Kanye West Robbed; Home Targeted While On Tour

By: Amanda Crum - June 14, 2012

Kanye West may be on tour in England, but his possessions are scattered all over L.A.

That’s the report given by someone in his camp, as the person or persons responsible for the upkeep of his home while he’s away told L.A. police that someone broke into the house and made off with several items sometime on Wednesday. Apparently they were in a hurry, as Kanye’s belongings were scattered hell-to-breakfast through the home and out the front door, as though they had been dropped during a hasty exit.

Officials are investigating and haven’t given any details regarding whether they have a suspect in mind or not.

Considering the substantial amount of security surrounding Kanye’s home, it’s hard to imagine anyone having either the cojones or the skills to break in; from what I hear, all he’s missing is a croc-filled moat. Is it possible it was an inside job? I’m sure rumors will be flying until police give some answers, but for now the speculation and conspiracy theories are sort of amusing to read.

Kanye has been in the news quite a bit recently, for everything from offering fashion advice via Twitter to his shoes going for 80 grand online, and certainly for dating Kim Kardashian and *possibly* appearing on the new season of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. Perhaps the sudden influx of visibility has people wanting a taste of his empire, no?

Amanda Crum

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  • Count Monster Rod Von Hugenstein

    Reading this made my day!! kanye west is an arrogant self serving turd!!! I hope whoever robbed his house took a crap on his pillow and urintated on his sofa!

    • jsje

      its called dna idiot….its found in crap and urine…….u would make a great idiot progagonist on “How to catch a theif”

    • jsje

      poop and urine….dna stupid


    well turd is definitley a well thought out description of Kanye West….I couldn’t have said it better. I wish someone would ruin his moment in the lime light just as he does everyone else! Poor TURD!!

  • Leigh

    Karma’s a B*tich!!

  • Jeremiah Bw

    Well at least Kanye walks!

  • jsje

    took a crap and a urine on his pillow and couch?….its called dna idiot.