in the road??? Nope, still not necessary. You can teach kids right from wrong in so many other ways. I was hit/spanked as a child and the only thing I was thinking about after the beating was how much I hated my mother for hitting me. I wasn’t reflecting on what I did wrong and learning from it. In order for children to respect their parents and listen to their lessons, they need to trust them. How can you trust someone that will hurt you in anger or fear?

  • Cmncents

    Really? The world could learn a lesson from Kate. Everyone talks about spanking like an abusive situation. We were all spanked. Today children are spoiled and run the households. She has to keep the kids in line and from what I see on TV appearances and shows, she does a great job. I’d like to see any of you critics raise 2 kids let alone 8 kids to be productive, responsible, well behaved members of society. Again, she is doing all this alone. Financially and mentally. Its common sense, spanking is acceptable, abuse is not. As for the nanny, I’m sure she was paid handsomely to come up with “something” to tell the press.

  • Cattoy

    Before you start accusing Kate for bad behaviour, thinkabout the “author” of the trashy book and how he/she might have come up with Kate’s journals. I’m sure she didn’t just hand them over. And if the “author” is talking to the tabloids, what kind of person are they? Someone just wanting to make money off of someone just trying to make money…its all about they’re 15 minutes (or seconds in our techno-crazed world) of fame. We’ll all forget about them tomorrow and the book will be in the $1 bin of downloads. Next!

  • yeah me chris

    she disciplined her kids… big deal. I was spanked, got whippings with a spoon, belt, hand etc… and as kids, my siblings and I were BAD, we deserved every butt whooping we got. and all of us are college graduates, some of us with MA’s and one with a PhD and all great careers.

  • SuzieQ

    All six kids in my family were spanked and we learned respect and how to behave properly. I have two boys, 17 and 20 and you better believe I spanked them and guess what, they learned respect and discipline too. They are polite and well mannered and know how to behave properly. And I would suspect they will spank their children too. I am my children’s parent, not their friend. I love them beyond words and they know that. I have no problem with Kate spanking her children. Those two older girls are total brats and probably should have been spanked more. On a side note, she is a total nutbag and is completely in love with herself and wants to continue to be famous.

    • http://www.iheartprettypolish.com/ Essie Rae

      Not sure how hitting someone teaches respect. My 3 daughters respect and love me and I have never had to hit them. My mother slapped/spanked me and I absolutely had no respect for her. Showing that you can keep your cool and not lash out in anger is way more respectful to me. I think it takes a strong person to keep their cool and discipline in an effective manner without hitting. I agree about the nutbag comment though 😉