Kanye West Shoes Selling for $80k Online


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This is not a pair worn by Kanye, mind you, this is just a pre-order for the regular shoe that comes out this Saturday. The price tag is $245, but TMZ has seen them going up to almost $90,000. They took this screen cap yesterday.


After some hardcore investigative journalism, I've noticed that the highest price right now is close to $4,000. Nowhere near the $89,000 TMZ is claiming, but still, $4,000 for a pair of shoes - that aren't made of solid gold.

The hype is caused by the fact that Kanye designed them and has been wearing them for a few months now. They come out on Saturday, but people are already camping out to get there hands on them.

He also gave a pair to "big brother", Jay-Z:

They are just shoes, but some people take this kind of thing very seriously. Last December, the re-release of the classic Air Jordan led to people camping out to get some. And before that, last September, Nike remade the Marty McFly shoes from Back to the Future which sold at auction for $37,500.