Karla Homolka: Her Connection To Zombie Stories

    June 1, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Karla Homolka’s name may sound familiar to people here in the states, for a very specific and horrifying reason; the Canadian woman was convicted of the brutal sexual assault, murder, and/or dismemberment of two teen girls along with her husband, Paul Bernardo. One of the victims was Homolka’s own 15-year old sister. However, she struck a plea bargain–which was infamously dubbed the “deal with the devil” because she managed to do it before videotapes of her involvement in the murders surfaced, granting her a paltry 12-year prison sentence–and was freed in 2005.

Now she’s being linked to another alleged murderer, porn star Luka Magnotta, who is being sought for the murder and dismemberment of an unidentified man in Montreal. The victim’s torso was found in a suitcase stuffed into a pile of garbage in a Snowdon neighborhood; police believe it belongs to the same person whose hands and feet were mailed to various political offices around Canada.

Magnotta has allegedly posted more than one video online of him stabbing a man to death on his bed with an icepick, which police describe as pornographic and involving cannibalism–making this one of several disturbing stories related to vicious “zombie” attacks this week. And in a weird twist, Magnotta has been linked to Homolka after rumors surfaced that the two once dated. Although Magnotta has denied any involvement with the convicted killer, it certainly seems a strange coincidence that two people who have been linked in the past would share a dark love of perverse sexual pleasure tied in with murder and dismemberment.

A Canada-wide warrant has been issued for Magnotta for his connection to the murder, although no leads have been reported yet.

Image credit: CBC News

  • Scott

    Three girls not two. There were probably more. Read the wikipedia article on these monsters.

    • zach

      You’re right it was 2 + her sister. Shoulda locked her up as long as her husband. I take that back. Longer than her husband. He didnt kill his own sister….

  • A Guy

    People in “the states” don’t call the US “the states” only Canucks do that…

    • zach

      Dont know what part of the states you are from but in Ga we do say “the states”.

      • m1chael

        In the Philippines some of us call the U.S “States.”

    • Daniel Barker

      As you were. There are perhaps 220 countries in the world. In 219 of them, America is called ‘the states’. The whole world does it except Americans.

      Here is a good one – Michael Moore, poking fun at foreign policy, noted that “Great Britain” sound macho, while ‘united states’ sounded ‘whimpy’. He suggested – and thereby named the film it was in – ‘the Big One’, because it sounded macho campare to merely ‘united states’.

    • Dani

      Not true. I’m from the States, Florida, and I definitely refer to the U.S. as the States.

  • bobby

    There was no cannibalism and there is no Homolka connection. He’s also probably already out of the country. These facts were readily available before your article was published. Have a bit more journalistic integrity than trying to piece together nonsense speculation to get some views.

  • misbehaven

    fucking nuts…both of them

  • Jujubecool

    I’ve read older stories connecting the two way before this news article Bobby, in fact one of the articles had a picture of the two of them together. They’re both sick animals…

  • patty

    that woman is scary……..some1 shoot it

    • patty

      kill sissy kill every1 look at this nut job………….scary thing is.. they let this nut job back out…………control ur self idiot and stay away from the family

  • patty

    apalling…………….i miss my sister.. never would have betrayed her..karla, probably thinks this is a feather in her bonnet. karma will get u if the guilt of killing ur own sister dont eat u alive………….live in hell karla, u deserve it

  • patty

    sad karla,,,,, dont u wish u had a sister? dumb ass

  • Fred

    You can tell that there is something wrong with Karla just by looking at her eyes. She has lifeless eyes. Even if she had never committed any crime she would still be very unnerving to me. The eyes are the windows of the soul.

  • nancy

    i lived in this area during the time of these crimes. The videos made were presented to the parents to watch and remember for a lifetime while Karla got a degree in prison, went off to Quebec, remarried and had another child. nice justice system.

  • Jacy

    Homolka IS one sick chick and this isn’t the first time she has been ‘linked’ to Magnotta. Canadian prosecutors made a bad decision when they made their ‘deal’ with Homolka for her testimony against Paul Bernardo. She should have NEVER been released from prison!

  • J.

    The Crown’s deal with the devil follows sloppy police work and DNA testing that was never done to catch ‘The Scarborough rapist’, Homolka’s ex-husband Paul Bernardo. The murders of the 3 girls may well have been prevented if Bernardo had been caught earlier. That doesn’t change the fact that Homolka is a slimeball sociopath.

  • j

    It was such a sad time when Kristen French was missing, I lived in between the abduction site and where the Bernardo’s lived. The whole city moarned the loss and I believe the whole city searched for her. Everyone was furious with the deal which is why I imagine she had to leave the province. I remember when her sister passed away and hearing it was an accident..this woman should not be walking the streets.

  • Pam

    Why is anyone surprised at this. Or surprised at the deal that was made. It was the only way the could gaurantee getting her husband. Sad but true. She is evil and twisted and without a doubt in my mind will rot in hell. All we can do is hope she doesnt hurt anyone else until that day. Or that that day happens sooner then later.

  • Missy Mahloo

    I live in “the states” and the story that I saw about Homolka (on the E! Channel) stated that she was involved in killing only two girls, and that she struck a deal and was granted immunity by the courts. The version I saw implied that she served no time in jail at all. That’s one heck of a detail to miss if you ask me!!!

  • Dark_Light

    Luka Magnotta, Karla Homolka & Casey Anthony. Three sickos.

    • Ben

      Damn right . . . spot on!

  • Ben

    I remember the J. P. Bernardo & Karla Homolka cases (and I’m an American “from the States”) . . . stupid bitch, she GOT LUCKY as far as her prosecution / sentence, and although I don’t wish any ill on our neighbors to the North, I sincerely hope she isn’t in the U. S. Hasn’t she pretty much gone underground — you know, name change, etc. so as to avoid harassment for the Canadian citizens? I just PRAY that justice comes to these sickos . . . and not in a good way.

  • Shauna

    this stupid b i t c h should’ve been given the death penalty right along with her husband. but no, she was released in 2005 and was allowed to live her life… AND i think she even had a child. what kind of life is that child going to have when she finds out what her mom did!? the 3 women she killed don’t get to live their lives and have children. i don’t care how awful her husband was or any one else, deals should NEVER be done with people to get someone the cops think are worse than them. if the cops did their jobs properly, they wouldn’t have to make these deals… and more importantly, if the laws were STRICTER for violent crimes like murder, there wouldn’t need to be deals done because they would ALL Be given the death penalty!! this makes me sick…

  • Dani

    I had never heard of this woman before, so I looked her up. It makes me so angry that her life was spared and to top it off, she was allowed to have a family. Scum like this aren’t worth the stuff on the back of my shoes. She deserves nothing less than a long, tortuous death.