Kate Gosselin Accused Of Abusing Her Children Amid ‘Stress Meltdown’

    August 4, 2014
    Val Powell
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Kate Gosselin seems to be the topic of headlines the past few weeks and this time, she is accused of abusing her children.

In a book written by Robert Hoffman entitled Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World, the author said that the mother of eight spanked her children regularly. Collin, one of Gosselin’s children, would particularly be the target of her “stress meltdown.”

“Kate said that she was instantly so SO angry that she grabbed him and spanked him as hard as she could and thought that she may seriously injure him so she sent him to his crib and whipped him into it very hard,” Hoffman wrote.

In an interview with a tabloid, Hoffman also said that Gosselin used a wooden spoon to hit her kids.

It seems as if Gosselin is also finding it hard to get help taking care of her children, as her former employees are dishing on how hard it is to work for her. One of her previous nannies said in an interview that Gosselin’s rules were very strict and that they always had to follow a manual that contained all her pet peeves.

“You couldn’t put anything on the ground. You had to put shoes in a certain spot. You couldn’t close doors loudly. You could only vacuum during certain times of the day if she was home,” said the nanny. She also said that everything had to be done by 9:00 pm, as Gosselin’s day ended at 9:00 pm “no matter what was going on.”

The nanny also revealed that part of her to-do list was to eavesdrop on Gosselin’s children when they would have a conversation with their father on the phone. The nanny eventually quit her job after seeing Gosselin do things that she does not agree with.

Amidst all the news, Gosselin’s rep has not responded to several requests for a comment.

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  • anna

    Well this is why John divorced her. Can’t say I blame him!

  • ahhhaaa

    Why should anyone be surprised I quit watching the show got tired of her brow beating John and the kids. John got a bad rap he’s the one the kids should be living with she’ using them and ruining their childhood.

  • Cheryl55

    Wow.. a parent that disciplines their children how horrible?? Get a life people! This woman has done a tremendous job with those kids and if you notice none of them are in therapy, NONE of them are showing any signs of depression, and of course the list goes on…its not there. They are healthy, happy children who are well taken care of and if when they grow older they decide to act out because they had a strict parent well SHE has nothing to feel guilty about.. She taught them right from wrong and as adults its up to them.

    • Maria

      What are you crazy?? Are you a doctor? How the hell do you know if those kids are happy and healthy?Kate Gosselin treats those kids like they are her little money makers.

      • dessertgirl

        They only smile when Kate bribes them with something that they want.

    • dessertgirl

      Beating a child in anger is NOT DISCIPLINE but CHILD ABUSE!

      • UNHAPPY

        YES THAT IS SHE ONLY WANTS THEM FOR THE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    • jupitermadcat

      their not happy kids.

    • susie

      You must be kidding….have you seen Matty?? She has been a mess since day one!

      • KateHaters

        It’s “Maddy”, not “Matty”.

        • Guest

          Actually it’s “Mady”.

        • dianne

          Actually, it’s “Mady”.

    • B S

      Apparently you haven’t seen the newest interviews with Kate, Maddy and Cara. There is nothing well-adjusted about those poor girls. Teaching kids right from wrong and being a bully who makes them constantly fear beatings are 2 completely different things. These kids are well taken care of by baby-sitters and their TV show, not because Kate is working her butt off a a normal job. Because of her kids she has gotten a free house and vehicles, multiple plastic surgeries, clothing, food, toys, furniture, gift cards, trips around the world, hair and nails, etc. Exploiting your kids for freebies and then hiring round-the-clock help doesn’t constitute a good Mom. She is a horrible excuse for a mother.

  • robert stuart

    Will the kids grow up loving their mother or hating her — or worse still just not caring?

  • Donna

    I don’t have a problem with her discipiling them, I do have a problem with her using them so she can live her life style that she can’t let go of. None of this is for the kids it is all about her and always has been, just watch the early shows and you will see. I also don’t believe for a minute her body guard is out of the picture.

    • Donna

      You have a point there, but what I don’t understand is where is child protective services in all this, I guess money really does talk, and she bribed Jon so he no longer has a say in their lives. Too bad because he is the saner of the two this woman is obsessed with being famous and will stop at nothing to achieve it, I feel so bad for them she has them trained like Robots they act and say exactly what she wants them to. She is one sick puppy.

  • paljusty

    she looks crazy in the eyes in that top pic…like she has snapped.

  • mauipete

    She should read ‘Child Abuse. What You Need to Know.’ (Amazon) Understand and prevent child abuse.

  • Chris

    I think she’s doing her best. maybe too strict but how the heck else are you going to keep eight kids in line and all their stuff in order. People are too quick to criticize.
    I think we need to consider why someone would say these things…to make money.
    We aren’t living in the house with them, so let’s not be to ready to judge.


      OMG I HOPE YOU DON’T HAVE ANY CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angela

    Why does everyone believe this ONE story/book over anyone else? This nanny said it so it HAS to be true!!! There is nothing wrong with rules in your house especially when you have a big brood. I would need proof of the “alleged” beating before I berate someone online.

  • ThrillDr

    WHO cares? Come on, this is old news.

  • anbeithioche

    not hard to believe… after watching the show, it was clearly evident that she was the aggressor in the relationship.

  • june

    Watching that show helped our marriage, I quit “nagging” my hubby, and treat him more respectfully. I sure don’t want be like her. Man was she ever mean to her husband ad every one around her. We have 7 kids and know it’s hard to have a big family, but no one needs to be punished for having them.

  • Detew Gikopl

    put them all in a mini van and drive it off a cliff

  • monicamccarthy93

    I can not comment on Kate specifically because I do not care to watch her as she annoys me for some reason,….however reading this article, what it is saying is that a mom who spanks her children (remember they said spank, not beet), has a spot for everything and everything is in its place, AND adheres to a schedule (done by 9, probably to put the kids to bed) is a “horrible” person. Well, I spanked my children…..I expect things to be put in their place, AND I adhere to a bedtime schedule. I suppose I am a horrible parent with. If this is the worst things she has done, I think her parenting styles are getting a bad rap, regardless of peoples personal feelings about her.

  • kel

    I can not image raising that many kids alone. weather john was there or not. I have three boys and my husband helps but I take care pretty much everything. And my dr told me when they needed a spank not to use my hand use a paddle or a spoon, And anyone raising pre-teen/teens know why the girls act like that! I admire Kate and the way she is raising them.And until I am in her shoes…raising eight children on my own… I can not judge.