Kara Alongi: Missing Girl Ran Away, Say Cops

    October 2, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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When a 16-year old New Jersey girl tweeted that someone was in her house–and then subsequently disappeared–the social media world went into a panic, making #helpfindkara trend in a matter of minutes on Twitter.

But when investigators showed up at her home, they say they found no signs of a disturbance, and later spoke to a cab driver who says he picked up someone fitting Kara’s description and drove her to the train station. Police say they don’t think the girl is in any danger, but rather ran away and tried to throw people off her trail with the dramatic tweet.


The prosecutor’s office has expressed concern that she won’t come forward now if she knows she’s created a panic, and say that all anyone cares about is that she comes home safe. Police are treating the case as that of a juvenile runaway.

Kara has been spotted on security cameras at a train station in Union County, but as of now she remains missing.

Image: Clark Police

  • Nate g

    She might of had some issues and wanted to get away! We dont know whats behind the the curtains at her residence. It could be a ferry tale gone wrong. Got to look at all aspects of it before pointing the finger before we really know?! Her best move coulda been getting away. What if she was in danger? U never know.

  • Nate g

    We dont know the facts of the behind the scenes and the way her life evolved. She might of had a good reason to get the heck out. Time will tell.

  • Gwen

    About the thing where she “unfollowed five people.” This is not true.. She hasnt been on. The number went down 5 followers because a few of her friends deleted their accounts due to massive tweets, “hate mail,” and many new followers.