Kardashian Kitten Dies: Mercy Succumbs To Virus

    December 10, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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When Kim Kardashian was given a fluffy white kitten by her beau Kanye West earlier this year, she was ecstatic…until she realized she was allergic. After agonizing for days, she finally decided to give the kitten to her sister Khloe’s assistant, Sydney, who had recently lost her own cat.

Unfortunately, the kitten–named Mercy by Kim–contracted a fatal virus of the stomach which acts like cancer on small animals. Sydney rushed the feline to the vet in late November after realizing she had become lethargic, but nothing could be done in the end. The decision was made to euthanize her, and Kim posted about her loss on her blog.

It is with deep sadness that I have to tell you all that my kitten, Mercy, has passed away. My heart is completely broken.
When I first got Mercy, I had never lived with a cat before and so I had no idea that I was allergic. I thought that it might pass, but after a few weeks I decided to go visit two separate allergists, one of whom said my allergies wouldn’t get any better unless I started taking injections. I had fallen SO in love with Mercy that I wanted to try everything I could to keep her, but I didn’t think it was safe to resort to injections, and it wasn’t fair on Mercy, because I couldn’t play with her or give her as much attention as I wanted to. Mercy deserved a mom who could really give her the time and affection she deserved. I knew that Sydney, Khloe’s assistant, who had recently lost a cat she had loved and cared for for 17 years, would be the perfect mom for Mercy and Sydney was so excited to have Mercy as her own!
Sydney gave Mercy a loving home, but after a couple of weeks Mercy got really sick and Sydney had to rush her to the vet. They discovered she had a stomach problem that we weren’t aware of. Her stomach had filled with fluid and the doctor said she had a rare stomach cancer and that there was nothing we could do for her. Poor little Mercy died the very next day. It broke not only my heart that little Mercy died at only four months old, but Sydney’s too.
Mercy was a gentle and loving kitten and we are all going to miss her so much. Thanks to Sydney for making Mercy’s short life one filled with love. RIP Mercy Xo

  • Fed Up

    This is news? I hope the world ends on Dec 22nd, the world has been pussified by stupid ass people supporting idiots like the Kardashians and the Hiltons. All these Kardashion fans are low-esteemed over-weight losers who make Kardashians millionaires by supporting their non-talented shows by watching them wake-up and eat breakfast, this is a show? Get a life!

  • kathryn

    Sure it wasn’t a suicide?

  • Ninah

    why is this even considered news? I’ll tell you why,…our government is controlling the media…and only allowing drivel like this to be posted as news to keep our minds off our REAL news..God forbid the peasants know what is really going on…keep them blinded with mindless drivel and they won’t suspect a thing. If they keep us “entertained” with shiny stories, and stupidity, they keep us blind and ignorant. Be MORE…get informed…and stop calling this CRAP news…her cat died…big deal…

  • Ninah

    I bet now they have a big ol hollywood funeral for the thing…that should fill the news stations up with enough mindless garbage to keep the peasants entertained for a week…I wonder, do we have to fly the flag at half mast for a CAT???

  • G. Anderson

    What the………………………? .Sure it’s sad, but since when does a cat belonging to a (non) celebrity rate a write up as news? Truly we have sunk to a new low in what qualifies as news. Must have been a really slow news day.

  • G. Anderson

    Ninah, I’m you iin so far as your contention of the government wanting to keep the minds of the people “numbed up” with crap like “American Idol”, “Scream of the Wildman”, “Tots in Tiaras” and “Honey Bo-Bo”. The populous have been dumbed down to the point where this qualifies as news or entertainment. I surly hope the Myans were right, I’d hate to see things get any worse, although I don’t hold out much hope the way things are going at present. Have a great day everybody.

  • Fed Up

    This will end up on TMZ this afternoon and I bet other celebrities will send their remorse.

  • dee

    It probably wasnt a good photo prop any more so she just got rid of it. Girl doesnt do ANYTHING off camera

  • goodluck

    too bad they all didnt go with it

  • http://yahoo Terri

    Why do we have to keep hearing and seeing Kardash family pussy stories?

  • Maude

    Now that the kitten has pasted, look for new white fur mittens on her for the winter.

    • CC

      H Ha Very good !!! Sad but oh so true!! No wonder I love the ASPCA, and PETA etc. What happened to all the good old shelter cats and kittens? Im an RN and I volunteer in my not so spare time and bottlefeed rescued newborn kittens My latest??Three Rescued from a bar b que pit….

      • Teresa Fannin

        You might want to do some research on PETA. The PETA headquarters in Norfolk, VA has the HIGHEST kill rate in the entire state of Virginia. They have industrial size freezers to keep the bodies in. PETA supports NO shelters or rescue organizations & believes it is better for dogs & cats to be DEAD than for them to be pets or service companions. Norfolk is looking at becoming a no-kill city by working to promote low cost spay/neuter programs & by working with rescue groups & other groups to promote adoption, rather than euthanasia. PETA is OUTRAGED & has lobbied the city council for Norfolk to remain a kill city. PETA SUCKS. Ingrid Newkirk, one of the founders of PETA is a psychopath who used to go to work EARLY to kill puppies & kittens when she worked as an animal control officer. She should be locked up & heavily medicated.

  • Lucille Sollecito

    The injections are not harmful. You don’t take them forever.
    You should have tried. I guess you felt afraid to chance it.
    I can understand. I am sorry for your lose.

