Kanye West Slams President Obama


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Its definitely evident that rapper Kanye West feels some kind of way about President Barack Obama. The rapper claims he will 'say no more' about the president. Most fans are quite familiar with the “Yeezus” rapper's infamous temper tantrums, impulsive actions and flagrant choice of words in certain situations. While he said he wouldn't say anything else about the president, his sentiments were still relatively blatant. This particular incident was no different than the rest, playing out in typical “Kanye West” fashion.

On Monday, the 21-time Grammy-winning rapper and producer stopped by Hot 107.9 Philadelphia for a radio interview. When President Obama's name entered the discussion, West immediately expressed his disdain and lack of interest where any talks of the president were concerned. “I'm not gonna mention him no more," the "Bound 2" rapper told radio hosts Shamara and Laiya St. Claire. "That's out of my thoughts. That's lowering my priority of thinking at this point."

When asked about the reasons behind his sentiments, West went more in-depth, explaining that he felt 'used by the president,' reports TODAY. The Chicago-bred rapper went on to say the president “used to come and visit me and my mama and tell me that he's about to run for president." While West's response was relatively substantial, the true origin of his disdain came out with his next claim. "The president likes to use (pop icons) just to be down and stuff," West claimed. "People was fine with me being everyone's punching bag for about five years. ... That was kind of my position in culture, so he used that too. 'Oh, he's a jack---.' Because that's how the world felt."

So, there it is! For those who missed it, a few years ago, West's infamous impulsive nature, and brash comments landed him in hot water at the 2009 VMAs. As singer Taylor Swift was presented with the award for Best Female Video, West jumped on stage, grabbed the mic from Swift, and clearly stated that she shouldn't have won the award. West felt Beyonce was snubbed for the award. The media immediately went into a frenzy behind his actions. When the president was asked how he felt about West's behavior, he called West a “jack---.” However, he also complimented West's artistry and craft also saying that he was “smart. He's very talented.”

West went on to say, “"I don't care if someone's the president or not. I care about thoughts and how you helping people and what you bring to the world."

Image(s) via Wikimedia Commons | Kanye West