Kanye West Loves Wendy's Just Like The Rest Of Us

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Kanye West and fiancee Kim Kardashian were spotted--like the rare, highly sought-after beasts they are--in the wild on Friday, hitting up a Wendy's in Philly.

The couple were in town for Kanye's show at the Wells Fargo Center on Saturday and were captured on camera by a Twitter user who posted the proof on the micro-blogging site. Looks like Kanye was enjoying a Frosty and a burger, while Kim ignored him because she was preoccupied with her phone. See? They really are like normal couples!

Credit: KimYeUpdates

Of course, it's hard for normal folks to snap pics or video of the couple these days because of all the security they have surrounding them--and because they don't usually frequent places that the general population would visit. The duo takes their public appearances very seriously, especially now that they have a child; in fact, West is in the process of suing Chad Hurley, one of the co-founders of YouTube, because of a video that got leaked of West proposing to Kardashian. They say he was planning to use the video as promotion for one of his new ventures, a site called MixBit.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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