  • Anne

    I think the kitten died of Feline Infectious Peritonitus (FIP). It is a virus and kittens usually get the “wet” form in which the abdomen fills with liquid. It is 100% lethal and it kills very quickly, especially in young cats. It’s not stomach cancer. Our 6 yr old cat died of FIP this summer. Wallace had the dry form (no liquids in abdomen; which more common in non-kittens). The first sign was loss of appetite, fever and neurological problems (weakness and loss of coordination) which became worse. Then his pupils were not the same size anymore. The diagnosis took two and half weeks and we had him euthanized a few days later; he probably would not have live for much longer. It was extremely difficult to watch Wallace go from being the most energetic, happy-go-lucky little cat to being almost paralyzed within 3 weeks. His purr lasted until the very end. My symphathy goes to Sydney…we know how it feels. We still miss Wallace a lot.

    • CC

      Anne Thx for the info I never heard of this. Too bad it isnt contagious for humans-then we could say cats and dogs (ie labs) have it so maybe people would stop eating them in other cultures.. as for the white fur mittens, I ask my granddaughter if she wants to wear a dead cat/dog from China on her jacket from Target?

    • Susie

      It definitely sounds like FIP. I work in animal rescue and we have lost many kittens to this horrible disease this season. It is incurable and basically untreatable, as Anne states. Nothing that even the best pet parent or vet can do would have prevented this or cured it. As much as I am NOT a Kardashian fan, you can’t blame Kim or the breeder for this one. And I hate breeders with a passion. There is no easy test for FIP like there is for FIV or feline leukemia, it is more a diagnosis of rule out, confirmed when the peritoneal cavity begins to fill with fluid. Poor little thing. :(

  • http://rubino donna

    pretty strange that a supposedly perfectly healthy kitty dies in a couple weeks – i am assuming kitty was bought from some lousy pet store and the cat was sick when Kim got it – secondly, i am allergic to cats and have 3 of them!!!! When you love an animal with all your heart nothing will separate you from them, not even allergies, after time you become almost immune to the cat dander and even if you don’t you simply wash your hands every time you touch the cat – but Kim will always put herself before anyone or anything! Sad story

  • Leva

    It’s not her cat. She gave it to her sister’s assistant. Why is she saying that it’s her kitten? Once you give something away, it no longer belongs to you.

  • Linda

    Sorry for your lost but I feel there are more important things to post on line like I have broken two teeth with no insurance and I am currently laid off that sounds pretty important to me so lets post that on the internet

    • Olivia

      Agreed. Why is anything “Kardashian” news? I still have to meet anyone who admits to being a fan. May the Rx for the “Kardashian Kancer” soon prove effective.

  • curious

    why is this news?

  • Shawna

    That’s what happnes when you buy kittens from Backyard breeders.. Complications occur. Poor Kitty :(

  • http://webpronews dwest

    To post this is about the most ignorant thing I have ever heard.
    Who cares.

  • http://yahoo.com jim

    poor kitten probably died when it saw K big FAT-ASS

  • deba

    I am sorry for the little cat but why is this even news?!!!

  • Kate

    This is what they report on? How many people died around the world of war or disease? Who cares about the Kardashian’s pets? These people and these journalists need to get a life. How ridiculous. Talk about sweating the small stuff. This is irrelevant stuff.

    • charmainealita

      Thank you Kate for telling the truth about this subject how long will the public have to endure this phase of modern journalism?Putting the spotlight on men and women who contribute nothing that benefits humanity as I post this reply down in the right corner is photo of Kim lying across a bed with a towel or something covering her breasts she wearing a funny looking pair of pink panties now how is that helping anyone? It’s not putting food on needy peoples tables, no homeless person or family will find shelter tonight because this woman is lying semi nude sporting pink drawers on a bed. The only one who wins is her it’s money going only into her pocket.Oh well she might as well enjoy it all because in a few years the press will tell her to kiss their behinds and they will move on to another MUCH TO DO ABOUT NOTHING woman or man

  • k

    she doesn’t deserve any animal as far as I am concerned.

  • Swami Joy

    I love cats but is this real news–is a ‘Kardashian’ real news? I don’t even know what a Kardashian is.

  • Susan

    Why don’t you ignorant people pay attention to the meat of the article which is WHY the kitty died. Publishing this article might save someone else’s kitty. Whether Mercy belonged to Kim or Syney is irrelevant. The article made me more aware of what can go wrong with my kitties. I have 7 and am always aware of their health. RIP kitty.

  • holly

    Wow–so many mean people! If it’s not news, why did you read it?? The illness and death of a pet is heartbreaking, no matter who you are. I’m so sorry for your loss Kim and Sydney. Cherish the good memories of Mercy and the time you did have with her. God bless.

  • Jane

    Newsflash Kim!!! Its not your kitten if you gave it away!

  • jay

    Are you freaking serious!!!! Who fukking cares…..

  • idalis

    Afraid of injections but gets pumped with silicone, restulin, and botox.

    • reecharo

      Good point. She injects her face, her boobs and her butt. Next, she should inject her brain with some sense.

  • lisa

    She should have rescued in the first place. I hope she will donate to a rescue in Mercy’s honor.

  • http://cool.com cool

    When is the funeral?

    • D

      yeah, what shall i wear

  • D

    who csres. cant believe is even here. disappointed in you yahoo

  • http://yahoo/webpronews John

    What does a no talent khloe Kartrash need an assistant for? Is she so fat like kim she needs someone to wipe her fat axx?