Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, and Grant Imahara Leave Mythbusters

    August 25, 2014
    Sean Patterson
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In news that is sure to upset fans of Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters, show hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage announced last week that Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, and Grant Imahara will not be returning for the show’s next season.

Known as the “build team,” Byron, Belleci, and Imahara began appearing on Mythbusters during the show’s second and third seasons. The trio worked separately from Hyneman and Savage, providing the show with a second team with which to test myths.

Their departure was announced at the end of last week’s episode. During the message, Hyneman stated that Mythbusters will be “going back to [its] origins” and that the next season of the show will feature only himself and Savage.

Belleci had worked with Hyneman’s M5 Industries shop in the mid-90s before moving on to Industrial Light and Magic, where he worked as a model maker for movies such as Peter Pan, Starship Troopers, and Galaxy Quest. He re-joined Hyneman in 2003 to work on Mythbusters and joined the show on-screen in 2004.

Among other things, Belleci is best-known to Mythbusters fans for putting himself at risk for the show, doing things such as entering a bullfighting ring while wearing a red suit or trying (unsuccessfully) to jump a wagon on a bicycle:

Imahara also worked at Industrial Light and Magic as a visual effects engineer before joining Mythbusters in 2005. He is best-known on the show for building robots and other electronic contraptions needed for experiments.

Byron graduated from San Francisco State University in 1998 and pursued art before joining Mythbusters in 2004.

The build team reacted to the announcement on social media, thanking fans and praising their decade-long dream jobs with Mythbusters:

  • Zak

    Also, Grant Imahara built Geoff Peterson for Craig Ferguson. That’ll always be what I remember him for.

  • DungenessSam

    Well Mythbusters had to end sometime, Hollywood can’t stand a HIT……….A.H.’s

  • ronrockstar67

    I just hope that they are willing to return, when asked, when the ratings drop off.

  • mikey234

    I think THEY made the show FUN to watch, their problems and successes are what MADE the show worth watching, Jamie and Adam are WAY too clinical most of the time!! Sure they get funny SOMETIMES, but the show is NOT Cosmos where it needs to be ‘all facts all the time’! It is about stupid things people and movies do that they then try to replicate! I will give it one to two episodes and then I am outa here and onto something else, WAAAY too many other shows on tv to watch!!

    • VonTrap

      That’s kinda the problem…from a science aspect. Discovery is supposed to be a SCIENCE channel. Not a reality TV channel. You have over 100 of those. It irks me to no end that the “learning channel” DOESN’T TEACH YOU ANYTHING anymore. The fact that mythbusters is the best we can do in terms of a 21st century science show is deplorable. I wish things weren’t so profit driven. It’s not realistic for a science channel to make the same $$ and get the same viewership as, say, abc. But that’s OK! The point of the channel is to learn. And reality TV doesn’t do that.